The ideal fit ver. 2018

I’ve been thinking about it…. I could go on dates with a non-vegan but I don’t want to be in a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t respect the animals and will put a taste over someone’s life,those animal’s lives.


To go on dates, meet:

  1. Lesbian
  2. Cute, who takes care of  herself
  3. Into monogamy
  4. Top in sex,chill in life
  5. Preferably with similar interests, either music, games or anime, reading.
  6. Likes to drink craft beer!
  7. No drugs/weed


For serious dating/relationship:

  • Same as above but she should at least be a vegetarian >_<
  • Into some sort of workout routine, not a maniac either


Could I date someone if we agree to never meet to eat or if she doesn’t eat any meat before me? That’s pretty limiting for that person, it doesn’t seem fair,  I guess they’d prefer to have someone they can enjoy food with, now that I think about it, I’m a bit against going out to eat a lot next time I date someone…couples eat a lot together and I usually gain weight with a gf…   I don’t want that again.  Anyway it IS nice to be able to share your meal or order from the same menú as well, plus I really don’t want silly jokes or comments about stuff… that is another reason I don’t go out much, I wanna feel comfy, like I do at home.

Ok, besides that,all good and 2018 has been dandy so far!!


Que sepa escribir carajo xD

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