The perfect fit…final version!

Such a dramatic title..just what I wanted. It serves my purpose well! What I came here today to tell you all is, you can have all the ideas you want, write them down, modify them, but in the moment of truth, life usually doesn’t work that way, unless you are planning your workout routine and how many calories to but that’s another subject.

You remember how I had these lists, right? I thought the ideal woman would have this, none of this, some of that. But in reality, some people are “perfect” on paper, but alas! They are just not it, either cos they don’t accept you and want to change you, or cos they are in a very different tune or cos you still don’t know well how to respect yourself and love yourself and say bye-bye on time.

After you get better at that..and you stop expecting and you more or less don’t care anymore, then you relax and, if the time is right, you meet someone special and guess what?

Everything is different, than any other time, sure, it’s different any time, you’ll say but this time is unlike ANY other. Boom, there it is! Nothing a hundred lists could describe or prepare you for or something you wouldn’t even DARE to imagine you could “get”, that you would “deserve” (cos until you believe you do, you won’t).

So, make no mistake and live as you please but don’t over think too much, or worry too much, eh , I do that myself? Surely, that is true but then again, being deep must mean you get a bit of that.

Next post all about my journey to become a fit person!


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