Dat fit life ver 3.0

Been waiting for a fitness journey recap? don’t give a fuck?

Either way you are getting an update!!

1.- I ditched 35-40 minutes on the stationary bike and traded them for HIIT , either battle rope or jumping rope, it’s intense, you feel like dying but it’s done quick, you finish soon and burn a shit ton of calories and still work dem muscles.

2.- I ditched calorie cycling, I eat around the same amount of food each day and that’s it, just lowered 200 calories, it’s not too much.  🙂

3.- I time my rest at gym, no messing around, 1:30 minutes for big lifts and 1 for smaller ones, running from station to station, if not pacing, never standing there like a damn tree.

4.- No food/water after 8 pm if possible, to avoid getting up to pee!

5.- Adding more unilateral leg training, right one is weaker, noticeable weaker.

Result? I don’t feel tired, I have lots of fun working out and I’ve been losing some weight, that I want to think it’s fat cos it’s been sloooooow, but sure.

Music video UNRELATED to anything but I love it so, watch!

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