Elliot Smith’s “Between the bars” is playing, perfect time for a perfect mood.



Some people can act very well, some people just have a gift, Isabelle Huppert belongs to the later category.

Let’s start with the important thing, she’s a very prolific french actress, she’s 63 ( what? yes, she looks better than me ffs ) she’s done some very weird roles, ( check “The piano teacher” ) somehow leaning on the “darker” side of the human psyche and oh boy she does it well.

I can’t enjoy music, films or books that don’t make me feel, either cringe with disgust or cry or get really mad, but something has to react inside me so that I can consider what I saw/read/heard is indeed good or at least the artist/s pulled it off, to deliver, express.

Now in this film, I shall not spoil you, Michéle ( Isabelle Huppert ) is a very successful video games executive ( I watched this 50% due to that fact ), she has a useless son with an even less useful girlfriend. Michéle gets sexually assaulted at her own home and starts to be slightly harassed by the unknown rapist.  That is not really the point, they tell you who he is in the middle of the film. The catch is to see her relationships with her friend, mother her father who is in jail cos he was a serial killer… and of course her further relationship with the rapist…human mind surely is a very complex thing.

She is a very twisted woman, she is actually a jerk, a big one, mean and selfish, but you know what? She’s fucking honest about it, she’s real, she doesn’t play to be a good person then to stab you in the back, no Sir, she comes in tells you she despises you and then it’s your choice if you wanna stick around. No one can complain,not rightfully!

( I liked that cos it’s how I usually am, not a jerk…well not anymore, but straight to the point, what you see is what you get. ) The brilliant part here is that this woman, being what many would call “a bad person”, even then you root for her in the movie, you do understand her somehow and you even like her. Whether this is the purpose of the movie or only weird people like me got this feeling is unknown to me.

So do yourself a favour, go check all movies by this actress and watch some. I can recommend some right now

This one, Elle 2016 duh

8 women/ 8 femmes

The piano teacher ( wtf, it’s like Black Swan but really fucked up)

Madame Bovary





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