OITNB : in depth



Yes, that image is for GOT, but you know, it suits so well here, honestly, I want to talk in detail about Orange is the New Black 4th season and that means, of course, TONS of spoilers, massive, outrageous quantities of them, so if you haven’t watched it, go, go away, run to the mountains, become one with the wind!!!




Ok, I made it really safe, now I can start!!




I started OITNB because there was a lesbian couple, well something like it and I liked the idea of a women’s prison, the politics going there and a first timer, sort of high class person going there, should be interesting! Hell it was!!


4th season shows a power maniac Piper, who unintentionally promotes the creation of a white power group..yeah, skinheads and all, but she wasn’t the most interesting character this time, for me, she was stupid, then she realised, she got branded with a nazi swastika and got together ( or something like that) with Alex, I liked that, can’t deny they are my favourite couple of all times, even if they both can be very stubborn and silly.

Who do I start with… Pensatucky… she was raped , we are presented with the man, the guard who did it, in a different light, he’s not just immediately a horrible monster, he is a complex person, the show is not defending what he did but it’s giving us, I think , an environment when abuse of power is enabled over and over, honestly, the other guards are “worse” take the sadist one, Humps, he puts inmates to fight, he mentally tortures the ones he can, he is a true monster, Donuts, the rapist..well, he was really confused? he didn’t think it was rape,he did something terrible, but I did not see him taking joy on that or on being a total asshole, as compared to Humps and of course Piscatella who has no respect whatsoever for these women in prison because he thinks they deserve nothing and are total scum.

Lolly…you know the crazy woman who is ultra paranoid… seeing her backstory was very sad.. I can’t imagine how it is to have voices and absurd ideas on your head and not being able to quiet them down, at the same time not being crazy enough to forget they aren’t real…you are sorta aware you are sick but you can’t help it… and Mr. Healy… his mom… ah such a man, I understood him so much better…

Suzanne aka Crazy eyes… I supposed it’d be something like that, she has some obvious mental condition and this person, “sister”? took care of her and then she went and tried making friends…a lil boy who fell to his death ( not like you Tommen LOL )  , really sad.

Alex and Piper… I thought I’d care a lot about these two but with Nikki relapsing, Poussey dying ( which wasn’t so devastating for me, I mean it was terrible but…after how Piscatella had been mistreating everyone, especially Red.. I didn’t have enough feels left in me ) it was nice to see them “getting back together” for whatever that means, but that was kind of it. They better go back to have sweet moments soon modafockers.

Soso and Poussey… I didn’t enjoy watching them, I’m not being double racist, stop it, but I don’t know, it was kind of..”ok..”

The riot though…that riot at the end, with all the girls fed up and Daya grabbing the gun that mister son of a bitch aka Humps had kept on his ankle… Wooohooo. Can’t wait, but must, for next season!!






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