Clean eating for the win

So that was it with Paleo, it’s way too limited when you don’t eat fish or meat, I’ve read some people can successfully do it while being vegetarian, some even vegan ( HOW?) but for me it’s way too much hassle, I am not happy, I don’t have any fun eating anymore and it’s driving me insane. So fuck that. lol .

Well, not like I’m going to completely forget about it, I am going to go for clean eating, which is pretty much the same, except the premise is more reasonable because it allows whole grains and legumes. Of course I will not eat 1.5 cups of beans a day or 5 tortillas or 3 potatoes. But come on people, gotta have some tofu now and then and…and…sometimes I will have vegan sausages!! Sue me!

What I think it’s the best approach, for me at least, is to adhere to simple guidelines:

  • Do eat vegetables at least 2 times a day about 2 cups.
  • Do eat fruit but watching the sugar. ( 1 banana ok! but then only 1/4 of cup of grapes)
  • Do eat legumes  ( 0.5-1 cup) a day.
  • Do eat and switch between rice/quinoa 1 cup a day or so.
  • Do eat pasta say once a month?
  • Have a cheat meal once every 8 days, try to keep it sorta healthy.
  • Prefer fresh food, home prepared.
  • When buying packaged food, checking the ingredient list is short ( 1-6 ingredients) and none is weird ass chemicals or the first one is sugar xD
  • Keep working out!
  • Drinking enough water!!
  • Drinking green/red tea daily at least 1 cup.
  • Keep alcohol intake to 1-2 beers, good quality ones, for very special occasions or once a month.
  • No bread. Isn’t good here anyway.
  • Eat a variety of food through the week!
  • Added sugar! Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • 20-30 grams of seeds and nuts daily, different ones. Yes!


Ok that is it… I find that much more reasonable than the former line I was trying to follow. Also , snacks? Eh maybe, very little, not very often. Brain is happier when you tell it you will eat the treat later and a little instead of saying NO NEVER.


how I felt being paleo xD

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