A (re)view on American Horror Story

Herein referred as AHS.


Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Basset, Quicksilver, Francis O.

Ok so this series, created by Ryan Murphy, when I first heard of it , I thought it’d be a cute Halloween thing, I expected some sorta good narrative and that was it. Upon learning about the cast, I was a bit more excited, cos what a cast… Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates really kill the show, in the best possible way. Sarah Paulson and Angela Basset are pretty good as well. Lilly Rabe is damn good too..ok fine almost all are good, can’t remember the guys names except for Zachary Quinto cos he is wack, ever since playing Sylar. ( he’s also on the gay team so woot )

Anyway the first deliver is called “Murder House” it’s a very classic tale, a sort of cursed house, people who die within the premises can’t ever leave. It’s pretty basic, nothing too weird, it was nice I have to say,but also not so much to say about this one.

Then we got “Asylum” oh boy, this one… Sister Jude is really something but the real star here is of course devil possessed nun ( can I hear ya say whaaa?) Eunice, the sort of mad scientist and let us not forget the lesbian news reporter and Mr. super creepy serial killer..ah there are aliens too. Cos why not? Ah right, angel of death, a dark past and dragging guilt, you need to watch it and pay attention.

Now comes “Coven” this is of course my favourite cos witchcraft, voodoo, hello? The whole search for the supreme is really entertaining the sort of gang battle ongoing between them witches and them voodoo masters is good. Lilly Rabe’s character here..hmm Misty? I don’t know, swamp witch, I loved her fighting with Hollywood girl ( I am super bad with names… ) I really loved this one.

Freakshow” this is where you see Ryan is delivering when he said all series are connected, you can look it up once you watch it all but… it’s really well done, like “hmm wait a moment, isn’t this…oh..OHHH” so I shall not spoil this for you, Jessica Lange here ughhh Frau Elsa really made me feel so fucking bad for her… her rendition of “Gods and Monsters” originally by Lana del Rey became an instant staple song on any device I own. Please watch this one carefully, specially soon after you’re done with Asylum. We also got another maniac killer cos can’t have enough.

Hotel” … the idea was good, Lady Gaga being an addition was good, no Jessica Lange is always sad, it started off well,  it really did…then…well sometimes you have 3,6 ideas of something you want to do and you end up not being too clear about any? I think that’s what happened…Ehm could be worse…

Roanoke” like this fucking piece of shit here, I am now going to watch episode 8. It has had like 2 good moments but it feels too much like Murder House gone colonial. and the documentary style… Please stop this,what are you doing?!


My favourites are in this order :

  • Coven
  • Asylum
  • Freakshow
  • Murder House
  • Hotel

That’s it.



Da best one there!

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