Citrus manga review

Well, I have talked about this before, but just now I got the chance to purchase the manga from Amazon Mexico, it is so good… The story as you may know it’s, well complicated, but there is something about this manga…  I’m not sure if it’s the character development or the awesome character design ( aka I love how the mangaka draws ) or the sexy yet not explicit nature of the relationship.

It was one of the best buys I’ve made this year, along with the first 5 books of A song of ice and fire aka Game of Thrones. I don’t want to spoil anything but if you do like this manga, support the artist and buy it. I’m eagerly waiting for the 5th tome to be released!


On another note, I’m not bitter and hating love haha, some people seem to think this, I have just opened up to this total different option where not everyone has this super special person waiting for them, it may happen, for people when they are ready, but isn’t it possible also that this is not the case? We should and could be more than enough to be happy, we are a whole orange, not a “half” , alas if there shall be a compatible spark it’s welcome, just we should remember sometimes it may be temporary, either to learn something from them or just because that is how it is, not because it feels and is true love it means it will last forever.  Maybe such a situation exists, maybe not, accepting this has made me feel greatly relieved, this mentality we have ,mostly, as people of “the right one being with me forever” is way too stressful.

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