Craft Beer & Castle Clash

I am not drinking while writing this, before you even think that.

I wanna write about craft beer because it’s the best beverage that exists in the world, after water of course. I am talking proper beer, not industrial crap we drink because it’s like  5 dollars for a 6-pack.  There are imported beer that is well made, maybe it’s not totally hand made artisan but it does involve expertise in it’s crafting, for example my new beer love , Crimson Cherry


My beer love of this month, the taste..oh.

Svyturys is the brewery, the country is Lithuania, I was so pleasantly surprised, you can know I am serious when I tell you I liked this cherry beer way more than I liked the one I had from the keg in a medieval festival in Germany! Enough said! They have other styles, Scottish ale and Oktober fest are the best I think.  So if you get a hold of these..just go for the style you like, none of them disappoint!!

I can recommend a lot more, but most are Mexican so… I don’t know if you can get them but I’ll mention them briefly, Formula Brewing Company bring us delicious beer and the guys are super cool, they offer really interesting flavours, Mosaic is my favourite the hops they use give it a slightly fruity taste..agh so good.


Mosaic Pale  & Carajillo Stout


Libertad, Cervecería Don Javier, Ramuri, Minerva and Conspiración are among the best I’ve tried.

The wonders and blessings of real beer include, but are not limited to:

1.- You do not get a hangover, I repeat, you do not get a hangover, I have drank up to 5 ( that is a fucking lot when you drink real stuff by the way) and I wake up completely normal, not with a desert in my mouth either.

2.- They do hold some of a nutritional value!

3.- They made with looooove, or at least some effort, time and dedication.

4.- Industrial beer, specially really cheap one is actually just like freaking soda with alcohol *shrugs*

5.- There’s passion behind it, a story or several.

6.- It tastes, you can’t even compare..omg yeah no.




Castle Clash

Is my favourite game for Android. You know I like games, any kind of games… except FPS because I suck so much it’s rather sad to even try… except for Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles cos you sorta go on this automated rail… Anyway, this game is …an strategy game? I am not sure… you get heroes, there are 3 classes: normal, elite and legendary. They have abilities, talents and crests, it’s all kind of intricate and I am not in the mood to explain but it’s lots of fun cos there is much much room for improvement, you got daily quests, they go increasing as your might does, might is like how powerful you are based on your building’s upgrades and your heros and all that.



So there is a level cap but the legendary heros get to evolve not once but twice and, that takes a while…so yes, it is a lot of fun, of course you can buy stuff and make things easier for yourself,  but if not, FTP it’s perfectly doable, I’ve rolled good heroes and they have some little promotions and what not.


Your base that you have to build to repel attacks! 


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