Dagashi Kashi 2 ( anime)

So, as you know I recently watched the complete first season for Dagashi Kashi, I found it lovable, funny, interesting and it even had some random yuri tease or as tv tropes page calls it, “Les yay”, what else can you ask for? They were gonna have a second season too! so I had to catch up! I even liked the OP song !

I was excited about the second season..until..



Shidare Hotaru in the first season

That is all fine, the animation was good, the character design was very pleasant, but alas! A different studio was in charge for second season and you can really tell…


S. Hotaru in season 2 …

Like…you can really see the difference, I checked out the manga and this one is more faithful to it, I have to admit, but.. I LOVED the more refined face detail of the first season, the color palette… everything was much better in my opinion, Saya is pretty much the same. But that alone, Hotaru’s downgrade is enough for me to drop the series, even tho I do enjoy the stories, I tried to watch it, I made it to episode 3, but I can’t, I like the old studio animation 10000 x more.

So this is how an anime title gets dropped by me, change drastically the design and most likely I’m gone.

Too bad, but oh well, I’ll check reviews when it’s over to search for any les yay scenes and watch them alone.

Go watch season 1 and if it doesn’t bother you, watch the second one.

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