December and another age year is here

Kuuuh, I have the feeling 99% of people writing blogs have an entry for December/Holidays/New Year… my new year has passed, but still I do not ignore 2017, that’d be impractical and a bit weird… But this is more about me birthday, which is as everyone should know and remember, on the 22nd.

I used to hate Xmas cos no one remembered my b-day or it wasn’t relevant enough cos baby Jesus > baby me. It made me laugh to write that…I do not hate it at all anymore, but don’t expect me to sing them jingles eh. Anyway, I like to take this time to reflect upon my actions and my self, actually any moment is good, ESPECIALLY when showering, dat water makes all feel mystical and inspiring somehow. This is like the big one though, I’ll stop being 33 and pass to be 34… wow that sounds old, still in my heart I think I’m around 27-28 and thank heavens I also look around that age, don’t take me wrong, growing older is cool AF, but due to various reasons I feel I deserve those years “back” so to speak.

This was the year when I really started to connect more with myself, which somehow lead to me going out the least in the last 4 years, I like that to be honest, keeping to myself and mostly remaining home/going to gym. Oh yes I also fell off the gym wagon hard and got on it harder, that sounds so bad… I also met some wonderful people, I had a strong connection with someone that, at least for a while, won’t be around no more, maybe never again, nonetheless she helped me to change once and for all some behaviours that I had been dragging from my past and happened to give me one of the best birthday gifts ever to exist, you can see it on my Instagram, which of course you don’t know about but let me show ya


So, as a first timer for me, I won’t just put it aside and not wear it cos this, what we had may be over for good, the intention when it was sent was for me to like it and I love it and I will treasure it for what it is, an awesome cat bracelet from someone who means a lot to me.

Speaking of keeping things, I am wearing the softest cotton boxers ever, that my ex left here, I also learned a lot from that one, mostly that I wouldn’t change to please anyone no more and I can’t just dish soft clothing so… most of the other stuff is gone though cos I decided that’d be the best and it was.

I also learned to put in practice the whole “letting go” thing, it is a bit easier said than done , as most things are but, it does bring peace of mind, it also exposes human flawed logic, trying hard not to lose someone and suffocating them will usually result in the exact opposite result as it would have to seem obvious but apparently it wasn’t, well not for me, now it is, I feel I finally got it and I just took that sack of worry off my back and build a little castle and let it sink in a lake..which is a metaphor.. I’d love to go to a lake though.. but you know what I mean right? This applies to other aspects in life as well, cling to money and be cheap and it’ll seem not to last as much, worry a lot about being fat and you’ll struggle ( cortisol is to blame too, you know that hormone..well it’s not nice!)

I spend much less time at the computer too, mostly cos it makes this freaking noise now and then… but that’ll stick, it is nice to have other things to do in the morning to be honest, sometimes gym, sometimes cooking, oh that too, I got back on the reading wagon, well that’s always been on and off, but now it’s ON, just today I read 70 pages off “Summer Knight” by Jim Butcher, yes it’s not so impressive but woot!!

Those cats are there cos… reflexive winter and cats,why not?

What else… well those things are major for me hehe, oh right, I’ve had this job for..what? 6 months now? at the chat support and I’ve landed some pretty cool side jobs, like transcribing these interviews, $200 made! I ended up crazy but so happy I can pull that off and not have to do it on a daily basis, we shouldn’t have to kill ourselves and drain our souls to live, there’s gotta be more to life than that and hell I am finding out about it!!

Well, got cool new music as well and I think I won’t worry about holiday’s weight gain cos.. I don’t ever really attend parties or meetings or posadas or anything…like at all, so how on earth could I over eat? and what? nothing is vegan except the special dinner we order haha, so hooray for me!

Hope you all learned a lot too and put into practice things as well, I wish you the best and to have nice moments with your loved ones and stuff.


Totes happening to everyone else ha!   :p




I honestly don’t know how aware you are about the fact that I have a Vlog on YouTube, well I made some videos but I left that, now recently, well, someone reminded me about it and I thought  I’d upload some stuff now and then, this video is the first one I am using instead of my normal writing ,  today has been a really interesting day, got some hard news and well I hope sharing this may help others to get on the right track,  there are things I know, but somehow I need to be reminded of, you see? So, best wishes for all of us.

I do look like crap but well, like I said,  long day, the best I take from this though, is the unmatchable feeling of knowing you won’t make the same mistake ever again. Hmm I don’t know how many times I’ve got this feeling, I’m sure it’s about 10… always room to improve huh?







This anime is based on a manga, as many others are, I did read it before but I am finding the anime is funnier and more entertaining, which is very rare cos 9 out of 10 times it’s the other way around. So that says a lot already.

Keijo is a sport, you are on surfaces on a big pool, and you must take down your opponents using only your breasts and your ass. Yes, exactly like that, is it ecchi? Well a bit, what did you expect?  But not enough as to make it stupid and unwatchable for me ( I’m looking at you Rosario+Vampire, odd enough, the manga was so good compared to the anime, loved every bit of it)  it’s funny, it has cute moments, the normal pep-talk feeling any sport anime has to have, to believe in yourself, and do your best and all that crap.

They have awesome techniques, like the VACUUM BUTT CANNON!!!, you can’t beat such an attack name. Nopers. So it’s all taken very seriously, I think that is why it’s good, oh they can make insane amounts of money, this is of course the main character’s motivations, at least at the beginning.  I love greedy characters for some reason lol.

So give it a chance, it’s not the deepest philosophical anime out there this season, for that go and watch Wixxos Lostorage Incited, ah that one is driving me crazy, what the hell is wrong with those girl! Chi!!

Ahem anyway, for an easy watch, with some gratuitous meaningless yuri moments, go get some Keijo!!! anime.






Arbeito. ( Work )

No, no Rihanna music video here, sorry. I am trying to diffuse my mind and also not to worry too much about  “something” *glances at Skype*  so… I’ll write this quickly and get back to work.

As you know I’m a free lancer, I have a regular job in chat support, for a video editing company, but as a free lancer I  get very interesting tasks, like fixing subtitles for an american guy living in Mexico at the moment , who makes videos to try and teach Spanish to people from the USA ( rrrrroll them R’s!!) or right now I’m transcribing some interviews conducted with convenience stores owners, also here in Mexico.

I am not particularly interested in either subject, but gaining new knowledge and perspective on things it’s invaluable. There is this part with a lady talking about the meaning of things, what hard work means to each of us, etc.

It took me to this point in my life when I was questioned about not having a career, a proper job, like , sitting on a desk rotting away for years… my ex was wrong, it’s not impossible to find something you do like doing and certainly so called experience is important but, I can’t even imagine myself being behind a desk doing the exact same thing for years without end. If people like that and value it, that’s great, go drone away, that’s not for me. There has to be more than life than that and I am looking for it, yeah at almost 34 years old, yup no career, that doesn’t make me any less of a capable person than anyone else. I don’t care about having the latest phone ( I do need a new one though lol ), yeah living comfortably is nice, but, i don’t know… I think people usually have more than they need, but, to each their own , just please do not impose such ideals on me, that is not what I came around this time to do ( I wonder what is it then hum?)

I am in the search of what happiness means to me. Ah that reminded me of Vanilla Sky… watch that movie, it’s really nice.

Let’s walk our own paths, even when that means removing some wild weeds with a machete cos the path ain’t made yet.




In this Moment ( band & politics sorry )

I usually leave politics untouched, because well it’s usually a touchy subject as is religion, but of course I have an opinion about it as well as about everything that exists apparently.

I was expecting Hilary Clinton to win , yes I was, was I flipping my imaginary hat when I realized slowly and painfully it wasn’t the case? Yes. The peso ( my country’s coin) already went down hard, so did stock market, it’s all chaotic, Yes.

But this doesn’t mean I am going to jump on the wagon of “Wtf USA you so racist,etc” I am not going to go into detail on the policies and politics cos I do not know enough about them, I am going to take this from a simple human point of view. If we, ( we being everyone not living in USA ) are so damn angry and upset and offended.. what does that say about us?  What are we doing so good and so flawlessly that we feel entitled to call out on an entire nation about something like this? Yes, it does feel a bit backwards, but they also had Bush at one point..that man was not nice at all as I can remember… but haven’t other countries had less than desirable presidents? They are still standing, some might had struggled more yes that is true.  I was excited about the idea of such an important country to have a real chance at having a woman president but well, she wasn’t the right one for this time and era, in my country a woman running seriously is still so far away…so at least you got that.

I honestly think he is not all that, rather I can’t allow myself to go down that line, I think we all have to chill and see how things will really be, if anything this was a big shock and may it be a wake up call for everyone, not only regarding politics but our own lives which ultimately reflect on how do we want to be ruled.

Hell it was a ride though, I honestly felt like crying…I did a bit seeing the reactions of many people, emotional this is… now we need to make the best of it.

In this moment : The band

I don’t think I had heard about them before, until a curious day in a certain chatroom a certain someone posted a link, I didn’t think much of it cos I saw this guy with tattoos and piercings, and I thought at first he was singing with a sorta weird voice and the woman was like…just there, as sometimes it’s the case, but I was reminded of it again with the video for “Big bad wolf” and I remembered this first song “Whore” I had to go check it out, the lyrics…the lyrics are something else, the whole piece has this decadency fuck you I will own this vibe to it and the music, the cadence of the words, one of those times everything is just prrrrfect.  Since then I am listening to all they have to find more magnificent treasures, even if I didn’t like any other song this one is so good it will last me a lifetime.

Please do check it out. As a bonus the singer Maria is a vegetarian!

Craft Beer & Castle Clash

I am not drinking while writing this, before you even think that.

I wanna write about craft beer because it’s the best beverage that exists in the world, after water of course. I am talking proper beer, not industrial crap we drink because it’s like  5 dollars for a 6-pack.  There are imported beer that is well made, maybe it’s not totally hand made artisan but it does involve expertise in it’s crafting, for example my new beer love , Crimson Cherry


My beer love of this month, the taste..oh.

Svyturys is the brewery, the country is Lithuania, I was so pleasantly surprised, you can know I am serious when I tell you I liked this cherry beer way more than I liked the one I had from the keg in a medieval festival in Germany! Enough said! They have other styles, Scottish ale and Oktober fest are the best I think.  So if you get a hold of these..just go for the style you like, none of them disappoint!!

I can recommend a lot more, but most are Mexican so… I don’t know if you can get them but I’ll mention them briefly, Formula Brewing Company bring us delicious beer and the guys are super cool, they offer really interesting flavours, Mosaic is my favourite the hops they use give it a slightly fruity taste..agh so good.


Mosaic Pale  & Carajillo Stout


Libertad, Cervecería Don Javier, Ramuri, Minerva and Conspiración are among the best I’ve tried.

The wonders and blessings of real beer include, but are not limited to:

1.- You do not get a hangover, I repeat, you do not get a hangover, I have drank up to 5 ( that is a fucking lot when you drink real stuff by the way) and I wake up completely normal, not with a desert in my mouth either.

2.- They do hold some of a nutritional value!

3.- They made with looooove, or at least some effort, time and dedication.

4.- Industrial beer, specially really cheap one is actually just like freaking soda with alcohol *shrugs*

5.- There’s passion behind it, a story or several.

6.- It tastes, you can’t even compare..omg yeah no.




Castle Clash

Is my favourite game for Android. You know I like games, any kind of games… except FPS because I suck so much it’s rather sad to even try… except for Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles cos you sorta go on this automated rail… Anyway, this game is …an strategy game? I am not sure… you get heroes, there are 3 classes: normal, elite and legendary. They have abilities, talents and crests, it’s all kind of intricate and I am not in the mood to explain but it’s lots of fun cos there is much much room for improvement, you got daily quests, they go increasing as your might does, might is like how powerful you are based on your building’s upgrades and your heros and all that.



So there is a level cap but the legendary heros get to evolve not once but twice and, that takes a while…so yes, it is a lot of fun, of course you can buy stuff and make things easier for yourself,  but if not, FTP it’s perfectly doable, I’ve rolled good heroes and they have some little promotions and what not.


Your base that you have to build to repel attacks! 


A (re)view on American Horror Story

Herein referred as AHS.


Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Basset, Quicksilver, Francis O.

Ok so this series, created by Ryan Murphy, when I first heard of it , I thought it’d be a cute Halloween thing, I expected some sorta good narrative and that was it. Upon learning about the cast, I was a bit more excited, cos what a cast… Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates really kill the show, in the best possible way. Sarah Paulson and Angela Basset are pretty good as well. Lilly Rabe is damn good too..ok fine almost all are good, can’t remember the guys names except for Zachary Quinto cos he is wack, ever since playing Sylar. ( he’s also on the gay team so woot )

Anyway the first deliver is called “Murder House” it’s a very classic tale, a sort of cursed house, people who die within the premises can’t ever leave. It’s pretty basic, nothing too weird, it was nice I have to say,but also not so much to say about this one.

Then we got “Asylum” oh boy, this one… Sister Jude is really something but the real star here is of course devil possessed nun ( can I hear ya say whaaa?) Eunice, the sort of mad scientist and let us not forget the lesbian news reporter and Mr. super creepy serial killer..ah there are aliens too. Cos why not? Ah right, angel of death, a dark past and dragging guilt, you need to watch it and pay attention.

Now comes “Coven” this is of course my favourite cos witchcraft, voodoo, hello? The whole search for the supreme is really entertaining the sort of gang battle ongoing between them witches and them voodoo masters is good. Lilly Rabe’s character here..hmm Misty? I don’t know, swamp witch, I loved her fighting with Hollywood girl ( I am super bad with names… ) I really loved this one.

Freakshow” this is where you see Ryan is delivering when he said all series are connected, you can look it up once you watch it all but… it’s really well done, like “hmm wait a moment, isn’t this…oh..OHHH” so I shall not spoil this for you, Jessica Lange here ughhh Frau Elsa really made me feel so fucking bad for her… her rendition of “Gods and Monsters” originally by Lana del Rey became an instant staple song on any device I own. Please watch this one carefully, specially soon after you’re done with Asylum. We also got another maniac killer cos can’t have enough.

Hotel” … the idea was good, Lady Gaga being an addition was good, no Jessica Lange is always sad, it started off well,  it really did…then…well sometimes you have 3,6 ideas of something you want to do and you end up not being too clear about any? I think that’s what happened…Ehm could be worse…

Roanoke” like this fucking piece of shit here, I am now going to watch episode 8. It has had like 2 good moments but it feels too much like Murder House gone colonial. and the documentary style… Please stop this,what are you doing?!


My favourites are in this order :

  • Coven
  • Asylum
  • Freakshow
  • Murder House
  • Hotel

That’s it.



Da best one there!


Elliot Smith’s “Between the bars” is playing, perfect time for a perfect mood.



Some people can act very well, some people just have a gift, Isabelle Huppert belongs to the later category.

Let’s start with the important thing, she’s a very prolific french actress, she’s 63 ( what? yes, she looks better than me ffs ) she’s done some very weird roles, ( check “The piano teacher” ) somehow leaning on the “darker” side of the human psyche and oh boy she does it well.

I can’t enjoy music, films or books that don’t make me feel, either cringe with disgust or cry or get really mad, but something has to react inside me so that I can consider what I saw/read/heard is indeed good or at least the artist/s pulled it off, to deliver, express.

Now in this film, I shall not spoil you, Michéle ( Isabelle Huppert ) is a very successful video games executive ( I watched this 50% due to that fact ), she has a useless son with an even less useful girlfriend. Michéle gets sexually assaulted at her own home and starts to be slightly harassed by the unknown rapist.  That is not really the point, they tell you who he is in the middle of the film. The catch is to see her relationships with her friend, mother her father who is in jail cos he was a serial killer… and of course her further relationship with the rapist…human mind surely is a very complex thing.

She is a very twisted woman, she is actually a jerk, a big one, mean and selfish, but you know what? She’s fucking honest about it, she’s real, she doesn’t play to be a good person then to stab you in the back, no Sir, she comes in tells you she despises you and then it’s your choice if you wanna stick around. No one can complain,not rightfully!

( I liked that cos it’s how I usually am, not a jerk…well not anymore, but straight to the point, what you see is what you get. ) The brilliant part here is that this woman, being what many would call “a bad person”, even then you root for her in the movie, you do understand her somehow and you even like her. Whether this is the purpose of the movie or only weird people like me got this feeling is unknown to me.

So do yourself a favour, go check all movies by this actress and watch some. I can recommend some right now

This one, Elle 2016 duh

8 women/ 8 femmes

The piano teacher ( wtf, it’s like Black Swan but really fucked up)

Madame Bovary





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