Tomie, Tomie the forbidden fruit and Tomie vs Tomie ( movies)

Yes, I lump them all together cos they didn’t make a good enough impression on me to have their own posts.

Maybe it’s cos I watched them in the “wrong” order, but after Tomie Unlimited and the Beginning, which is the based on the very first manga chapter..well the rest came out as bland.. Let me tell you.











Tomie: The forbidden fruit, well this Tomie is quite gay with Tomie H. (not another Tomie, she’s named after her for her father who was/is in love with Tomie K, the one and only, well not really eh anyway) not saying the actress is bad or anything, but I didn’t feel the powerful Tomie-ness. Still she was creepy in her own way.

Tomie vs Tomie: Both Tomie are bossy and that’s it, I expected some cool confrontation, like the one in Sadako vs Kayako ( Ring vs The grudge) but no, they are useless and can’t even hit each other or something. Meh.

Tomie : The first one ever made..maybe if I had watched it first…I liked how they were all secretive not showing her face, but for crying out loud, it was slow paced as hell. Still, it was ok.

I still must watch rebirth, replay and another face, oh and revenge..gee how many movies..ah yes 9.

But so far, the best is Tomie Unlimited and Tomie the beginning. For me of course.   The only “silly” thing in Tomie Unlimited is no one notices the transfer student is the same person..are you people blind? She’s like the exact same person, that mole, that hair…seriously. But that also happens in Mexican soap operas so ok.



If you can, read the manga.

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