The Fall

This series… I just watched the whole thing on Netflix, it’s about a homicide detective ( Gillian Anderson aka Scully! ) trying to solve a murder case, serial killer case. The fun thing is you find out in the first episode that the killer is this guy who is a father of 2, husband, counsellor, ( Jamie Dornan)  and how and why he does this and how is the police gonna get him.

It’s really interesting because it’s driven by the characters, Stella Gibson ( Gillian Anderson ) who seems very cold and aloof but highly efficient.  The police people, especially I liked the last guy to join the group, Tom, and Dani because she is a lesbian, it is disclosed but it doesn’t make her the token lesbian character or anything, it’s just a part of who she is. I loved that.

I loved the accents of course, this is all in North Ireland, it’s so good! they talk so…I am so not used to it, I loved it aye!

The guy, Paul Spector, oh man, he is smart, as the series go on you can see how fucked up in the head he is, the final episode was really good, I kind of saw it coming though.

So, if you want to fill 1-2 days with mystery go watch this on Netflix or wherever it’s available in your country. The guy’s daughter, Olivia is also very important.


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