New view on the Bi.

Short title for a short post. I used to be one of those people who had negative connotations about the bisexuality and until recently I had been sort of thinking about it, it’s unfair to discriminate against someone for their orientation, like hello, I don’t feel like having people think weird stuff cos I am a lesbian right? Well, after some talking and lots of thinking, I realized I was biased, guess why? yes a bad experience, ok some few of those, but it’s no different than those guys who think “all women are so mean” or the gals who may consider “all men are pigs and horrible” because in their path they had a less than pleasant ( or more ) encounters with people who they didn’t got along too well.

On the other hand, there is a saying “you have the love you think you deserve”, I suspect it’s true, cos back then when I was a real mess and I despised my very being, well, isn’t it logical to expect I’d meet people who would reinforce this feeling? If you think you are a huge pile of crap, be ready to meet some toilets that will flush you down further, that is until you change your perception and then, almost magically, you will gravitate towards different situations and people.

So, what I try to say is, it’s not like these girls I’ve met were the way they were as a consequence of being bisexual, they just liked going around and most likely they ain’t even truly bi, just catching what’s available ( which is ok just like be honest people lol )

That is why my list of hmm preferred traits on a woman has changed, if she is an honest, sincere, good hearted person that matters, also if she funny and smart and weird ,but you know what I mean.

So ultimately I wanna apologize about the times when I actively refused to even consider dating bisexual women, due to my prejudices and past experiences.


unrelated..or is it?


Workout complements / Sexuality on trend?

First the easy one, I got me a new routine, which only requires me to attend to gym to lift weights 3 days a week, really slaying them muscles of course, so I now consciously go and take long walks as much as possible and I also put my hands on some Wii games fitness related, included but not limited to UFC personal trainer and Wii sports. Yes that last title isn’t the calorie blasting machine but if you do stand up and move around like a crazy person you at least get more action than sitting on your ass. Plus it’s fun.

I found this channel,Good Health 24/7 there’s a lot on yoga and food and stuff but what I loved was the “Break free” and “30 minute fat burn” routines, cos:

a) It’s an Indian person, not a white person, that’s refreshing.

b) The music is cool

c) The workout is not too tiring but not too silly, perfect for active recovery or a random time when you wanna do something for yourself.

So, check it out and of course there are tons of other videos and styles out there, no reason not to work out ever!! Unless you broke something, then you might wanna take it easy, healing and proper rest are crucial!

I do suck at dancing and I am sure I am as rhythmical as an oyster, buried 2 meters underneath earth.


Used this one cos it has food I actually eat, nevermind the gluten free, if you aren’t allergic to it screw that trend! 



Sexuality, ok I’ll try to make it short and clear, back in my days, ( bear in mind I am over 30 ok? ) there were gays, lesbians, bisexuals, travesties, drag queens/kings and transsexuals ( never as out as now though, that shows more openness!) , but mostly people were like, females, males and some very seldom in-between. Now there are a-gender,gender fluid, bi-gender, I don’t know for sure but I am guessing there are polygender or something? Do not get me wrong, I am not against people being like that, I just don’t freaking get it and I don’t think I ever will and that is fine!

I do not enjoy how modern day requires us to like and accept EVERYTHING, I can respect something without agreeing or understanding it, I think we’ve lost a bit of free speech lately, can’t say certain things cos then you are biphobic, or transphobic or something along those lines, there are people out there like that, just like homophobes and racists, but we would do well to remember we are allowed ( we still are right? ) to have preferences, yeah I do prefer to date lesbian women who identify as female, I don’t make much use of words like “butch” and “femme” but I am not attracted to women who could go into butch category or those who feel like a boy someday and like a girl the other, I have read this is some disphoria… I am old school you may say, I like women who feel all the time like women and look as such and that is pretty much it. It should be ok too! *raises sign*

Speaking of which, I remember I made a list of the things I look for in a partner, I think it’s time to change it, she can eat meat if she wants as long as she’s not a meat maniac and doesn’t give me a hard time for being a vegan, just as I won’t give her crap for eating whatever she wants. She should though take care of herself, her body, at least be interested in working out and eating right, that’s essential in my life so…very sexually aggressive seems to have to be a must as well.

Back to topic, yeah, polyamorous, a/bi/fluid/gender, pansexuals,etc , I don’t get it and  it’s a deal breaker for me.




Stray kitty, collared kitty.

No, it’s not a new kinkier version for the famous rhyme “soft kitty, warm kitty” .. It would be nice though haha.

I have the urge to write about this cos today the people that I talk to ( online cos, you know, I don’t do social things too much,certainly not daily ) have showed me how much a wrong impression the general public has about BDSM, ( thank you 50 shades, thank you so much )

I’m not an expert nor do I know all about it, actually.. I am quite alternative when it comes to that, as with all the things in life it seems wonders why is she so peculiar, anyway, this came up cos in this chatroom I go to, someone was flipping about how fucked up it was, how gross it was and how much people tried to normalize “abnormal things”.. Excuse me, years ago homosexuality was still considered as mental illness.. one would expect that within a minority, people would at least try to understand or do as I do, I may not like something, and boy there’s so many things I do not like, but I still respect people and their ideas, in some cases it’s most like I tolerate them but, pffff.

So I tried to figure out why this person was so affected by it, I don’t think it could affect me, what someone else does with their fucking lives, much less would I have the need to question what makes others feel good, better. I failed cos this person just had this idea of people in this kind of relationships drawing blood all the time and walking off cliffs on command. ( I don’t doubt there are some people like that, but it’s not the majority cos then everyone would be freaking dead and there’d not be a BDSM community at all lol )

In any case, the other people seemed to agree,so I better quit the topic. But it was a bit disappointing to know how close minded we are as a collective to this date.

What I liked is that I am being lucky enough to be able to explore and enjoy this part of me that I hadn’t been able to, because I hadn’t met someone who could fit the role for me, I’m not a total submissive person so it would have to be someone who liked some feistyness grins . So, this person, we shall call her Hoho-sama for the time being, is just prrrfect for it, and the best was it just happened, no ad in kinky sites, no kinky chat either just, a regular lesbian chat and a fateful night. I don’t think I’d like to go back to be a stray, having someone that really cares and gives you attention and enjoys spending time with you is really the best, when you are just a stray people may give you shallow attention and think it’s amusing to play the whole “ah she says meow, I’ll play along”  thing for a bit, but they don’t really get, well I’m not sure what owners get, but I’m sure they must get some special joy out of it. Plus I’m lucky she doesn’t like sharing and that things are pretty good but nothing super extreme, which is ok for those who like that!

In case you wonder, I like playing kitty cos..meow, I love cats, always had, and we humans are animals, so I’m merely borrowing traits from other species, no I am not into furry nor do I think I’m a freaking actual cat.  Cats can be so soft and sweet, but also feisty and they are blunt, they don’t like you, they go away.

All in all, in this point in my life I am happy things are like this and I am looking forward to keep experiencing it and learning even more about myself in the process.  Thank you Hoho-sama I’ll make sure I keep meeting your standards!!!





And you don’t seem to understand

Yeh, I’m listening to Duvet, by Boa…  Serial Experiments : Lain..anime,no? ok.. So, I was thinking about this ahm , whole gender thing and the sexual orientation and what not, I was told to read a book, the naked monkey, and I shall, but it won’t change my mind, I do mind the other person’s gender, as bad and “shallow” as it sounds, cos it is fucking different, everything is, and I like breasts and vaginas,thank you, BUT the thing is, I don’t really like them all, I mean, humm, I don’t really give a fuck about people or sex or whatever, EXCEPT when I start a relationship I kinda get into it, for like some few weeks, cos honestly, it’s not really nice, even hurts most of the time, so I just keep trying, but nah, it won’t do,I’ve kinda of liked it once, and notice the “kinda”  BUT, in my current situation I’ve found out a new whole … shall I call it possibility? We’ve all heard there’s gay people, straight people, “heteroflexible” which I consider is utter crap, it just saying you mainly like dudes or girls but can have some of the other,I dunno,junk. There’s also “pansexual” and asexual people, sorry to sound so rude, but I really don’t believe in such things, anyway, I’ve always thought I’m gay, then this one time, I try dating a guy, then I considered myself 1000X gayer than before, cos omg, no, no men. But then again… I never reaaaally liked sex with women… I like looking at some, in tv, but not like ogling them and barking at the screen, haha, I usually pay more attention to the face actually, boobs are ok and asses,well yeh they are there… I’m sorta super apathetic about that, so  I was thinking, well maybe I’m just… very specific oriented, just more willing to “try” with 1000% more willing, so ah I found out 3 years later it has a name: “demisexual” thanks. 

So my conclusion,so far is… gender matters to me, but a lot of other things do,that I’ve found only in this one person so…oh and don’t take me wrong, people can be bigendered if they wish or be “pansexual” or like make love to the sun, I really don’t mind or judge, just don’t have sex with animals,that’s abuse, and neither babies or children or really old people who can’t say no or just people who don’t wanna ok? Ah and I don’t think men are gross or something, some look just fine, I just don’t wanna have sex with them or kiss them or shit. Leave me the hell alone.

1463038.6849668(please notice my TOTALLY unrelated image )

Oh right, I wrote an open letter on my facebook, about radical super extreme vegans who won’t kill a cockroach cos it’s a living being… I mean, I don’t go and smash ladybugs or butterflies or ants, you know, if they pose no threat ( carrying diseases, invading my house, yes I know we are invading nature as well ) I don’t mess with them, luckily I have 3 cats so I don’t worry much about it, they chase and kill them, and since they are freaking cats it’s ok. Cos I had to read this…question, a person wondered how to prevent his/her cats from hunting birds.. it’s in their nature to prey.. not in ours, but other animals can truly jump onto squirrels and eat them, why would be playing god, as usual and deciding what can they do or not? Really, I mean dogs following vegetarian or vegan diets is ok, cos they have evolved to be omnivorous, but cats can’t, so what to do. And that is why people think we are a bunch of crazy maniacs, some are, but I’m not.

Now on other subjects, I’m feeling the latinamerican vibe,  so I’m all Aterciopelados, some Kinky ( a band, but besides..muahaha ), and what not, also I found out “Adventure time” is a humm series,thing, very fucking weird… I like it, it’s all pure nonsense, which is what we love,yeah we do.  I shall watch some more anime, I got new gym routine which is FUCKING AWESOME, I love it, makes me work so hard cos I have to lift a fucking damn lot of weight.  :B  I’m starting to look nice, just that belly, ugh. We killing it, we may ( knock on wood ) go to Cancun so.

Oh yeah, I’ve watched TONS of movies, best one was yesterday’s night one… blood and sex nightmare…cos when you can sense a demon/spirit/dead person and you interpret his voice as being of a japanese man…well. That fucking rocks.


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