Vegan police

Hi, you must be aware of my adventures in the vegan world, the truth is, I wanted to be super strict my Über ich/superego, would constantly remind me how things “should” be, we’ve been talking and it’s got really quiet lately…you may refer to my last post about passengers leaving the train, even if it’s in Spanish. ( passengers can move quite fast if the conditions are right)

So, why am I a vegan? Because I genuinely like non-human animals and more than liking them, I honestly think we have no business exploiting them, yeah I know, while developing mankind has always used the other animals in some ways or another, I think we are past that, but anyway,  I have been healthy without eating meat for several years so, I’ll keep on doing so,  the thing is, I do check my beauty stuff to be cruelty free, there is no reason at all to test on animals, they have some advanced technology nowadays… no leather of course, no shows with animals, etc, the only thing that has been bugging me for years now , is the egg thing.

Let me explain, I do not see any harm, from my heart of hearts, in eating eggs that come from chickens living proper lives, climbing trees, digging for food, etc. In short, yes, I do think backyard chickens live a good life and eating their eggs is ok, my granny used to live in a ranch and she kept her chickens very well fed and content. You may comment on how they slaughter them when they are older, well they would faster if the eggs wouldn’t be “useful”

Yes, I know how it sounds I also know how naive is to think the whole world will at once recognize the other’s animals worth and sensitivity. It comes slow, speaking of, did any of you know spotted hyenas do hunt 95% of what they eat? as opposed to mainly stealing and scavenging? Many times the proud, big lions steal from them! Also they are pretty fucking smart,  can solve puzzles, count and those damn noises they make are part of a complex social behaviour. Eh anyway, I’m straying from the subject.

The thing is, I sometimes, not even all the time, feel like eating freaking eggs, last time I ate some that someone else bought and she cooked some awesome meal to have in sandwiches…thing is I ate the rest cos she had already bought them and they were already there, kinda didn’t see a point in what? throwing them away to keep the sanctity of my body or something like that?

So, I find it ok to buy eggs from those quite old people that come down from their ranchs to my local street market, I won’t call myself an ovo-vegetarian cos ( yeah, I tried some foods with eggs, like chocoroles de mora, shoot me) I mostly reject unknown animal byproducts sources, I still think of myself as a vegan since I do care and I speak up against animal abuse, if the vegan police disagrees well, I don’t need the card anymore, this has been troubling me for years, and whenever I had a gf, I felt enough support to be honest, but then took it back, not this time, this passenger has definitely left the train.

So..basically, wow, Marian, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but thanks to you that last passenger has finally gone away, after..let me see…5 years?  Awesome, really, thanks.



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