Tomie the beginning (movie)

As promised, I will review the Tomie’s movies here, 9 so it may take a while, or not cos I sometimes go overboard and just can’t stop watching hehe.

So, I should not spoil this, I mean, we all know how it goes, Tomie is incredibly beautiful, she has a mole under her left eye, men go insane around her, behave like slaves, then some,or all, wanna kill her and chop her off (which results in more of her being around) so nothing new there, that’s like the premise.

But, with each movie having a different actress and being based on different chapters of the manga, or a sorta new story altogether, we get different impressions of her personality, she remains sorta selfish, manipulative, yes, but for example, the Tomie in unlimited strikes me as incredibly arrogant, and the one in this film, “Tomie the beginning” seems more philosophical, talking about human nature and how she thinks the regular humans are the freaks,the monsters, not her. The whole thing feels a bit more emotional, I can sorta feel bad for her even, plus she gives off this gay vibe which is always a plus, hmm I think most Tomie versions in movies do though, isn’t that nice? Yes it is.

Another nice thing is this one movie takes from the very first manga chapter, with some changes of course, it’s really nice to watch.  And it makes sense, that this Tomie is hmm more “naive” or more “human” if you wish, compared to the one in Unlimited which is the last movie.  I also loved the theory that she could be a planaria-like creature which evolved into something like a human.

And she has some damn good points. Plus another good thing about having different actresses is we can see different sorts of beauties, since Tomie is just “incredibly” beautiful, but she has not definite facial traits, besides her mole, so watching all these women, who are indeed very pretty, helps us to extend our idea of beauty itself.


To me this Tomie is more like, “younger” even if she has been living for who knows, centuries now, and is still making peace with what she is and how she is, she lacks the sheer arrogance and total “I don’t give a fuckery” of the other Tomie I saw in Unlimited. Each has her strong points. You can also sorta understand how she got bitchier, dying so much, that shit’s gotta hurt huh?


Conclusion, she’s the ultimate evil creature out there in horror movies, she may not kill you, directly, but she doesn’t die, even her ashes can form a new Tomie, you can’t beat that Jason! you just can’t!

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