The Intervention ( 2016 )

What a movie, ladies and gentlemen! Ok long story short, 3 couples, 6 people plan an intervention for a married duo, since they seem to be getting along really bad, they are in this summer house, there’s a lesbian couple, a widow guy with a young lover, a sorta engaged couple and the said married couple arguing a lot.

What could go wrong right? … Ah someone has drinking problems, someone has commitment issues and the hell lot of them ain’t honest enough often enough.

I do not wish to spoil this movie for you, but there is this quote that just got through me, pierced my heart and came out bleeding with rejoice. I honestly don’t remember it EXACTLY, *slaps own wrist* but it goes along these lines :

“What if we can’t go back to what we were?” – Ruby
“Why don’t you try to make something new?” – Lola

I do know that feeling, of wanting to go back to the starting point, ( mostly in romantic relationships, can apply to other things as well ) to “when things were good”, but we often forget we change, we evolve, I do think there is a core essence in us that doesn’t change, but the things that may hold us back or be in some ways we may not like to be, those do change, so… isn’t it a bit ilogical to want to go back to be the person you were some months ago, or years? or to have the exact same relationship you had at the beginning? That would mean there is no progress, no evolution, no new understanding, (man I love it when movies make me think and realize shit.)

So, we change, the others change, the world changes, just gotta go with it and open up, for example in relationships, I do believe in trying to work out things and stuff, I do, but that requires, I think, to have a good conversation about the issue and to embrace the fact that things will not be the exact same, this will be new for both persons and it might be truly awesome, it may show both sides they didn’t think the other had, that they themselves had or it could also just show that is best not to be together at least at that specific time in life.

So, do watch the movie, expect a few laughs and it’s easier to stop resisting change, the more you wanna avoid something, usually the more it comes kicking you in the face so, right things come at right times, so do right people.  Try to think about the last time you felt a situation was hopeless and doomed, like really bad shit, think you would never be happy again and stuff maybe? Well, most likely you did so, it all passes.

All in all the acting is great, specially Annie, oh boy, she nailed it big time. I only disliked Lola’s voice but that’s totally biased subjective opinion.


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