Beauty at every size, shave or not and more

Yeah, I usually don’t go into detail with this cos it’s touchy and no one is asking me but..this is my blog so I can write what I like! Trying to be somehow reasonable tho

I do not wish to be rude or hurt anyone’s feeling, but honestly, people get offended way too easily nowadays, I don’t believe that’s without further ado

Love yourself,  you are fine the way you are, yes ok, let’s stop a second, it is one thing to not hate yourself cos you are not a size 0 or you don’t adhere to a standard of beauty, but what puzzles me is ,this seems to also mean “you can be super fat and still be ok”..well, I don’t think human body looks at it’s best when we are overweight, I do think body needs exercise and proper nutrition and that shows, people who indulge too much and pay no mind to working out, well, tend to look a certain way, you can’t tell me that’s how you are meant to be either… most people usually do eat a lot to get to that, ( I’m not even talking about morbidly obese people and no, people with legit medical conditions are not the majority, please) I am also aware that there may be shit going on in your life and thus you gain weight, hell, I gained 25 kilos (50 lbs) when I was at my lowest regarding self-esteem, but that is exactly why I pay attention, I know if I gain weight it’s due to me being unhappy, when I feel fine I eat ok and workout and I look fine too.

I honestly feel it’s more of an excuse to just eat what you want, but then again, I am not a huge fan of food as you know, I like it, I like some food more than other, but I don’t LOVE eating, it’s sometimes well, a necessity, cos if you don’t eat you die, and I must eat certain amount of carbs, protein and fat to achieve what I want, that’s how I see it, so maybe temptation doesn’t really play a role with me and I can’t objectively talk about it,  food as an addiction has obviously never been a thing for me.

So, people can eat what they want and be fat or not, that’s ok, but I don’t want people to force me to agree with that, like “omg you don’t find this girl beautiful!! you are the worst”,well damn no, I have preferences and we all should be allowed to! Like not wanting to have sex with trans women who still have a penis, what is wrong with you people!? we can choose whatever the hell we like!

I remember, when I was fat, a girl told me she liked me but not my looks and that maybe after I lost weight we could go out, or something like that, at the moment I was quite offended and most people would agree she was mean…was she? NO, she didn’t wanna date a fat person as much as I prefer not to date,I don’t know, blondes or girls who don’t workout at all, it’s a preference and we all can have it and she did nothing wrong by telling me that. I can see it now, I myself stopped talking to this one girl online cos of the very same reason.

Which leads me to the whole shaving legs thing… I do not like it when we, as women as expected to do stuff, like put on makeup, I barely do and only when I want to, again, this may be different cos I only date women and most women for some reason don’t care about body hair, I do though which is funny enough, I mean, if we are already dating and she stops shaving I’d ask what’s going on, I do prefer no hair thanks and I like to keep myself like that, but I also respect people and don’t try to change them, so I’d only end it, not talk her into shaving cos that’s not cool.

But, do most feminists purposefully not shave to go against patriarchy beauty standard? I mean, I know this one girl, she wears make up and is a lot more girly than I am ( I’m what you’d call a sporty femme) but she is like “meh I don’t have to look like this or that, I won’t work out etc” and some girls in her “group” won’t do anything that is considered to fulfill a beauty standard, even if they do like that, follow me?  I started working out to stop being fat, cos I hated what I saw in the mirror and how it reflected how incredibly shitty I was feeling, now I do it cos I wanna look hot, for me hot is some muscles and being fit, I don’t give a flying fuck when others don’t find this sexy or whatever, but it’s annoying when fellow women tell you “you are already fine, you don’t need more working out”, if you don’t wanna “submit” to beauty standards, ok good for you, I am not doing that, I like doing that shit , human body looks much better when fit, it’s my belief.

This was mostly a rant so, yeah.


This photo created a huge hassle back then, this woman is really inspiring and I like her a lot, (her name is Maria Kang, if you are sorta agreeing with me so far, check her out, if not..well…)but people said she was “fat shaming”, well, no, we do make up excuses, that shit is real, I’ve made excuses, we all have had, “it’s too late, early, it’s raining, it’s cold, this, that” when we really wanna do something we do it, period. Again, if you are like, legit sick, you better rest, but still no excuse to go and eat a bunch of crap. Jeeeeeesus.



In this Moment ( band & politics sorry )

I usually leave politics untouched, because well it’s usually a touchy subject as is religion, but of course I have an opinion about it as well as about everything that exists apparently.

I was expecting Hilary Clinton to win , yes I was, was I flipping my imaginary hat when I realized slowly and painfully it wasn’t the case? Yes. The peso ( my country’s coin) already went down hard, so did stock market, it’s all chaotic, Yes.

But this doesn’t mean I am going to jump on the wagon of “Wtf USA you so racist,etc” I am not going to go into detail on the policies and politics cos I do not know enough about them, I am going to take this from a simple human point of view. If we, ( we being everyone not living in USA ) are so damn angry and upset and offended.. what does that say about us?  What are we doing so good and so flawlessly that we feel entitled to call out on an entire nation about something like this? Yes, it does feel a bit backwards, but they also had Bush at one point..that man was not nice at all as I can remember… but haven’t other countries had less than desirable presidents? They are still standing, some might had struggled more yes that is true.  I was excited about the idea of such an important country to have a real chance at having a woman president but well, she wasn’t the right one for this time and era, in my country a woman running seriously is still so far away…so at least you got that.

I honestly think he is not all that, rather I can’t allow myself to go down that line, I think we all have to chill and see how things will really be, if anything this was a big shock and may it be a wake up call for everyone, not only regarding politics but our own lives which ultimately reflect on how do we want to be ruled.

Hell it was a ride though, I honestly felt like crying…I did a bit seeing the reactions of many people, emotional this is… now we need to make the best of it.

In this moment : The band

I don’t think I had heard about them before, until a curious day in a certain chatroom a certain someone posted a link, I didn’t think much of it cos I saw this guy with tattoos and piercings, and I thought at first he was singing with a sorta weird voice and the woman was like…just there, as sometimes it’s the case, but I was reminded of it again with the video for “Big bad wolf” and I remembered this first song “Whore” I had to go check it out, the lyrics…the lyrics are something else, the whole piece has this decadency fuck you I will own this vibe to it and the music, the cadence of the words, one of those times everything is just prrrrfect.  Since then I am listening to all they have to find more magnificent treasures, even if I didn’t like any other song this one is so good it will last me a lifetime.

Please do check it out. As a bonus the singer Maria is a vegetarian!

Stray kitty, collared kitty.

No, it’s not a new kinkier version for the famous rhyme “soft kitty, warm kitty” .. It would be nice though haha.

I have the urge to write about this cos today the people that I talk to ( online cos, you know, I don’t do social things too much,certainly not daily ) have showed me how much a wrong impression the general public has about BDSM, ( thank you 50 shades, thank you so much )

I’m not an expert nor do I know all about it, actually.. I am quite alternative when it comes to that, as with all the things in life it seems wonders why is she so peculiar, anyway, this came up cos in this chatroom I go to, someone was flipping about how fucked up it was, how gross it was and how much people tried to normalize “abnormal things”.. Excuse me, years ago homosexuality was still considered as mental illness.. one would expect that within a minority, people would at least try to understand or do as I do, I may not like something, and boy there’s so many things I do not like, but I still respect people and their ideas, in some cases it’s most like I tolerate them but, pffff.

So I tried to figure out why this person was so affected by it, I don’t think it could affect me, what someone else does with their fucking lives, much less would I have the need to question what makes others feel good, better. I failed cos this person just had this idea of people in this kind of relationships drawing blood all the time and walking off cliffs on command. ( I don’t doubt there are some people like that, but it’s not the majority cos then everyone would be freaking dead and there’d not be a BDSM community at all lol )

In any case, the other people seemed to agree,so I better quit the topic. But it was a bit disappointing to know how close minded we are as a collective to this date.

What I liked is that I am being lucky enough to be able to explore and enjoy this part of me that I hadn’t been able to, because I hadn’t met someone who could fit the role for me, I’m not a total submissive person so it would have to be someone who liked some feistyness grins . So, this person, we shall call her Hoho-sama for the time being, is just prrrfect for it, and the best was it just happened, no ad in kinky sites, no kinky chat either just, a regular lesbian chat and a fateful night. I don’t think I’d like to go back to be a stray, having someone that really cares and gives you attention and enjoys spending time with you is really the best, when you are just a stray people may give you shallow attention and think it’s amusing to play the whole “ah she says meow, I’ll play along”  thing for a bit, but they don’t really get, well I’m not sure what owners get, but I’m sure they must get some special joy out of it. Plus I’m lucky she doesn’t like sharing and that things are pretty good but nothing super extreme, which is ok for those who like that!

In case you wonder, I like playing kitty cos..meow, I love cats, always had, and we humans are animals, so I’m merely borrowing traits from other species, no I am not into furry nor do I think I’m a freaking actual cat.  Cats can be so soft and sweet, but also feisty and they are blunt, they don’t like you, they go away.

All in all, in this point in my life I am happy things are like this and I am looking forward to keep experiencing it and learning even more about myself in the process.  Thank you Hoho-sama I’ll make sure I keep meeting your standards!!!





Lo bueno,lo malo y lo feo.

Bueno hoy tengo ganas de escribir,esto no me pasa ya muy seguido, aún no se el porqué. Para empezar estoy escuchando música que empecé a oír hace años…Es raro todo. Ok hoy les quiero compartir como ha cambiado mi visión y mi sentir hacia la especie humana y las demás especies, han sido cambios muy importantes,algunos graduales ,algunos repentinos.

Empecemos conque hoy hicimos una actividad para el día mundial sin carne, ofrecimos una degustación de comida vegana ( o sea elaborada sin ningún ingrediente de origen animal ) para que la gente pudiera conocerla y ver que se come rico sin necesidad de usar y explotar a otros. Me preguntaba una persona que porque ese interés de imitar la comida de carne con comida vegana, yo le dije que es tan sencillo como para poder decirle a alguien “¿Temes no poder comer pastel,pizza,tacos o hamburguesas si te vuelves veganx?” – “No pasa nada, tenemos la versión vegana de toda comida de origen animal y el agregado de comidas originales totalmente” . Se juega mucho con las texturas y el sabor, muy penosamente he de admitir que cuando era vegetariana,no comía casi fruta y verdura, ahora diario lo hago 2-3 veces al día.

Fue padre estar en el evento,porque sin contar a la clásica persona mala copa que quiere joder, la gente se mostró al menos interesada en que es lo que había ahí,varios pidieron receta y casi todos se sorprendieron de que ,por ejemplo, el pastel de mandarina, no tuviera ni huevo ni leche y estuviera delicioso y esponjosito. Y de que la tinga fuera de setas y no de pollo.No soy una ilusa que piensa que todos los que asistieron dejarán de consumir explotación animal, pero tal vez y sólo tal vez , en alguna persona empiece un cambio hacia algo más concreto.

Cuando yo era joven yo odiaba a la gente y al mundo en general, porque hay muchas muchas cosas malas,ahora he aprendido que tal vez ( sigo sin estar convencida al 100,pero lo sigo considerando una posibilidad,aún pienso que es una combinación de algún tipo de deterioro genético y/o cerebral + esos entes/casettes,etc ) haya una fuerza externa que haga que los humanos seamos así, de egoístas y supremacistas , el hecho de que algunos puedan combatir dicha fuerza ( programación, ondas,djinns etc ) en algunos aspectos y cambiar, me hace pensar que posiblemente haya algo de esperanza,ésto no dura mucho porque luego recuerdo las atrocidades cometidas,por el hecho de no respetar a otros ,por pertenecer a otra especie, esto se conoce como especismo. Si, lo primero es “Ah,pero es que no te importa la gente, sólo los animales [ los otros animales diría yo,también somos animales eh,no se olviden ] ” Y no, no es así, a mi aunque pareciera imposible, si me interesa lo que nos pasa, como especie y claro que me pudren las injusticias, la trata de blancas, los asesinatos,las guerras, la manipulación mediática, la mierda que nos venden como comida y demás, pero me verán más enfocada a promover el respeto por los otros animales,los no humanos, porque ellos no tienen derechos siquiera, tienen una voz que no queremos escuchar,porque es distinta a la nuestra, y por eso yo haré lo que pueda para contribuir a que al menos un poco menos sean violentadxs.

El mayor cambio de estos meses/semanas (?) es que , he llegado a un término más o menos neutro, todxs vivimos aquí, patos,orcas,árboles,humanos,abejas, así que intentar hacer que nuestro tránsito en esta vasija espacio/tiempo que conocemos como “Tierra” sea lo mejor posible para todas las partes involucradas, esto claro en lo posible, porque si me pongo mal de pensar en el moho del baño que mate al lavarlo no podría vivir. Hay que ser sensatxs.  Nuestro planeta es hermoso, hay que hacer lo posible por cuidar de él , ya que es nuestro hogar, tratemos de ser amables con los demás, animales humanos y no humanos por igual, no es que me vayan a ver cantando Kumbaya en las calles, pero quiero tener un ánimo sino amistoso al menos neutro en general, una vibra media por así decirlo. Tratemos de comer alimentos que nos hagan bien, de no darle dinero a esas empresas que sólo nos quitan la plata y la vida y de ser felices con lo que hagamos,de no arrepentirnos nunca,ni de lo que hicimos ni de lo que no hicimos,esta vida es muy corta para pasarla siempre mal.

Ah casi lo olvido, puede que hayamos evolucionado hasta ser omnívoros carroñeros en algún punto ( no depredadores,eso no lo sueñen eh ) pero no significa que tengamos que perpetuar este modelo violento, cruel y antropocéntrico de vivir , nuestro maravilloso organismo vive de primera si le proporcionamos los nutrientes necesarios,que se encuentran sin problemas en las semillas,frutos secos,verduras,hortalizas,leguminosas,frutas y raíces que podemos hasta cultivar nosotrxs mismxs.

Así que vamos a ver que pasa…

Señorita a mi me gusta su style

Title has nothing to do with anything, but I’m listening to that song and I really like it so there ya go.

Watched “Idiocracy” movie, I had before, but it’s been a while,and those things seemed,well not so “shit,shit is how things are already!!”  The movie is about how the less smart people keeps having more and more kids and smart ones, well not so many, so world ends up being populated by really stupid people who don’t question anything,sit on their asses, like violence and eat junk food, they won’t even drink water… wait a second…. Isn’t that pretty much how we are nowadays? Not so “literal” if you may, but we do believe what others ( government ,TV, media,etc ) tell us and buy many things that we don’t really need and that aren’t good for our health. There is one scene, when they discuss why they don’t drink water anymore, and it’s cause… Brawndoo energy drink thing has “electrolytes” and that’s what we all need, said brand bought the freaking FDA,so it was deemed necessary and good, but when being asked why exactly they drank it,people just kept repeating “it’s what we need” ” it has electrolytes” sounded SO MUCH like those stubborn people yelling WE NEED PROTEIN left and right when talking about meat and such ¬¬(I am pretty sure we are not far from that, I mean, largest companies just keep buying smaller ones and more and more rights, so there we go).

Other than that I have a new gym routine, it’s lifting the most weight I can handle only 6 times then doing some weird ass jumping  work out about 10 times, so there ya go, also they are gonna implement cross fit, I AM SO JOINING IT. I have dropped numbers in a lovely way, I mean measurements and %’s of fat,not just weight,and I am sorta looking good,just belly is taking longer, but we will get there.  I’m not putting up any picture of mine until I’m hot on my facebook         xD.

The other things are good,maybe I’m thinking too much about certain things… but that happens quite often so I’m trying not to. Still.



Sin Título #.01

Bueno no supe que título poner,creo que no lo necesita, porque voy a alegar de una manera muy random sobre muchas cosas.  Vamos a empezar por lo que nos enseñan, lo que nos enseñan/imponen los medios, la escuela, la industria  ( alimenticia, farmacéutica y de entretenimiento ) . Desde pequeños nos bombardean con lineamientos sobre como vestirnos, comportarnos, que esperar en un futuro, como alimentarnos, que es bueno,que es malo y que es mejor no saber.  Muchos crecemos cuestionando esto desde una edad temprana, porque hay cosas ( tantas ) que simplemente no tienen sentido o una buena explicación.  No me voy a poner a hablar sobre TODO , en este post, en este artículo quiero referirme a algo que es tan básico , tan esencial y que tan entusiastamente pasamos por alto : la comida.

Nos han enseñado que es bueno comer carne, que hace falta, igual con la leche, pero tenemos que la grasa saturada, toxinas y sustancias “extrañas” de la carne nos provocan alto colesterol, sobrepeso, diabetes, enfermedades cardíacas,  ácido úrico y demás , la solución a esto es … medicina alópata , montones de la misma…. veamos la leche, la mayoría de la población tiene intolerancia a la lactosa ( les recuerdo que somos los únicos mamíferos que ya adultos tomamos leche, y encima de otro animal ¬¬ ) , luego tiene una cantidad de grasa muy considerable, entonces la solución es … quitarle la lactosa y reducirle la grasa, en algunos casos reemplazarla por grasa vegetal..o sea que ya no es en esencia leche… aquí la lógica tiene un epic fail. Algo me hace daño así que le quito las propiedades que le dan su denominación ( lactosa = leche ) y si no ingiero grandes cantidades de químicos para combatir los síntomas de enfermedades que me ocasiona lo que como ( carne por ejemplo ) Lógica not found.

Así entonces, las grandes compañías nos venden comida que nos hace daño de una u otra manera a corto y largo plazo, las grandes compañías de laboratorios nos venden la cura a estas enfermedades… creo que es fácil de entender lo que pasa aquí.  A ninguna de las anteriores les importa un carajo nuestra salud, si no cuanto dinero nos van a sacar.

También les invito a que lean, se informen, pero no sólo de textbooks de la escuela, bien lo dice una señora, que se llama Isabel, que sabe bien que onda con todo, que el conocimiento es espiral, no hay una sola verdad absoluta y ciertamente no es la doctrina académica la que nos dará conciencia. Yo antes, como muchos pensaba que la marihuana era el mismísmo diablo ( malas experiencias y poca información ) y ahora , a mis 30 años , y gracias a que mi mente está en un estado de depuración, junto con mi cuerpo, he visto por mi misma que no es tal cosa, yo le he encontrado uso terapéutico , le patea el trasero a los antidepresivos que tomaba yo antes, me calma la mente aspergiana y puedo pensar con claridad y que les digo que es lo único que me ha quitado un cólico nefrítico.  No les digo que vayan a porrearse diario, pero no sigan los dogmas que nos han ensartado con total ceguera, la naturaleza nos provee de todo, comida y medicina.

Nos hace falta ver que una de las acciones más claras y contundentes para empezar a salir del sistema es rechazar el modo en que nos han enseñado a vivir, me dirán hipócrita pues uso computadora y tengo internet, un smartphone y consolas de videojuegos, no les voy a decir que no me gustan estas cosas,  pero hay invenciones humanas que al menos entretienen y ayudan a esparcir información , otras simplemente nos distraen, mi meta final es irme a vivir a un fucking monte o algo parecido y ahí tener una huertita y unos patos, pero lo que puedo hacer ahora es decirle NO a la alimentación antinatural, NO al especismo y NO a creer que los humanos somos los únicos que contamos y lo demás está para servirnos. Eso y no patear botes en la calle ( aunque divertido ) es rebelarse.

Finalmente les digo, no soy una loca ecologista salva pingüinos, ni soy fundadora/parte de secta o culto alguno ,simplemente me estoy dando cuenta de muchas cosas y creo que todos deberíamos al menos preguntarnos qué pasa.






Head cleaner

Yes, it’s about that Popof song, I just was introduced to them, listening to one’s gf’s Ipod is quite interesting, I liked tons of songs.

Anyway,that is absolutely not the point of this post, the point is, this is vegan style.   Regarding this particular subject, I do think plants and trees have some level of ,hummm, see, the whole not eating or exploiting animals, by not treating them as commodities that one can own, it’s cos they are sentient beings, they share basic emotions and needs with us, therefore I feel no right to participate in the slaughter of such beings, how can you go and eat a pig, knowing they sing to their piglets when nursing and have dreams and are aware of their environment and their existence in the world…? I just can’t and I won’t, anyway I’m straying,  the thing is, plants are living beings, the earth itself it’s alive, and we are kicking it in the face continuously , I do believe all natural disasters which seem to increase are caused basically cos we keep polluting,consuming and not giving much in return, as one song by The Agonist says : “Why not end all innocent lives right now? We bring nothing and claim the crown” I have to say I agree with this, I am not an anti-human person or anything, as many believe vegans can be, I have never liked people so much, cos we are here taking and using, and we are the only species that kill and inflict pain just for the sake of it, being aware of what our actions cause. But I do think if we, cannot respect a “basic” life form as of a pig, how can we expect to treat each other in decent ways? Also ,and it intrigues me, most people “love” dogs or cats, yet they go and eat chickens. When and how did we decide who gets to be part of the family and who gets to be eaten and seen as a milk,egg or meat machine?


I’m not around hugging trees and wanting to save the world , I’m not a freaking hippie living in fantasy land, I have eyes, ears and a brain, so I know what’s going on, I’m not expecting everyone to go vegan and we all to hold hands, if only many people at least reduced the amount of meat they eat it’d be healthier, easier on the planet ( cattle raising sure contaminates a damn lot ) and cheaper too, also I don’t expect to see the world free from Burger King and McDonald’s and what not, ( I won’t even mention the exploit on the workers..that’s a whole damn different story ) but they could at least have their providers not to furtherly and unnecessarily abusing the animals, stealing milk from a cow is bad enough, and some assholes still punch them in the face real hard, now , you can have your chicken stuff if you must ( for now, some day…some day ) but I don’t see any possible reason why would they have to stomp on the chicken… “humane killing” what’s with that term anyway? Slicing one’s throat is humane nowadays…? Really..

On the plants, I do think trees have some level of conciousness , as well as plants rooted in the earth that live long, I do think fruits and vegetables have a natural cycle and we just get them when they are ready to go and thus harm nothing and no one. IF and just IF , all plants do have feelings, we still kill so much more of them by raising cattle than by eating them directly. I know I may get into people’s nerves and sometimes bore them with this… but I just feel strong about it and wanna let it be known, but it’s not all judgement, I do say things like “Yo,eating death again eh?” cos I do think that, but I also don’t judge them all, it’s how we have been raised, just some of us decide to re-learn things,and my friends are good people. I’m making this vegan eating day with them, I’m gonna cook it all,so they can see it’s tasty and even if they still eat animals, they can often also ingest healthy stuff.  Also I can use the practice in my cooking. And sharing and cooking for others show love and interest…it’s what I think.

I still wonder why some people consider I’m a cold hearted deprived from feelings person…. well yes, it’s convenient most of the time they think this, but if they knew… that’s why I have few friends, and that is awesome. Now, I’m gonna end this post with one last thought, I am not a crazy ecologist save the world and the sheep girl, I just try to lead a lifestyle that harms the animals and the earth the least.  Also someday I’ll live in a cabin and have my own farm kinda and what not… and I hope it’ll be like that , but let us not wonder about the future for now, let us just hope and work for it.  We all may die horribly in unexpected manners so it’s best to be at ease knowing you do the things you want to do and that you let know the people  you care for and love, that you do,so if you go, there’ll be no regrets.

Now I’m super gay .




And for fuck’s sake do not support animal testing, it’s barbaric.

First and last Bday party

So I had an attempt of a birthday party, well a pre-birthday party actually… it was rather interesting, cos I suspected from the beginning that it would not turn out as I could of had expected, I made things very clear from the beginning, I think they got it all wrong ,cos I wasn’t good delivering my message, I didn’t want to impose my music taste , I wanted to share it, to let people see what it was like when I was alone I guess, what kind of things I liked… it was not the best idea, I mean some people didn’t complain, amazingly cos honestly I expected them to be more closed, so nice for that, some well didn’t complain but made a lot of jokes..which yes was annoying, but a good friend told me not to get mad cos it was hard to listen to new things while drinking,at a party,etc.. which may be true,,but you don’t see me giving people crap for their music..except banda, I fucking hate it, then again no one appreciates it that I try and endure that kind of music all the time in sake of being around my friends, I don’t make them listen to my stuff,except now and then, I show them a video or some shit.. meh,that was me trying to broaden my taste and be less closed.

Also I invited tons of people, like 52, in reality I think if we were 25 it was a lot, and many didn’t last, I guess they didn’t like the music… that was…weird… I felt quite offended, then again those who stayed were fine, till  they were like “your party is over,can we play something else?” whoa excuse me, I asked of everyone to bear with me for one freaking night,if you can’t make room in your damn brain for new things and have to hurry to get back into your comfort zone…well that is pretty lame.

I got an Arch Enemy T-shirt! as all metal bands T-shirts is tad too big,but I love it nonetheless, I’m wearing it now,I got a Duff beer T-shirt too  :3  and 2 bottles of alcohol… which is pretty amusing cos I drank yesterday and I’m not drinking till the 25th a little for the dinner,I am gonna drink like twice a month,and not massively, I am taking gym seriously now, also I spend too much on alcohol. so there ya go,less ocassions for me to go and have to put up with stuff I don’t like.

Man I’m between pissed off and dissapointed… so much for trying to be flexible, and hello ipod that I will carry around all the time,see who makes who listen to what.

Masturbation is boring and other wonders

Ha! think lots of people will read this because of the title,well I tried to look for information,but google would kept insisting on skipping my “no,don’t like” on the search text… oh wait,it worked when i changed to english… ok damn you Latin horny people haha…ok nothing enlightening just people wondering if something is wrong with them…you see? WHY do we have to believe what most/others do is right and if we don’t like it’s not? I’m 28 years old now,and I am tired and sick of people thinking I don’t masturbate,cos I’m a woman and I super do it,I just don’t tell? I’m one of the most open up people when it comes to sex…and I’m telling ya! I DO NOT LIKE TO MASTURBATE COS I FIND IT OF NO INTEREST TO ME AT ALL.

Then again,I don’t love sex either…I mean,it’s fine,for a while,then I don’t know… it just sores or it hurts or it’s not fun anymore…kissing and making out is usually good tho,but not the actual sex…. I think it’s something in my head,cause well,I am sorta apathetic when it comes to it after a certain point.

This should not mean that if I liked sex I’d masturbate 50 times a day,I know others,few tho,who like sex and do it a lot and still find no amusement in doing themselves.A friend suggested to me I should know my body and shit,well I think that’s bollocks,I don’t wanna know anything,I am fine thank you.

Anyhow felt like sharing this cause it’s quite annoying,that and people who thinks smoking weed is so cool and they are so awesome and that it’s not a drug just cause it’s a plant? …fuck you too,smoking whatever is fine,I don’t mind,but thinking ur the shit and preaching…geee.

So if you are  pot head who jacks off,do so,just don’t rub it in my face or be surprised when I tell ya,it’s not for me. cause it is not for everyone dammit!

Habèis encontrado una oveja,y un nuevo blog!

Lately latitude latveria

ha sillyness! HA! HA! TONTOS! ok I had to use that phrase is too good, originally I was gonna write a long post about many things,and how I feel and all that boring crap,but instead I’m gonna simply say things are mmkay and I should be writing something important so that’s what I’m gonna do,guess I just wanted to keep my little blog alive,oh it will be more lively,really, specially now that I found out getting movies to watch on torrent is much easier muahaha, ghost rider is good ,and also are Transformers,working out again,altho not as hardcorrrre.

Ok this is the final old post stolen from old blog, hoho now enjoy the things to come and hmm guess that’s it

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