In this Moment ( band & politics sorry )

I usually leave politics untouched, because well it’s usually a touchy subject as is religion, but of course I have an opinion about it as well as about everything that exists apparently.

I was expecting Hilary Clinton to win , yes I was, was I flipping my imaginary hat when I realized slowly and painfully it wasn’t the case? Yes. The peso ( my country’s coin) already went down hard, so did stock market, it’s all chaotic, Yes.

But this doesn’t mean I am going to jump on the wagon of “Wtf USA you so racist,etc” I am not going to go into detail on the policies and politics cos I do not know enough about them, I am going to take this from a simple human point of view. If we, ( we being everyone not living in USA ) are so damn angry and upset and offended.. what does that say about us?  What are we doing so good and so flawlessly that we feel entitled to call out on an entire nation about something like this? Yes, it does feel a bit backwards, but they also had Bush at one point..that man was not nice at all as I can remember… but haven’t other countries had less than desirable presidents? They are still standing, some might had struggled more yes that is true.  I was excited about the idea of such an important country to have a real chance at having a woman president but well, she wasn’t the right one for this time and era, in my country a woman running seriously is still so far away…so at least you got that.

I honestly think he is not all that, rather I can’t allow myself to go down that line, I think we all have to chill and see how things will really be, if anything this was a big shock and may it be a wake up call for everyone, not only regarding politics but our own lives which ultimately reflect on how do we want to be ruled.

Hell it was a ride though, I honestly felt like crying…I did a bit seeing the reactions of many people, emotional this is… now we need to make the best of it.

In this moment : The band

I don’t think I had heard about them before, until a curious day in a certain chatroom a certain someone posted a link, I didn’t think much of it cos I saw this guy with tattoos and piercings, and I thought at first he was singing with a sorta weird voice and the woman was like…just there, as sometimes it’s the case, but I was reminded of it again with the video for “Big bad wolf” and I remembered this first song “Whore” I had to go check it out, the lyrics…the lyrics are something else, the whole piece has this decadency fuck you I will own this vibe to it and the music, the cadence of the words, one of those times everything is just prrrrfect.  Since then I am listening to all they have to find more magnificent treasures, even if I didn’t like any other song this one is so good it will last me a lifetime.

Please do check it out. As a bonus the singer Maria is a vegetarian!

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