Updated checklist 2017

I am sure I have around 4 lists of what I search for in girls, but I couldn’t find them,  this is what I offer if you care to read lol.

So my list has changed..it used to ban bisexual girls but alas, people change, ideas too so:

1.- Honest and sincere to the point of awkwardness.  Then you know what you’re dealing with!

2.- Smart, smart, smart, a love for reading and crazy ass movies and music, otherwise what we gonna bond over with hm?

3.- She has to be cute looking.

4.- Non weed smoker

5.- A filthy pervert top/mostly top.

6.- It’s ok if she’s bi or pan or gay but not poliamorous or swinger cos I ain’t gonna do that and then it’s not gonna work out.

7.- Loving and affectionate but also passionate and stuff.

8.- Que hable inglés carajo xD

9.- If she eats meat then she does, but if she can be happy mostly eating what I eat that’s a damn plus.



Utena cos I’m watching that anime lol

Wow the list surely has changed a lot.

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