Red string of fate revisited

Well..things have changed since last time I wrote about this subject. I still believe there are souls made to meet and have a sorta long lasting fulfilling relationship, I just think that it’s much much less likely than what I thought and that , at least for me, when I’ve felt such a strong connection and feelings, in the end it was just the universe showing me the things I had to/wanted to change and gave me a way to do it so ( check mirror law ) , I am thankful and all, I truly grow a lot each passing day, but it’s a bit disheartening that such a amazing, out of this world state of feelings was a mean to an end, to learn something and to be better and change and stuff.

So.. whereas I think it’s super cool to meet the souls you have to meet and learn from each other, I don’t think all of us have this twin spark, this soul mate. Cos when something had felt so incredibly real and it turns out it wasn’t that…  you stop believing ( at least for a while I think ) so maybe for some of us it’s like this, to be “alone” but that kind of alone is ok when you do have friends and family.  I really think i’m too much to handle, not only cos of some character flaws which can be “fixed” when you fix the underneath actual problem, but  to actually accept me as I am..with my views of the world and how I conduct myself… definitely not fitting  standard social roles or parameters..  I don’t think that’s possible. So I am fine with it, cos ,well , I thought I had met someone who could, but mm well, it wasn’t like that…so… but I am not going to change to make others happy or cos “it’s how things should be” so…

I guess that is it.  More fun posts will come, eventually, when everything is, well.. more fun, I am not here sulking all day haha, but well, some days are better than others, but it’s all good, it will be good in the end.


Anime and manga, giving me unrealistic ideas of eternal love since 1998. LOL


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