Gear shift fitness version gainz




So, the fit life is nice, I of course tilt a bit outside the wagon and I don’t wanna be like those boring people who never drink or are gluten free, damn I just learned to make seitan, fuck gluten free, unless you are actually ill.


So, I got sick and done with eating 1,400-1,500 calories, I told my trainer “Yo, I think my problem is I lack muscle rather than just having too much fat” so he prescribed a 4 days working routine, to gain muscle, much less cardio (hooray) and a day to work on..abs and grip strength I guess.

I upped my calorie intake, to exactly 1,800 calories. Carbs went up to 212 grams, protein is around 115-130, fat is around 50 grams.

Nothing terrible has happened, I didn’t gain weight, BUT I feel SO MUCH BETTER, what I needed was more fucking food, that is all. Some workouts I could do well with X weight, let’s say 160 kgs on leg press, well now it’s up to 180, easy peasy, also I don’t get sleepy at midday anymore, wtf xD

Oh right, buying the Vivosmart 3 was def smart ! I love that, but more on that on another post.

So, more food + training heavy = good, will tell you all about those gainz.

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