Goals for next birthday ( or before it )

1.- Buy a freaking gaming PC where I can run Diablo III smoothly.

2.- Lower body fat to around 19-21 %

3.- Buy new smartphone to play Pokemon Go

4.- Buy Nintendo 3DS to play Pokemon X/Y

5.- Be hottest than a stellar fusion.

6.- Truly enjoy being single

7.- Never to consider move in or live with a possible future gf ( if I do have a future gf she’s gonna have to be really supa awesome ). Noppers.



Witty title not found

I usually find cool titles for my posts… this is an exception, so let’s get on with it. Things are ever changing, we know that, sometimes we just kind of have it blasted in our faces, maybe it’s the universe’s way to make sure you do notice!

I’ll be cryptic enough and say that life gives you rare chances to “walk the walk” or is it “walk the talk “? I don’t understand this idiom so well… Anywho, like you can say, express, verbalize, how much support and understanding and patience you can have, but then times come when you get to show it. That’s priceless and one must make the best of it. Give time enough time to set things where they go. So if you meet that chance, stick to all you said and be there, be patient.

Now, you know I’ve been struggling with the whole fitness/fat loss thing, well, I’ve lost 3 kilograms, of what I think it’s fat,yay, but I am not logging my food anymore, I am keeping mind of portions, using cups and my hand as a measure, but not weighing the meals anymore because it’s became too much, too much time thinking about what can “fit” the room for macros aka carbs, protein, fat.  Thinking ahead so much is unnatural I think, as it is to mindlessly dwell into anything just cos you’re hungry. This uneasy feeling when not being able to properly write down exactly what you ate.

Sure it helps to do it for a while, to get a feel of how well you are doing, I tend to undereat, so you can see this, but I am now just going by the vegetarian nutritional pyramid , I know what a portion of each food is, so  I just think “ok 4 portions of fruit, 4 of veggies, 4 of grains and legumes” that’s much simpler, because well, I still have to mind what I eat for the results I want, I was pretty fit a while ago, I want that, I never had abs per se, but my stomach was flat, and if I remember well, I did not log my food, I just ate mostly natural food, at least 4 times a day and I worked out very hard. So cleanish eating + working out.

I’ll keep some useful guideliness though, like limiting alcohol to once every 2 weeks or so,keeping it at 1. Not to overdo the tacos, those can be once every 2 weeks too. Almost no carbs at night.

I already feel less anxious so this can only be good, and for all other things, everything is fine and will be fine, eventually works out like that.

Just to brag, I got Hyper fury X RAM for my PC.

PS Watch “Salvage” movie from 2006, it’s sort of low budget, VERY good.





Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Not really

So, I deliver 2 posts today, I’m on fire! not literally thankfully. I used to drink a bit too much on the weekends, I always tried to keep it cool but I think it was more of a habit?  I think it was, can habits be broken easily? I’ve read it’s hard but… I stopped doing real drugs at 22, so guess I can wisely choose on what I get inside my body and what not.

I’m not saying alcohol is as bad as cocaine but well it’s legal, easy to get, can be cheap and it’s a core part of many social gatherings. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not this newborn person totally against booze, but I have some priorities that have changed, and drinking beer daily in Germany was awesome, to try so many different ones, when I go again I still will have some, but not daily for sure!!  That was a one time thing.

The thing is that I meant it when I told my mom I had my eyes opened, it’s worthless to drink cheap industrial beer, it has no art in it, no heart, it’s not as drinking craft beer, from very small breweries… And alcohol makes the body put a pause on burning fat,  I want to be a fit person, I want to look like I eat right, watch my macronutrients, go to gym and sleep enough and that’s what I’m going to look like, I was close to it last year, but I went the wrong way with late eating on unwise choices ( tacos are not food from devil, but the best time to gorge in carbs is not late at night, it’s early and before going to workout ) and also I’m 33, I gotta keep a close eye on my stuff to look well and feel well.

So my new intake on drinking is this :

I drink say, 1 time every 2 weeks or so, I bring my own craft or imported ( German most likely ) beer 1 or 2 will be enough, I bring my bento box with cool food to avoid the fries or other not so healthy options. I like fries,I am not saying I’m never eating them, but I prefer to make them on my own, have them as my cheat meal , cos I know then it’s only potatoes, salt and oil, the commercial frozen ones usually have so many additives, even flour and milk. Why? beats me, must be cheaper.

No drinking alone, I did this sometimes, I was bored I realise now.  So, I am ok with drinking, I still love beer, but man, if I am going to have to take extra care on what I drink/eat not to mess up my progress, it will be with some respectable beer, not cheap silly one. Plus making it less often makes it more fun and special, like you can love some food, but eating it daily may make you be sick of it at least for a while. I think this also happened, I drank so much beer in Germany, now I’m like.. omg no, but to be honest I’d love to have a glass of rose wine! Since I got no one to share with I don’t but maybe for next meeting with friends we can have a glass of this!

PS Drinks, some more than others, make you hungry and if you drink more than 3 drinks you will start to not give a fack and eat all you want at the time, and since liver is busy with alcohol, that you eating will go to fat storage, totally what most people don’t want!

Yeah that’s my new vision, the food ya know, no bread and very little if any tortillas, priority to proteins and fats and choosing some fruits over others. Easy peasy. Good_FP_skt1


Clean eating for the win

So that was it with Paleo, it’s way too limited when you don’t eat fish or meat, I’ve read some people can successfully do it while being vegetarian, some even vegan ( HOW?) but for me it’s way too much hassle, I am not happy, I don’t have any fun eating anymore and it’s driving me insane. So fuck that. lol .

Well, not like I’m going to completely forget about it, I am going to go for clean eating, which is pretty much the same, except the premise is more reasonable because it allows whole grains and legumes. Of course I will not eat 1.5 cups of beans a day or 5 tortillas or 3 potatoes. But come on people, gotta have some tofu now and then and…and…sometimes I will have vegan sausages!! Sue me!

What I think it’s the best approach, for me at least, is to adhere to simple guidelines:

  • Do eat vegetables at least 2 times a day about 2 cups.
  • Do eat fruit but watching the sugar. ( 1 banana ok! but then only 1/4 of cup of grapes)
  • Do eat legumes  ( 0.5-1 cup) a day.
  • Do eat and switch between rice/quinoa 1 cup a day or so.
  • Do eat pasta say once a month?
  • Have a cheat meal once every 8 days, try to keep it sorta healthy.
  • Prefer fresh food, home prepared.
  • When buying packaged food, checking the ingredient list is short ( 1-6 ingredients) and none is weird ass chemicals or the first one is sugar xD
  • Keep working out!
  • Drinking enough water!!
  • Drinking green/red tea daily at least 1 cup.
  • Keep alcohol intake to 1-2 beers, good quality ones, for very special occasions or once a month.
  • No bread. Isn’t good here anyway.
  • Eat a variety of food through the week!
  • Added sugar! Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • 20-30 grams of seeds and nuts daily, different ones. Yes!


Ok that is it… I find that much more reasonable than the former line I was trying to follow. Also , snacks? Eh maybe, very little, not very often. Brain is happier when you tell it you will eat the treat later and a little instead of saying NO NEVER.


how I felt being paleo xD

To Paleo or not to Paleo?

Well..let us see, first of all I am going back to gym, working out at home is nice and all, I still want my bar for pull-ups but buying stuff for cool squats and a proper heavier bar is way too expensive at the moment, so I can either suscribe or simply pay per visit, we’ll see. These new 8 kilograms need to go or rather, these 20+ cms on my belly! I’ll ask my trainer for functional training, that is no silly bicep curls, only multi-articular movements, like squats, pull-ups, pushups, burpees, clean and jerk etc. I did that before and I was my leanest.

Second, I am going to try the paleo lifestyle, strictly for 30 days, as good as possible of course and then checking out what “modern foods” suit my stomach well and which don’t, for example I think the whole “No legume” is bullshit, yes they have these anti-nutrients, but those go away almost completely just by soaking 12 hours+ and cooking properly, I will eat less though, like say 1 cup a day tops. Also about the fruits, I dislike it immediately when people say NO to fruits,like a strong rejection, yah they have sugar but it’s not as in candies, I may not eat 3-4 whole mangos in a single time as I sometimes did though hehe, but nothing will prevent me from having 2-4 servings of fruits.

Of course I am not going to eat any meat, fish or similar, but as I think, you already know, I am going to be eating eggs, that the lovely old lady that comes to my market brings in a small bucket from her ranch.

The awesome good points of Paleo that I love are the focus on veggies, today I’ve eaten more veggies than in a regular day before ( shame on me!) or maybe it’s not that, I have eaten many different ones in a day, aubergine,zucchini,spinach,potato,asparagus and paprika!!! Also I’ve tried other ways to eat, slice an avocado and fill it with boiled egg for example…so good… and for my particular case of being Mexican, I am excited about removing tortillas, maybe not entirely forever ( must have my cheat meal now and then) but it’s something I’m so used to, I’m curious about how it will turn out.

No bread? No problem, here we don’t get real whole grain anyway, Germans though… they have these awesome options of “bread” so packed with nuts and seeds that it’s more like those are merely embedded on some bread. Truly fantastic.

As for added sugar… Ain’t nobody got time for that, does no good so everyone is better off without it. Alcohol? Hum..honestly, I don’t feel like I will be wanting to drink anytime soon and specially cheap industrial beers, so I may save myself for special occasions and only strictly either craft beer or imported German one hehe.  It’s more fun that way anyway I think.

Pasta? … well, when I REALLY feel like eating some, I will,sue me, but that happened not so often anyway,so nothing that I will really miss.

Supa processed food? I don’t think anybody really needs that anyway…yes don’t give me that eye when I go get my protein shake, can’t eat 20 eggs a day.


Filling up the tank !!

I found out how important is BMR, that is basal metabolism rate… the minimum of calories one need when lying in a freaking coma doing NOTHING but being alive. So..for my age and height and weight ,it’s 1,240, guess what I was barely eating? that amount or less..I am really surprised my body managed to lift weights and stuff at all.

So from barely 1,200 I went up to 2,100, coach said 2,200 but oh well, and that has been happening since last… July 8, I don’t always hit the 2k mark but at least I’m like 100 or 150 low,not freaking 1k . And so far,well it’s been too few days to tell on body fat but ,I can do all of my reps in a shorter time, I can lift more, I am not sleepy through the day , I sleep better and my mood has improved. So, I needed more food, go figure!

Girls,don’t make my mistake, vegs are awesome,but a bunch of broccoli is poor in calories, so try and add whole cereals, brown rice,some pre-made but still healthy vegan nuggets or sausages ( well if you are vegetarian or vegan duh ) legumes,plenty of those, fruits ,seeds, and our friend peanut butter. Also for mexican people, tortillas ❤

So I’m gonna go for body recomposition…that is eating my maintenance calories when I lift and a bit less on rest day…last week was my first week that I worked out 6 days, it was awesome. I am hoping to shed body fat and gain some muscle ,people say it’s much slower than bulk and cut,but I prefer it 1000 x.

Ah water, drink enough , it’s reaaaally important.

If you happen to use MyFitnessPal you can look for me and add me as a friend,  http://www.myfitnesspal.com/profile/katzedernacht


The V word

Yes, vegan is what I’m talking about, well vegetarians too, I’m in this facebook group ( well, on like 3 ) and this debate came up, sort of vegetarians vs vegans, some arguing vegans look down on vegetarians and some saying it’s all the same crap cos to get vegetables soil is used and farmers underpaid and what not. Well the carbon footprint from a vegan is way smaller than one of a meat eater, and still smaller than an ovo/lacto vegetarian, still, I don’t think we should look down on vegetarians, I am thrilled when I know someone will at least eat less meat, like my girlfriend she does eat meat but not in obscene quantities, she enjoys many vegetables and fruits and is aware of what is going on, maybe someday she’ll go full vegetarian, maybe not, like I said, changing things even a little bit seems wonderful to me, and leads to more, my mother has quit red meat altogether, rarely has chicken or fish, we are getting there, cos she feels it’s right and she feels healthier now too, plus I cook amazing stuff for all of us.

Just by being here, in this planet, we humans waste it, we use resources like mad, out of pride and greed, just by taking the bus or buying something you are adding to it, BUT, you can try to make it easier on mother earth, you may wanna reuse/reduce/recycle, not litter the streets, making your own cleaning stuff ( it’s cheaper too !! ) switching from brand names for others that besides not testing on animals, are made in more natural ways and are too, usually cheaper, you may prefer to walk and/or use bus or a bicycle instead of owning a car, you may dream of eventually going away to a little hut or something and growing your own food ( hell yeah ! ) whatever thing we do is a good start, or a good step, being jerks to people who still consume eggs and dairy seems stupid to me, we can’t all change our minds at the same time, I was a vegetarian for 12 long years, I honestly thought there was no harm on eating eggs, since the hen wasn’t killed and I thought they had decent lives and I did not know male chicks were killed on sight, so to speak, now that I do it horrofies me, not to mention the health issues that animal products mean.

You don’t like how the world is ? Well, stop buying from big companies, maybe stop eating meat or eat way less, stop giving to them.



Ahora en español, que si no, no me pelan. Ok estando en uno de mis grupos de veganismo y eso, surgió el debate de toda la vida, sobre vegetarianos vs veganos, que si unos se conforman y que si unos son mejores, nadie está diciendo que  sólo por ser vegano seas buena persona, das menos joda al ambiente si, y eso lo puedes extender más al consumir productos más naturales ( shampoos, hacer tu propio limpiador etc ) que además son más baratos, la cosa es que de todo eso salió el tema de la explotación humana y el desempleo… bueno , ya solo por existir jodemos mucho al pobre planeta, pero podemos contribuir menos en ello, de eso se trata esta vaina, de hacer menos daño, es casi imposible ser inocuo a la tierra como humano , porque hemos olvidado amarla y respetarla, pero hay muchas cosas, pequeñas y grandes que podemos hacer.

¿Tienes animales de compañia ? Esteriliza, no los cruces. Trata de reusar/reciclar/reutilizar, no pidas bolsas de plástico en la medida de lo posible, camina, usa el bus, no apoyes a las trasnacionales ( yo a la tienda ahora voy sólo por aceite de oliva , lo demás en el naturista ) cuestiona lo que te transmiten los medios, busca información alternativa, oficial, de izquierda y de derecha, piensa, siente, escucha esa voz interna que te dice que está bien, vive intensamente, erradica miedos, busca la felicidad , mira más allá de lo físico, date tiempo de ir a un parque, siéntate bajo un árbol, abraza a un animal.

Una manera muy buena de darle una patada en las bolas al sistema es salirte de su círculo de comida-medicina-comida-medicina  :3

Así que hagan lo que hagan, hacedlo de corazón. Un saludo grande a quienes lean esto.


Consideraciones éticas y prácticas de la soya

Bueno vamos a empezar, la mayor parte del cultivo de soya es transgénico ( con gran parte quiero decir un 90 % ) y eso se lo dan a los animales destinados al consumo cárnico. Que bueno esos pobres animales, incluidos pollos, pavos y demás también sufren modificaciones genéticas para engordar más y más pronto… o sea imaginad la cantidad de cosas que se están comiendo… pero ese no es el punto de este post.

El punto es que bueno, en lo personal si consumo leche de soya, orgánica y toda la cosa, solo para mis licuados de proteína después del gym ( es que si vieran que joda me doy ) y de vez en cuando me gusta cocinarla, claro ahora que soy vegana he aprendido a hacer muchas cosas más, pero he visto que es mucho más sencillo para “mostrar” a tus amigos, hice un festín y les invité, eran flautas de soya, ensalada de frutas y tamales veganos , y fue bastante exitoso, y viendolo desde el punto de vista de alguien que come carne ,pues es mucho más suave empezar la transición sustituyendo la comida que ya conoce , por ejemplo tacos de pastor, pero de soya, hamburguesas, etc, ya que se acostumbren a eso , podemos hacer cosas más “avanzadas” lo que pasa es que la gente ya tiene un modo de comer y ciertas “ideas” o “estructuras” en su cabeza y pienso que no todos podemos decir “bueno ya al diablo esto ” y echarnos de cabeza al vació. Por eso para los que empiezan, y yo de vez en cuando, no creo que esté mal comer un poco de soya, eso si, muchas frutitas y verduras :B

its something

La verdad solo quería comentar eso… he estado con ganas de escribir últimamente, me siento… no se si mejor o solo distinta. Ya les diré.


Head cleaner

Yes, it’s about that Popof song, I just was introduced to them, listening to one’s gf’s Ipod is quite interesting, I liked tons of songs.

Anyway,that is absolutely not the point of this post, the point is, this is vegan style.  http://youtu.be/4ubOaIhlRX0   Regarding this particular subject, I do think plants and trees have some level of ,hummm, see, the whole not eating or exploiting animals, by not treating them as commodities that one can own, it’s cos they are sentient beings, they share basic emotions and needs with us, therefore I feel no right to participate in the slaughter of such beings, how can you go and eat a pig, knowing they sing to their piglets when nursing and have dreams and are aware of their environment and their existence in the world…? I just can’t and I won’t, anyway I’m straying,  the thing is, plants are living beings, the earth itself it’s alive, and we are kicking it in the face continuously , I do believe all natural disasters which seem to increase are caused basically cos we keep polluting,consuming and not giving much in return, as one song by The Agonist says : “Why not end all innocent lives right now? We bring nothing and claim the crown” I have to say I agree with this, I am not an anti-human person or anything, as many believe vegans can be, I have never liked people so much, cos we are here taking and using, and we are the only species that kill and inflict pain just for the sake of it, being aware of what our actions cause. But I do think if we, cannot respect a “basic” life form as of a pig, how can we expect to treat each other in decent ways? Also ,and it intrigues me, most people “love” dogs or cats, yet they go and eat chickens. When and how did we decide who gets to be part of the family and who gets to be eaten and seen as a milk,egg or meat machine?


I’m not around hugging trees and wanting to save the world , I’m not a freaking hippie living in fantasy land, I have eyes, ears and a brain, so I know what’s going on, I’m not expecting everyone to go vegan and we all to hold hands, if only many people at least reduced the amount of meat they eat it’d be healthier, easier on the planet ( cattle raising sure contaminates a damn lot ) and cheaper too, also I don’t expect to see the world free from Burger King and McDonald’s and what not, ( I won’t even mention the exploit on the workers..that’s a whole damn different story ) but they could at least have their providers not to furtherly and unnecessarily abusing the animals, stealing milk from a cow is bad enough, and some assholes still punch them in the face real hard, now , you can have your chicken stuff if you must ( for now, some day…some day ) but I don’t see any possible reason why would they have to stomp on the chicken… “humane killing” what’s with that term anyway? Slicing one’s throat is humane nowadays…? Really..

On the plants, I do think trees have some level of conciousness , as well as plants rooted in the earth that live long, I do think fruits and vegetables have a natural cycle and we just get them when they are ready to go and thus harm nothing and no one. IF and just IF , all plants do have feelings, we still kill so much more of them by raising cattle than by eating them directly. I know I may get into people’s nerves and sometimes bore them with this… but I just feel strong about it and wanna let it be known, but it’s not all judgement, I do say things like “Yo,eating death again eh?” cos I do think that, but I also don’t judge them all, it’s how we have been raised, just some of us decide to re-learn things,and my friends are good people. I’m making this vegan eating day with them, I’m gonna cook it all,so they can see it’s tasty and even if they still eat animals, they can often also ingest healthy stuff.  Also I can use the practice in my cooking. And sharing and cooking for others show love and interest…it’s what I think.

I still wonder why some people consider I’m a cold hearted deprived from feelings person…. well yes, it’s convenient most of the time they think this, but if they knew… that’s why I have few friends, and that is awesome. Now, I’m gonna end this post with one last thought, I am not a crazy ecologist save the world and the sheep girl, I just try to lead a lifestyle that harms the animals and the earth the least.  Also someday I’ll live in a cabin and have my own farm kinda and what not… and I hope it’ll be like that , but let us not wonder about the future for now, let us just hope and work for it.  We all may die horribly in unexpected manners so it’s best to be at ease knowing you do the things you want to do and that you let know the people  you care for and love, that you do,so if you go, there’ll be no regrets.

Now I’m super gay .




And for fuck’s sake do not support animal testing, it’s barbaric.

Back to basics II ( Cambio radical en mi alimentación Toma : 2 )

Bueno ,yo a los 18 años dijé “Hoy voy a cambiar” y lo hice  dejé de comer carne, cualquier tipo y/o derivados, me convertí pues en ovo-lacto-vegetariana,  ahora, 11 años después les digo…es de lo mejor que hicé nunca, pero la gente cambia…ahora a mis casi 30, he decidido ingerir algunos pescados ( principalmente atún y salmón ) y pechuga de pavo. ¿por qué? Bueno siendo honestas, lo cual es importantísimo y más cuando es consigo mismo, los peces me dan como igual, si son animales y si sienten, pero la verdad no me agradan tanto, por feo que suene, y el pavo..pues tampoco me parece muy lindo…y saben bien. Los demás, me gustan mucho entonces no quiero u.u.

Dicho esto, he decidido hacer otro cambio -super-mega-radical-  …y dejaré por completo y de madrazo, cualquier producto que en su etiqueta de ingredientes exhiba ” jarabe de maíz de alta fructosa, jarabe de maíz, azúcar de maíz, cualquier azúcar invertida, el azúcar como ingrediente más de 1 vez y dentro de los primeros 3, azúcar en productos donde no tiene razón de ser [ salsas picantes,really?] ” , productos endulzados con fructosa ( que la añadida es re-mala pues ) y harinas no integrales. Tampoco el arroz,aunque —> Sushi, tu estás bien de vez en cuando,ya que te preparan conforme a lineamientos establecidos por una cultura blah blah..menos lo empanizado,eso es una mamada.Ah ni las pastas… Ah si, ahora vigilaré el sodio de cerca ( de por si tengo problemillas en el riñon y eso que tomo mucha agua ) y claro , nada de grasas trans, así sea menos de 0.5g   u.u

Me parece importante mencionar que escucho a Brown Eyed Girls..un grupo de música koreana… no es relevante con mi post, pero eso nunca me ha importado al momento de hacer menciones. ¿Qué más? Bueno, de por si era algo complicado salir a comer conmigo…u organizar comidas caseras,ahora lo será el triple , por eso te agradezco tupperware, ahí cargaré mis cosas… y llevaré mis galletas saladas especiales ¬_¬  Ah y consumiré más productos de soya y tofu, como otrora. Así que… mi filete a la diabla lo pediré sin arroz, ya que es blanco…y sin el bolillo, no me gusta hacer que la gente desperdicie. Me mirarán MÁS raro que antes.

No es que yo me reventase  de estos productos, de hecho era esporádico…bastante, pero ahora pasa de “cada x días/semanas/meses/años) a nunca…así que debo decirles adiós Sabritas,Pepsi,Coca-cola,Barcel,Marinela,Sonrics,Del Valle,Wonder,etc.   Quiero agradecer a la autora de este blog  http://www.soloensalada.com/  Fernanda del Peon , ya que gracias a sus artículos he podido volverme una consumidora responsable ,informada ergo más saludable.

Bueno ya que he expuesto mi BBII …  pues nada… llegaré a mis 30  en óptima forma,espero.

Sobra decir que quiero evitarme el riesgo de desarrollar diabetes, problemas de hígado,riñones y obesidad, si ya se que bebo alcohol, pero lo estoy dejando para los viernes y/o sábados, en los días de gym ( 4 a la semana ) no. Y no, no me creo mejor que la gente que come lo que sea… ¬_¬

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