This anime is based on a manga, as many others are, I did read it before but I am finding the anime is funnier and more entertaining, which is very rare cos 9 out of 10 times it’s the other way around. So that says a lot already.

Keijo is a sport, you are on surfaces on a big pool, and you must take down your opponents using only your breasts and your ass. Yes, exactly like that, is it ecchi? Well a bit, what did you expect?  But not enough as to make it stupid and unwatchable for me ( I’m looking at you Rosario+Vampire, odd enough, the manga was so good compared to the anime, loved every bit of it)  it’s funny, it has cute moments, the normal pep-talk feeling any sport anime has to have, to believe in yourself, and do your best and all that crap.

They have awesome techniques, like the VACUUM BUTT CANNON!!!, you can’t beat such an attack name. Nopers. So it’s all taken very seriously, I think that is why it’s good, oh they can make insane amounts of money, this is of course the main character’s motivations, at least at the beginning.  I love greedy characters for some reason lol.

So give it a chance, it’s not the deepest philosophical anime out there this season, for that go and watch Wixxos Lostorage Incited, ah that one is driving me crazy, what the hell is wrong with those girl! Chi!!

Ahem anyway, for an easy watch, with some gratuitous meaningless yuri moments, go get some Keijo!!! anime.






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  1. […] about, Keijo!!! The end is a previsible one for this kind of sports anime, you may want to check my quick review here  , with that said it was really exciting, I was rooting for Nozomi ( is that her name??) out loud […]

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