Mixed up nostalgia with a hint of joy

Just a hint, it’s more of the “awww I remember when I was really young” feeling,haha.  Well I re-discovered Ace of Base, oh yeah the first band EVER that I loved to death, I was in high school… I would collect posters,write down lyrics,be eager to catch latest video, interview, buy magazines and cut out the pictures for my notebooks :3 … also I thought the singers ( Jenny and Lynn, who are sisters, Joker is their brother too, Budha was the “cool” guy with the beard and long hair ) were very coo, later in my life I realized I thought they were fucking awesome cos I liked them,as women,also I really liked their stuff… now I have been listening to it and watching videos, brings good memories but also reminds me  I’m pretty old haha.By the way how can they go from dance in a wet wild day dream to talk about heaven and angels and shit from one CD to the other…? Oh well, love’em the same. OMFG WHO ARE THESE NEW CHICKS THAT I DISCOVERED WHILE GOOGLING FOR AN ACE OF BASE PICTURE!!!!!… Good grief…I am happy I knew about them right from the start, fuck you new people!!! It’s Bergrenn’s sisters or nothing!!!!!

THE originals

Thing is… some days I’m like woohoo, and I’m in such a good disposition to welcome any good thing that may come my way, I am speaking of my love ( LOL ) life, which is of course non existent , ya know, you like someone, they don’t like you back, someone likes you, you rather hit your head with a rock before dating them, you like each other but : please insert any random or well funded reason, outcome is the same, it just won’t do.  I don’t want to sound like I’m desperate and munching on the wall, but come on people, and no, I am not super picky, Goddess knows I have had many slips xD, thing is when I’m like willing to try “new” stuff I end up stuck with someone I end up hating, ok not hating but more like “Dafuq am I doing?” So I don’t want that to ever happen again, I’m being cautious …

Now, I think that’s all I wanted to say, stupid yuri mangas with cute, silly, carefree, sometimes tragic but honest love.  u.u

Now, that was relieving…also I did 2 videos tonight,well yesterday,whatever, the one I liked the most was about myths about food and  exercise! people think such stupid things…but that’s in spanish so…  :3

Habèis encontrado una oveja,y un nuevo blog!

Lately latitude latveria

ha sillyness! HA! HA! TONTOS! ok I had to use that phrase is too good, originally I was gonna write a long post about many things,and how I feel and all that boring crap,but instead I’m gonna simply say things are mmkay and I should be writing something important so that’s what I’m gonna do,guess I just wanted to keep my little blog alive,oh it will be more lively,really, specially now that I found out getting movies to watch on torrent is much easier muahaha, ghost rider is good ,and also are Transformers,working out again,altho not as hardcorrrre.

Ok this is the final old post stolen from old blog, hoho now enjoy the things to come and hmm guess that’s it

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