Athlean X (and for women) review

This is a fitness post, I’ll try to write more cos I’m really into it lately, by this I mean I am consciously making wise choices and training hard and constant, although, if I feel sick I’ll rest cos if I don’t things end up being worse. So here I go.

I love watching videos about fitness, or reading about it, new workouts or tips on the classic ones, all of that, there is one channel I specially like on YouTube, it’s called Athlean-X ™  , I LOVE it, because the guy in charge of it, Jeff Cavalier ( hope I got his name right) is DA bomb! Seriously, he really speaks like he knows his shit, even when he gets really technical and shows stuff on a skeleton and I barely understand, I love it cos it’s like the total opposite from the much known and spread bro-science ( he also has a special section for bro-science btw) so, checking his videos, he does train people for a living after all, so while checking out the videos I noticed there was a version for women… I was unsure but I ended up checking it out..

Yep, it wasn’t good, I do not know how much he is involved with it but I guess not much, first of all, the girls presenting it, well they look fine of course but they don’t, well look, so fit as to be presenting such a channel, plus I prefer it when it’s one person hosting, but that doesn’t really matter, people may look this way or the other but be very wise.

But I found the whole thing to be too much like a women’s magazine.. “X reps for glutes” , “slim your waist like this”, and the reason I love Jeff’s channel so much is cos he focuses on things like strength, form, benefits, alternative workouts if you can’t do a certain one, building good foundations. The women’s channel is mostly “burn belly with this, with that, slim arms, butts, specific foods and more butt”.  they do have some ok videos but seriously, I don’t feel they target women who really want to challenge themselves and lift heavy, plus they don’t use such an elaborate language as Jeff does, I almost feel they treat me as if I can’t understand what guys can. I do care about my glutes and abs (still hidden) but I care more for ways to squat better for example.

Yes, guys have different goals, I absolutely don’t give a single fuck about gaining 2 inches on my biceps, lol, but I do care about proper form for shoulder exercises for example, foundations, valuable tips you do actually get from the main channel, so yes, even when some videos are obviously for men, plenty of things we women can take and use, specially those videos when he’s telling the viewer not to believe in magic pills and work hard and eat right or they won’t see results, cos that’s true for all of us.

No offense to the women’s channel or the girls doing it, I just would have much loved to see the same, more serious, hardcore attitude from the original translated into it.  So, I’ll stick to the original, they have so many videos too. Of course they have a page with programs you can check out that too, but what I like the most is you really don’t have to, watch a bunch of videos and see what you make of it.


That’s Jeff, looking good for being 40+ yo natural lifter, 10/10 would follow his advice

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