Open letter for ex-Honey Lion

Hmm well shouldn’t need to add the “ex”, I’m never calling anyone else that, that was your name. Anyway, I don’t think you read this blog/entry but I still must write it all down.

So, just to let you know finally everything is good, my heart doesn’t have this small opening that it had and it stopped feeling hollow in this area when I woke up or listened to some songs. I don’t sigh when I read/hear German and ultimately I don’t want you back.

I don’t cos, haha weird as it is, I had this like revealing dream, like a compilation movie-wise of all the moments, signs and hints that your feelings were changing, seriously it was like a Power Point presentation, so I woke up like “Damn…Ok..well then that’s it” honestly looking back almost all my trip there was more like being with a friend now that I think about it, except that one day in Hameln ( that I loved and I’m so happy I got Stupsi, honestly I bought her and in my mind this idea came up “I’ll still have a good memory even after we break up”, I kinda was guessing it already it seems. ) and other few times.

So that and a dream I had last night ( I’m sure I had it cos I listened to the first time to a “forbidden song” which isn’t anymore woot ) and we were in a road trip, there was a serial killer..but eh thing is you had a gf or something and I didn’t feel anything in my dream, well sorta uncomfy, but that’s to be expected, so that is how I know I’m totally free! Hooray!

I could had sent you a message with this text but… not gonna do that, like ever, so here it is. I just had to say I even entertained the idea that you really didn’t want me to go over, at least as a gf, cos you were already out of love,  I once had a similar feeling, it really sucks, I don’t know if it’s like that but if it was, I’m sorry, it’s not comfy.

Ok that was all that I needed to say about this, us, you, now I can keep going ahead strong. Funniest shit, I may get a rise on my job lol.  Just one little advice, be more honest quicker! So..good bye , best of all for you, I was happy,I am happy now as well.



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