Seikon no qwaser Anime / Manga

Yes, I’m aware this has been out for like a good while now, but I always thought it was only silly ecchi not worth my time. I decided to check out both the manga and the anime for several reasons… ok I remembered there was a lolicon lesbian in there somewhere.. I had to see wtf was that about ok? lol, ah sure, spoilers ahead!!! 

First the boring, the manga

Ok, as it usually goes with ecchi stuff, the manga aka source material is far less fanservicey ( looking at you Rosario + Vampire), I didn’t read the whole thing, I sorta flipped through it, there’s Katja (dat Russian sadist loli) and Hana of course ( the pedo lesbian masochist rofl ) but it’s much less hmm,what word to use… in your face we could say, so the story is meh ok, souma, holy stuff coming outta girl’s breasts, blah blah elements blah blah religion

Now the fun part, the anime

Well , I had read it was heavily censored with all the breast sucking scenes but… the powers lie within the souma thing, which is like breast milk, holy something, what sense could it possibly make to have an anime where the part of said holy milk sucking is censored? Very little I tell you.

Anyway, we get some pantsu shots, lots of breasts, breast sucking, breast groping, you get the idea and of course we have the lesbian lolicon, oh boy that.. scene on episode 4, she literally licks on  Ekaterina eh Katja’s tender place.. it makes me eew thinking she’s like 10 years old and Hana is.. how old is she? 16? Ah she’s 15, ok it’s not that bad…ok it is but Katja looks like 12… would that actually qualify as pedo time?  *wonders* Anyway, the Russian loli is creepy enough to make the whole thing not so disgusting.. I am totally not sure if that’s good or bad…Plus it’s really more like a BDSM thing between them…Hana is the slave, hmm confusing ethics ftw


I don’t want problems so this is the only postable pic I found lol

So, I am sorta fast forwarding through the anime, it does have funny moments, I’ll give you that, but honestly I only like big epic battles, when there’s Katja + Hana moments and when other psycho, mentally unstable people come in, I said other cos pretty much everyone here is a damn sadist or a sick masochist so..yeah sorta appealing ha ha. No, really.

Now, besides that weird ass relationship, I did like the whole alchemy, religious themed story, it’s not the greatest thing ever made but it’s fun enough, cringe-inducing tho, cos some people are really.. .Eva-Q and Eva-R…  *shivers* and then there’s that girl with the dissociative personality disorder , you get what I mean.

Watch/read, or don’t, your call!


A short one ( Happy Sugar Life PV)


I am SO happy to see this animated, the manga is, well it’s really something, man it’s so fucked up… I hope they properly conveyed that.

Tomie, Tomie the forbidden fruit and Tomie vs Tomie ( movies)

Yes, I lump them all together cos they didn’t make a good enough impression on me to have their own posts.

Maybe it’s cos I watched them in the “wrong” order, but after Tomie Unlimited and the Beginning, which is the based on the very first manga chapter..well the rest came out as bland.. Let me tell you.











Tomie: The forbidden fruit, well this Tomie is quite gay with Tomie H. (not another Tomie, she’s named after her for her father who was/is in love with Tomie K, the one and only, well not really eh anyway) not saying the actress is bad or anything, but I didn’t feel the powerful Tomie-ness. Still she was creepy in her own way.

Tomie vs Tomie: Both Tomie are bossy and that’s it, I expected some cool confrontation, like the one in Sadako vs Kayako ( Ring vs The grudge) but no, they are useless and can’t even hit each other or something. Meh.

Tomie : The first one ever made..maybe if I had watched it first…I liked how they were all secretive not showing her face, but for crying out loud, it was slow paced as hell. Still, it was ok.

I still must watch rebirth, replay and another face, oh and revenge..gee how many movies..ah yes 9.

But so far, the best is Tomie Unlimited and Tomie the beginning. For me of course.   The only “silly” thing in Tomie Unlimited is no one notices the transfer student is the same person..are you people blind? She’s like the exact same person, that mole, that hair…seriously. But that also happens in Mexican soap operas so ok.



If you can, read the manga.

Tomie the beginning (movie)

As promised, I will review the Tomie’s movies here, 9 so it may take a while, or not cos I sometimes go overboard and just can’t stop watching hehe.

So, I should not spoil this, I mean, we all know how it goes, Tomie is incredibly beautiful, she has a mole under her left eye, men go insane around her, behave like slaves, then some,or all, wanna kill her and chop her off (which results in more of her being around) so nothing new there, that’s like the premise.

But, with each movie having a different actress and being based on different chapters of the manga, or a sorta new story altogether, we get different impressions of her personality, she remains sorta selfish, manipulative, yes, but for example, the Tomie in unlimited strikes me as incredibly arrogant, and the one in this film, “Tomie the beginning” seems more philosophical, talking about human nature and how she thinks the regular humans are the freaks,the monsters, not her. The whole thing feels a bit more emotional, I can sorta feel bad for her even, plus she gives off this gay vibe which is always a plus, hmm I think most Tomie versions in movies do though, isn’t that nice? Yes it is.

Another nice thing is this one movie takes from the very first manga chapter, with some changes of course, it’s really nice to watch.  And it makes sense, that this Tomie is hmm more “naive” or more “human” if you wish, compared to the one in Unlimited which is the last movie.  I also loved the theory that she could be a planaria-like creature which evolved into something like a human.

And she has some damn good points. Plus another good thing about having different actresses is we can see different sorts of beauties, since Tomie is just “incredibly” beautiful, but she has not definite facial traits, besides her mole, so watching all these women, who are indeed very pretty, helps us to extend our idea of beauty itself.


To me this Tomie is more like, “younger” even if she has been living for who knows, centuries now, and is still making peace with what she is and how she is, she lacks the sheer arrogance and total “I don’t give a fuckery” of the other Tomie I saw in Unlimited. Each has her strong points. You can also sorta understand how she got bitchier, dying so much, that shit’s gotta hurt huh?


Conclusion, she’s the ultimate evil creature out there in horror movies, she may not kill you, directly, but she doesn’t die, even her ashes can form a new Tomie, you can’t beat that Jason! you just can’t!

Tomie ( manga/ Unlimited )

Ah, behold the masterpiece of Junji Ito-sensei: Tomie! Which is pronounced Tomi-e Not “Tommy” as I thought, lol.  Ok some may say Uzumaki is his masterpiece, but I happen to love the idea of this annoying, selfish, maniac, woman who just won’t freaking die, more so, she will come back and expand and multiply.

So I was watching episode 9 of the Junji Ito collection anime and I saw this so beautiful girl with a mole under her left eye… who could that be I wondered…? TOMI-E of course!!! They surely waited an awful long time to animate a Tomie chapter, I guess that’s normal since she has a lot. of material. It was a very nice one and it made me want to read the manga, so I read all the chapters I could find translated , then I remembered there were movies…9, so yes I’ll have to watch those as well.

The plot is Tomie is INCREDIBLE beautiful and men go mad for her, literally insane and wish to murder her, which is not a problem cos she can heal, regenerate and multiply just fine, this of course makes for quite interesting stories.

I started with the last movie it seems, it’s called Tomie Unlimited, sounds like a cool brand name..haha, I gotta say she’s my favorite actress so far, cos she’s very similar to the animated Tomie from today’s episode in Juni Itto collection, take a look!



Animated Tomie



See that??? Isn’t she nailing the character? Omg and the voice and the acting, I read some comments saying the movie was stupid but..come on, it’s a damn load of body horror, quite hard to achieve without some heavy CGI, plus the animated hmm “stages” of Tomie are faithful to the illustrations in the manga, so shush people! and I usually don’t say this about women, not specially Asian women, but this one actress, Miu Nakamura, at least in this one movie, is one of the hottest girls I’ve laid eyes on . Damn sexy, a bit scary tho, ah dreamy!!



I’ll watch the other movies later on and add reviews, for now, don’t miss this one movie, I obviously loved it.


Each movie has a different actress playing Tomie, which makes it for a very variated pallete of faces and strokes for the character.

Another interesting fact, in the manga Tomie is pretty much straight, but the movie version seems to swing both ways and is even nicer with her female “friends” slaves, lovers, or whatever they are.


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