The Girl on the Train

First of all, I MUST read the book, the movie seemed interesting at best, but now… It is a psychological masterpiece, damn I don’t want to spoil it for you all, because honestly, it has a very very intense twist.. I’ll just say abusive relationships can really go so far… mix it with some substance dependency, guilt, regret, remorse and the human tendency to cling onto things, ideals, people, situations, relationships… Yep, we got a winner. Truly, truly well executed, I liked Emily Blunt’s acting before but she really does shine here.








This is the first time I believe I have a firmer grasp on how much gas lighting can damage people, how cruel it is for the attacked person and how well it works, damn, human psique is surely something.  I can never even begin to question or judge people who has gone through it, because it’s so easy to say “Eh why didn’t you leave sooner” or similar questions, well, we don’t know, because everyone has their own story and we would do well to just listen and be there for them if they want that.


Anime season endings: Wixoss & Keijo!!!

Ok first the easiest to write about, Keijo!!! The end is a previsible one for this kind of sports anime, you may want to check my quick review here  , with that said it was really exciting, I was rooting for Nozomi ( is that her name??) out loud and all! The gratuitous meaningless yuri was able to deliver a tiny smile from me, so I am pleased.  It was fun and I honestly hope they will make a second season, I liked the anime more than the manga, that is a first timer!!




Now for a bit longer serious review, I shall not spoil the ending of Lostorage Incited WIXOSS,but I must recommend you to watch selector infected WIXOSS, selector spread WIXOSS and as an option since it’s a recopilation film, selector destructed WIXOSS.



The idea is “simple” it’s a card game with a dark magical twist, makes me think a bit of Madoka, I loved the last series because I really felt for the characters, they all had their own flare, I did dislike Suzu at first cos she was such a cry baby, but wow she did get quite strong! not a single was only a total jerk..oj Bookmaker Satomi? Yeah ok he’s a total douchebag, the final battle with Suzu is ESPECTACULAR, and the ending could of been very sad but it managed to keep up the good spirits, apparently we will have a new season , I am thinking Piruluk is far from being done with Bookmaker, also Aya? the glasses girl isn’t done researching about Mayu and so on, we need Lostorage conflated WIXOSS!! The question is when will we have it!


It is really thought provocative title. Makes you wonder about life and what you cling to and why. Gold right there, I’d LOVE to play the cards game but I safely assume it’s only in japanese.


Workout complements / Sexuality on trend?

First the easy one, I got me a new routine, which only requires me to attend to gym to lift weights 3 days a week, really slaying them muscles of course, so I now consciously go and take long walks as much as possible and I also put my hands on some Wii games fitness related, included but not limited to UFC personal trainer and Wii sports. Yes that last title isn’t the calorie blasting machine but if you do stand up and move around like a crazy person you at least get more action than sitting on your ass. Plus it’s fun.

I found this channel,Good Health 24/7 there’s a lot on yoga and food and stuff but what I loved was the “Break free” and “30 minute fat burn” routines, cos:

a) It’s an Indian person, not a white person, that’s refreshing.

b) The music is cool

c) The workout is not too tiring but not too silly, perfect for active recovery or a random time when you wanna do something for yourself.

So, check it out and of course there are tons of other videos and styles out there, no reason not to work out ever!! Unless you broke something, then you might wanna take it easy, healing and proper rest are crucial!

I do suck at dancing and I am sure I am as rhythmical as an oyster, buried 2 meters underneath earth.


Used this one cos it has food I actually eat, nevermind the gluten free, if you aren’t allergic to it screw that trend! 



Sexuality, ok I’ll try to make it short and clear, back in my days, ( bear in mind I am over 30 ok? ) there were gays, lesbians, bisexuals, travesties, drag queens/kings and transsexuals ( never as out as now though, that shows more openness!) , but mostly people were like, females, males and some very seldom in-between. Now there are a-gender,gender fluid, bi-gender, I don’t know for sure but I am guessing there are polygender or something? Do not get me wrong, I am not against people being like that, I just don’t freaking get it and I don’t think I ever will and that is fine!

I do not enjoy how modern day requires us to like and accept EVERYTHING, I can respect something without agreeing or understanding it, I think we’ve lost a bit of free speech lately, can’t say certain things cos then you are biphobic, or transphobic or something along those lines, there are people out there like that, just like homophobes and racists, but we would do well to remember we are allowed ( we still are right? ) to have preferences, yeah I do prefer to date lesbian women who identify as female, I don’t make much use of words like “butch” and “femme” but I am not attracted to women who could go into butch category or those who feel like a boy someday and like a girl the other, I have read this is some disphoria… I am old school you may say, I like women who feel all the time like women and look as such and that is pretty much it. It should be ok too! *raises sign*

Speaking of which, I remember I made a list of the things I look for in a partner, I think it’s time to change it, she can eat meat if she wants as long as she’s not a meat maniac and doesn’t give me a hard time for being a vegan, just as I won’t give her crap for eating whatever she wants. She should though take care of herself, her body, at least be interested in working out and eating right, that’s essential in my life so…very sexually aggressive seems to have to be a must as well.

Back to topic, yeah, polyamorous, a/bi/fluid/gender, pansexuals,etc , I don’t get it and  it’s a deal breaker for me.




Level up soon + Str+10 Dex+10



I remember when some friends tagged along to go to gym… never lasted. So, you must know I’ve been in and out of fitness/gym for some years now, this is the first time I am designing my own routine!! I am sick and tired of the 20+ repetitions really, it is good in the sense that is has given me the endurance to lift heavier now that I am doing the 8-12 range, I absolutely respect my coach but he’s been treating me too girly lately, I know, came back from Germany with about 16+ pounds ( you euro edible tasty candy coins!!) but enough is enough!

First of all I am back to My Fitness Pal, I set up what seems to be the best ratio of macros for me, following a mostly clean diet, considering calories BUT , not thinking 500 calories of pizza are the same as 500 calories of veggies and beans, cos it is not, even if it is the same number, come on!  Seriously limiting the drinks and the formerly known as cheat meals now known as treat meals will be monitored closely.

Then I took some exercises that I was given by my coach, some are staple like squats and deadlifts,  I arranged muscle groups in which I think it’s the best way ( did research of course) , wrote down simple rules to resting times and repetitions range and how to mix’em up. So I should have solid 4 months of this routine.

I of course added cardio, 10 warm up and 20-35 to finish, of course some days will have burpess, mountain climbers other sorts of things, but as basics we got that. Also going out more, if only to walk.

Let’s see how this goes, I think it’s best to start in December than in January, I officially started doing my own thing on the 7th but this is the first week with my written down agenda. I am sure either way it’ll be awesome cos any change I will see will be good, maybe even better than back in 2013. ( was leaner but didn’t have that much of a butt lol ) The most important thing is I am not fixing on it, or getting frustrated for slow results, these things take time.




Blow your mind

I am blowing my mind right now, Gods that sounds awful…but the upside of keeping to oneself is that you get to reflect upon your life and actions a lot, especially after you fuck up and lose someone, I do not say this in the traditional sense of “OMG what did I do wrong, I gots to fix it to get this person back!” Cos that is temporary, like cutting the weeds, I must instead look into the roots, the soil, otherwise the same problem or a similar one will just be there waiting to arise.

So, me being me, have started to read daily, ponder about life, meditate a bit, etc all those things that seems silly but actually do help a lot to clear the mind, you’d be surprised how much you can learn from not thinking,just not overthinking, not imagining things, just focusing on the moment and what do you want but, and this is key, not expecting anything to happen. I’ll provide links for more comprehensive articles about this but basically you give it your all to the things you do want, if they are meant to be then they will happen,come, come back, etc, if not, you are not expecting those things to occur in order for you to be happy, you can be happy while working for things you want, whether you get them or not.  For example, I do want to look super hot, sometimes I’ve got a bit fixated on the idea, cos the traces of being fat are a reminder of the time I was the most unhappy, I understand that, so what I think now every time I start to worry about it, I say to myself “Chill Nan, that takes a while, just enjoy being healthy enough to workout, eating well and one day you’ll look at the mirror and see amazing changes” and I do that whenever I am being silly. Works wonders!

Modern life teaches us to get a job, a career, to get more, more a dream lovelife, it gives us expectations and ideals, I’m not saying we just lay there and nod at what we have but, if we don’t like something, we may as well change it. Doing the same things and thinking it will bring different results is a definition of insanity, so, what I did was to sit tight and realize what I don’t like, example, being clingy, to ideas, to people, to goals, etc. Cos being like that makes me worry, which makes me insecure which makes me overthink, see how it goes? That is what led me to develop that mild eating disorder back then… Make no mistake, this used to be soooooo bad for me before, I was really really really clingy and insecure, it got better but this is the moment when that changes cos I honestly and sincerely got affected enough by losing this person, it was a wake up call, like a slap in the face with an iron goblet.  Do I want to talk to her again? Fuck yeah, but I am not expecting that to happen, if it does it’ll be awesome, if not well, I learned something invaluable. I am as of now living a freer life, can I say “freer”? it sounds weird AF.

The difference is that I am not doing this or changing this or learning new stuff just to “fix” things with a single, specific person,  I am doing this cos I do not like that part of me and cos my life is being much more better now that I practice this, hmm how to call it.. This approach.  I’ve felt peace of mind and all that, it’s really nice.  I’ll be 34 years old soon and a better me, how fucking awesome is that?

The song is unrelated to the subject but related to the title, it’s my new gym tune, along of course with “Shake it off” by Mrs. Swift.

So, enough self- reflecting today, will write later about pansexual people and all those weird things that seem to be on trend nowadays.



Ooopsie, I forgot to add the links, well this is the one I read most recently , Stop obsessing with what you want, there’s a lot more,  don’t think I go around giving flowers and sunshine in the streets lol, but I do cherry pick stuff that seems good for me, from all ideologies.

The Fall

This series… I just watched the whole thing on Netflix, it’s about a homicide detective ( Gillian Anderson aka Scully! ) trying to solve a murder case, serial killer case. The fun thing is you find out in the first episode that the killer is this guy who is a father of 2, husband, counsellor, ( Jamie Dornan)  and how and why he does this and how is the police gonna get him.

It’s really interesting because it’s driven by the characters, Stella Gibson ( Gillian Anderson ) who seems very cold and aloof but highly efficient.  The police people, especially I liked the last guy to join the group, Tom, and Dani because she is a lesbian, it is disclosed but it doesn’t make her the token lesbian character or anything, it’s just a part of who she is. I loved that.

I loved the accents of course, this is all in North Ireland, it’s so good! they talk so…I am so not used to it, I loved it aye!

The guy, Paul Spector, oh man, he is smart, as the series go on you can see how fucked up in the head he is, the final episode was really good, I kind of saw it coming though.

So, if you want to fill 1-2 days with mystery go watch this on Netflix or wherever it’s available in your country. The guy’s daughter, Olivia is also very important.


Train to Busan

Also known as “Estación Zombie” in Latin america. let me tell you, it’s a big thing we do get Asian horror movies on our cinema theatres, so I was excited out of my head to go watch it.  Asian is not only Japan let me tell you, there’s a lot of countries there, I find Thai cinema particularly interesting by the way, in any case let’s begin with this review. ( Aye, I am a bit of an Asia-fan)


Train to Busan @ Cinepolis, the only chain here that will show really interesting stuff.

You can see I took the picture outside of the movies, hehe, so, as you should already know Asian horror movies come with feels, lots of them, it’s not just vengeful spirits and curses and zombies and horrible creatures, no sir!  They usually go and tell us about things like how much we rely on our phones ( one missed call ) , how much appearances have become too important ( sick nurses ), of course they tell us about broken homes, vengeance, remorse, etc . This one in particular presents us with …the dad, whose name I of course forgot already, he works a lot, thinks about himself mostly and has no time for his little daughter, his wife left him, I can guess why and the girl wants to go see  her. On her birthday, so the dad agrees to take her on the train, there’s some sort of virus outbreak ( how convenient!) and people get bitten, then infected, you know how that is. But this happens inside a damn moving train, so it was really exciting, it made me think of the first part of Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles actually…

The interesting part is to see how the dad becomes less of a egotistical jerk, there’s a pair of sisters too, somehow elderly, really sweet.. A very selfish business man which I am sure showed the dad the path he was taking would lead him to be like that, how I despised him, still just a human though.. A very awesome super cool strong dude with a pregnant wife, sport young man and sport young girl and of course the kiddo. I do not usually like kiddos, specially not in movies, but Su-an ( may remember it wrong) was relatable for me! She was so sad and scared, sniff.

I cried, a lot, oh gods how I cried. Especially at the end. Dammit.  I also laughed and I also got excited like, cheering for them like “OMG RUN YOU FUCKING IDIOTS RUUUUUN”

So, without spoiling anything, do go watch, get ready to cry, if you do have a heart, otherwise you won’t, hehe just kidding..or am I? Highly recommended.


The Intervention ( 2016 )

What a movie, ladies and gentlemen! Ok long story short, 3 couples, 6 people plan an intervention for a married duo, since they seem to be getting along really bad, they are in this summer house, there’s a lesbian couple, a widow guy with a young lover, a sorta engaged couple and the said married couple arguing a lot.

What could go wrong right? … Ah someone has drinking problems, someone has commitment issues and the hell lot of them ain’t honest enough often enough.

I do not wish to spoil this movie for you, but there is this quote that just got through me, pierced my heart and came out bleeding with rejoice. I honestly don’t remember it EXACTLY, *slaps own wrist* but it goes along these lines :

“What if we can’t go back to what we were?” – Ruby
“Why don’t you try to make something new?” – Lola

I do know that feeling, of wanting to go back to the starting point, ( mostly in romantic relationships, can apply to other things as well ) to “when things were good”, but we often forget we change, we evolve, I do think there is a core essence in us that doesn’t change, but the things that may hold us back or be in some ways we may not like to be, those do change, so… isn’t it a bit ilogical to want to go back to be the person you were some months ago, or years? or to have the exact same relationship you had at the beginning? That would mean there is no progress, no evolution, no new understanding, (man I love it when movies make me think and realize shit.)

So, we change, the others change, the world changes, just gotta go with it and open up, for example in relationships, I do believe in trying to work out things and stuff, I do, but that requires, I think, to have a good conversation about the issue and to embrace the fact that things will not be the exact same, this will be new for both persons and it might be truly awesome, it may show both sides they didn’t think the other had, that they themselves had or it could also just show that is best not to be together at least at that specific time in life.

So, do watch the movie, expect a few laughs and it’s easier to stop resisting change, the more you wanna avoid something, usually the more it comes kicking you in the face so, right things come at right times, so do right people.  Try to think about the last time you felt a situation was hopeless and doomed, like really bad shit, think you would never be happy again and stuff maybe? Well, most likely you did so, it all passes.

All in all the acting is great, specially Annie, oh boy, she nailed it big time. I only disliked Lola’s voice but that’s totally biased subjective opinion.



Ok this one goes in Spanish because for what I can tell in Google Play store most users from say, US and Canada and Europe are already familiar with this subject and there’s tons of articles about apps that are good for this or that.

Bueno, hace mucho que no escribo nada en español, hasta me parece raro, y de fondo claro “Blutmond” de Untoten. Dejen les cuento que bueno, en México conocemos las aplicaciones para el celular, pero mucha gente no pasa del buen WhatsApp, Facebook, a lo mejor Twitter y uno que otro juego, pero hay muchísimas aplicaciones super útiles para todos los aspectos de la vida.

Primero les voy a decir que aplicaciones tengo y como he visto que me sirven mucho, (ah si los enlaces están creo que en español, yo todas las tengo en inglés, pero eso ya es onda de cada quien)y son :

Obvio las redes sociales, Facebook pues medio lo uso, la verdad casi no, y que bueno, porque es una perdida de tiempo, lo único bueno es enterarme de eventos como las rifas navideñas y eso.

WhatsApp, medio uso, casi que si no me hablan no les hablo,  pero bueno ahí está.

Twitter para leer en la noche cuando no hay más que hacer.

Messenger principalmente para ignorarlo, a veces para hablar con alguna amistad.

Instagram…. gatos, comida, cerveza artesanal, gatos y cosas al azar.

Gmail, para recibir correos para hacer encuestas #CineGratisForever! y para que me avisen, cuando ya me pagan $_$

Ahora las que sí, las buenas:

Castle Clash, obvio para jugar, pero este es un juego más complejo, hay heroes legendarios, misiones, mejoras, no es que lo acabas en 2 semanas, tiene tela para años, van introduciendo cosas y puedes hacer mucho.

Every3 que es para recordarnos el comer cada 3 horas, en lo personal me parece esencial porque así no se me va la onda de hace cuanto comí.

Flo, para hacer un seguimiento del periodo menstrual, que bueno , nos sirve para hacer algunos ajustes en como entrenamos o hacemos ejercicio y también para hacer algunas compras o tomar precauciones jeje.

Fabulous, esta es creo la más significativa, apenas la empecé a usar hoy pero pinta demasiado bien, es para crear un estilo de vida mejor, empiezas con un reto de tomar agua la primer cosa al despertar, por 3 días y así van subiendo, por ejemplo puedes crear tu ritual de la mañana, tarde y/o noche, yo puse en la mañana primero beber agua, luego tener un buen desayuno, decir cosas positivas o decretos, asearme ( cepillado del cabello, la cara etc) y leer 30 minutos.

Para la tarde,por ahora, elegí  leer 30 minutos, ( sí, otros ), apagar la tablet y el cel por una hora y meditar 5 minutos.

Para la noche apagar todas las luces y crear un ambiente relajado para dormir, y pensar en todo lo que tengo para estar agradecida.

A esta aplicación le veo gran potencial porque si mucha app para jugar y redes sociales, pero esta, y hay varias del tipo, es como para decir “Bueno, ¿Quieres una vida más así y menos así? pues vamos a hacer estos nuevos hábitos y cambiar cosas”, de una manera divertida y pues con recordatorios, lo chistoso es que con esta aplicación me mantengo más alejada del teléfono, ¡¡puntos extra desde ya!!

Dejen les cuelo aquí la aplicación de Relax Melodies, claro hay muchas, yo probé varias pero esta me pareció la mejor, hay muchas opciones bloqueadas pero se puede o pagar mensual o una vez por siempre como 340$ algo así, yo no sé si comprarla o no pero la básica sirve re bien, eliges una melodía que va a estar sonando y un/unos sonidos de la naturaleza, tipo, fogata, grillos, aves, trueno, etc y los combinas y los puedes guardar como tus “tonos” favoritos y hay un timer desde 10 minutos hasta creo 3 horas, y ya, lo pones, lo oyes y te duermes, es super padre porque yo siempre tenía que poner música, ahora pongo esto y que maravilla.

Una de mis grandes favoritas, que también uso en su sitio web, My Fitness Pal, esta amiga nos ayuda a contar calorías, teniendo en cuenta macro nutrientes,yo por ejemplo tengo 40% carbs, 20% prote y 40% grasas, pero lo interesante es que nos ayuda a ver si nos pasamos de sodio, de azúcar, porque mucha caloría entra y sale pero no es lo mismo, ni lo será nunca 2000 calorías de helado y pizza que 2000 de fruta, verdura y salchis veganas, a mi luego me cuesta llegar a mi meta de calorías sin pasarme de carbs por ejemplo, entonces esto me ayuda un buen, y pues te das cuenta si comes mucho de esto o de lo otro o si te pasas de sodio o comida ya preparada o en cambio, que tanto cocinas tu ,etc.

Ah y claro, para despertar apropiadamente AMdroid, una alarma que me gusta mucho, uy he probado montones, esta ganó porque tiene unas alarmas bonitas con sonidos calmados, no un pinche escándalo del infierno que casi me de una embolia, y tiene “problemas” que resolver antes de mandarla a la chingada, entonces te despiertas si o si, y tiene opciones como pre-alarmas para que sea más suavecito todo y te cuenta los ciclos de sueño y toda esa vagancia.



Hice este artículo en español porque a mi parecer la gente de EUA y Europa como que está más en este pedo por si misma, acá en latinoamérica no he visto tanto uso de este tipo de aplicaciones, o sea, yo soy la única persona que conozco que las usa y un amigo, pero el es moderno jaja, entonces espero les sirva, claro hay un mundo de cosas que descubrir, echen ojo a las categorías de Google Play o de Itunes si son fresas jiji.Y bueno las aplicaciones que les describí, vienen con todo y su link para que las chequen.