Arbeito. ( Work )

No, no Rihanna music video here, sorry. I am trying to diffuse my mind and also not to worry too much about  “something” *glances at Skype*  so… I’ll write this quickly and get back to work.

As you know I’m a free lancer, I have a regular job in chat support, for a video editing company, but as a free lancer I  get very interesting tasks, like fixing subtitles for an american guy living in Mexico at the moment , who makes videos to try and teach Spanish to people from the USA ( rrrrroll them R’s!!) or right now I’m transcribing some interviews conducted with convenience stores owners, also here in Mexico.

I am not particularly interested in either subject, but gaining new knowledge and perspective on things it’s invaluable. There is this part with a lady talking about the meaning of things, what hard work means to each of us, etc.

It took me to this point in my life when I was questioned about not having a career, a proper job, like , sitting on a desk rotting away for years… my ex was wrong, it’s not impossible to find something you do like doing and certainly so called experience is important but, I can’t even imagine myself being behind a desk doing the exact same thing for years without end. If people like that and value it, that’s great, go drone away, that’s not for me. There has to be more than life than that and I am looking for it, yeah at almost 34 years old, yup no career, that doesn’t make me any less of a capable person than anyone else. I don’t care about having the latest phone ( I do need a new one though lol ), yeah living comfortably is nice, but, i don’t know… I think people usually have more than they need, but, to each their own , just please do not impose such ideals on me, that is not what I came around this time to do ( I wonder what is it then hum?)

I am in the search of what happiness means to me. Ah that reminded me of Vanilla Sky… watch that movie, it’s really nice.

Let’s walk our own paths, even when that means removing some wild weeds with a machete cos the path ain’t made yet.




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