Nancy’s ultimate top 20 anime



DISCLAIMER: I’m not so good at making short reviews without spoilers, this is spoiler free so it’s..well, nothing seems as epic as it truly is, so please do watch them all and enjoy.

It’s true, how can one choose 1, 5 or 10?! I was thinking about using proper categories like, my top 5 yuri, top 5 wtf, etc but… some titles make a good mix of 2 or more genres ( Claymore what in the world) so, I’ll just write down the names of the best ones for me, with no particular order,I think, then sorta state why and a lame summary that’s it.

1.-  Yuri Kuma Arashi: Lesbian bears from outer space, brought to you by no other than Mr. Kunihiko Ikuhara, genius among geniuses. You have it all here, accompanied by the excellent music created by Miss.  Bonjour Suzuki. It’s funny, it’s deep, it carries meaning, it’s the best yuri I’ve seen. T-h-e    best. The metaphor with the invisible storm and a society that despises or even negates some form of sexuality is on point.  Sadly only 1 season but there’s manga drawn by one of my favourite mangakas, Miss. Morishima Akiko !!


2.- Shōjo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena: They used to broadcast when I was way younger, I don’t know why but I never got around watching it, until yesterday, it’s marvellous, it’s just truly out of this world, again Ikuhara-sensei has translated whatever is inside his head onto a vivacious and unforgettable story. PS The shadow play girls have to be the very best characters after Utena herself, seriously.  39 episodes, a movie and manga.


3.- Jigoku Shoujo: Yes, it may be slightly repetitive at first but, a “little girl” that offers contracts to send the one you hate to hell? Come on! Of course…when you do this 2 graves are dug. It has 3 seasons, I loved each of them, I had to cry so much with the last one, but Emma Ai is one of the few characters I can actually recall their name, that says much. Also one of the best catchphrases of all time “Ippen shinde miru?” aka “Would you like to see what death is like?” gives me the chills


4.- Boogiepop Phantom: What in the actual fuck? A city with little colour, where memories entwine with the day to day life, and someone is known to be the equivalent to death itself. It’s confusing, it has a somehow slow pace, but it’s brilliant how they tie it all up together and bring up matters about life, death, existence and meaning.


5.- Neon Genesis Evangelion: Oh good grief, what to say about one of the most interesting creations in anime so far? Let’s see, if you know at least a bit about eastern religions you’ll notice the multiple references ( the angels come to attack earth for crying out loud) but it isn’t so simple, if you wanted something existentialist that questions the very point of being alive in the way we know it, please do check the series, the movies and the OVAS (the story is a tad different in the OVAS but still a must see).


6.- Serial Experiments Lain:  Oh dear Lain, a world where you can LIVE on the net, literally, cold gazes and un-engaged family and friends, one of those titles that really make you wonder. I’m only aware of 13 episodes series.


7.- Sasami-san@ganbaranai: So you have a hikkikomori girl, her older brother who seems like the ultimate siscon, a cyborg and some old deities. If you like to be told about japanese mythology in a less formal way, come on board. I loved this to bits. I’m aware of the light novels and anime only, I am sure there must be a game too though.


8.- Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei: Goodbye Mr. despair , it’s pure black comedy, this protagonist, a teacher attempts suicide often and is met by the most unthinkable characters, for example a hikkikomori girl who then he convinces to leave her house, so then she becomes a hikkikomori at her school. Name puns are used often, I believe it’s 3 series.


9.-Watamote (Watashi ga motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!): GEEZ speak of freaking long titles! Tomoko Kuroki is a very socially awkward girl, actually she seems to have legit social phobia, yet she wants friends, usually doesn’t end up too well, I have to mention the seiyuu, she’s FANTASTIC  Izumi Kitta really really good.  TV series, 1 OVA and manga.

10.- Wixoss:  Oh my, I like trading card games, when they involve granting a wish it seems even better, until you learn how much that wish really costs,that is. You like sorta dark magical girls (Madoka you’re next) ? Well, you’ll love this,   series 1 with 2 seasons, a movie that tells it all in a quicker way and a new series with 1 season but apparently there’ll be another one.

11.- Another: Oh how I loved another, I have a slight yet irrational fear of dolls, so this nailed it, also the mere idea that a whole classroom could agree to do something so… low. The atmosphere is great, you can breath the tension, the characters are all awesome, Misaki Mei is another name I don’t need to Google! Watch it all in one go with lights off.


12.- Madoka aka Puella Magi Madoka Magica: I got to watch this after watching Wixoss, oh boy, it’s all magical girls and happiness until the guilt trips and the killing begins isn’t it? Enjoy the series AND the movies for a better view.

13.- Excel Saga: What is this about? Hmm let me see, an “evil” organization wanting to take over the city, yes city first then the country then the world…but in reality it’s a huge ass parody, you should had watched a massive amount of B movies and anime with heavy cliches to get it, it’s pure genius I looove it specially cos Miss. Kotono Mitsuisihi (aka Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon, Misato Katsuragi NGE) lent her voice for such nonsense. She looks epic, she even dies a few times!

14.-  Higurashi ni Naku koro ni: Oh good lord, this is pretty confusing, honestly I have to re-watch it all, I *think* it’s 5 series, so yeah, need to watch again, but the thing is it’s spooky, the characters are fairly young so it gives this killer loli vibe, the music, specially the intro in the first season gives the chills, and it’s very interesting cos seriously, you should watch it all in a row to try and make sense. It’s just a bunch of little girls, it’s not like they are gonna go insane and torture and slice you up…or are they?


15.-  Kill La Kill: I watched this recently and I instantly fell in love with the oh so over the top tone, the ultimate exaggeration of cliches and the music soundtrack, it honestly has been one of the best (after Cowboy Beebop that is) plus the villain is so cool I liked her!! All action,all nudes, all comedy, all in all!


These 2 are the best.

16.- Black rock Shooter: Oi, this one, hmm, mix some drama, with alternate realities with messed up lives, with psychological issues, throw some action in, cool suits and an amazing soundtrack. Inspired by Hatsune Miku, in a darker version, this was born, the visuals are one of my favourites so far.

17.-  Madlax: I like a good share of wtfness in what I watch and read, and I like weird ass shit that goes on in the mind, sadly I can’t say much about this without spoiling, but beware of 3 very different people and how they are related, also one of the worst villans’s name ever .. Friday Monday. yeah that’s the name   . Bee train delivered well.


18.- Noir: So well it delivered Bee train they made it on the list with another title! This is more realistic, guns and secret organizations + secrets story, it’s not bloody but it does keep you on edge, plus the soundtrack is astonishing! It wasn’t yuri or shoujo ai even but there’s some les yay! in there.


19.- Claymore:  Dark fantasy and action comes to mind, women in shiny armours, hacking and slashing each other and some  phenomenal foes. If you like some blood and a deep backstory, this is for you. Sorta makes me think of Berzerk.


As epic as it looks

20.- Yuru Yuri: WHAT? you list nightmare fuel, wtf, epic action, guns and you come up with this? Yes I surely do, this is a very light hearted comedy, surely there are many others, but NO OTHER has managed to catch my attention for so long, and Gods I’ve watched so much anime. I even read the mangas (I love reading manga but I don’t always read the manga for a series I watched) , the characters are a lot of fun, you have the yuri that is not there but it is there, you get a lot of possible pairings, the siscon elder sister because come on, she’s the best. There’s puny jokes and anything they do is fun, even getting lost in the woods.


As silly as it looks and more.

So this is far from over, I just listed my personal favourite 20, but I want to add a special mention to the series that brought to us the greatest yandere of all times (at least for many of us) Mirai Nikki or Future Diary, it’s about some diaries (duh) that can tell you about the future and you have to win and blah blah ,the good thing is Gasai Yuno, she is batshit crazy, she’s skilled AF and she’s disturbed AF, but she also seems like a nice person and the end(s) are really heart warming.


A big thanks to everyone who made the fan art that I included here, I don’t know any names but I’m sure it’s all created by wonderful people, also I want to say there’s tons of lovely and awesome anime I’ve watched, the first titles that got me hooked, around 17 years ago, like Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, those hold a special place in my heart, and every show I’ve watched that made my day even better.

Thank you Japan!




Una mirada alternativa al fenómeno del “clavo saca a otro”

Una entrada bloggera mañanera, why not? Bueno, estaba pensando, para variar, y creo haber descubierto una posible manera en que ese asunto de sacar un clavo con otro, puede tener sentido, funcionar y ser sano.

No me refiero obviamente a cuando la gente se precipita locamente a ciegas, como en alguna película seguramente vieron, que hasta se casan con otra persona, tampoco me refiero al temido “rebound”, del cual yo misma he sido participe, con pésimos resultados por cierto, digan no al rebound pero digan si a no bannearse de la vida.

Ahora les explico, el rebound es, o fue para mi, negarme a sentir las emociones que correspondían a mi mente, alma y cuerpo experimentar, que eran el dolor de esa pérdida que parecía y se sentía tan catastrófica, y al no permitirme esto, me permití distraerme en relaciones con personas que nunca jamás en mi vida hubiera considerado para ni salir, hubiese estado yo bien de la mente.  He analizado esto a profundidad, entre la incertidumbre de “si alguien me podría querer alguna vez”, “esta puede ser mi última oportunidad” y la sensación de no ser “good enough” y por ende conformarme, bueno, pueden ver lo negativo ya mismo, pero uno tiene lo que cree merecer, y en esa época fue así.

Tenemos entonces lo ¿opuesto? No sé si es diametralmente opuesto, pero si es algo totalmente distinto. Creo que existe un turning point cuando nos damos cuenta de que podemos formar conexiones con otras personas ( no el burdo intento de imitar lo que alguna vez hubo con alguien, me refiero a la capacidad real que tenemos de hacer “click” con otras personas en su propio estilo) , de que merecemos amor (del tipo que sea, pero en este caso hablaremos del amor romántico) y apreciación por parte de más personas que esas que se han ido, que también tenemos más dentro para poder compartir con alguien más, las reservas de buenancia y amor que tenemos no se acaban nunca, sólo sentimos que se reducen o estancan pero esto me parece es causado por nuestra mente/ego.

Así pues, al menos para mi, es y ha sido muy sanador el hecho de darme cuenta, de recordar, lo siguiente:

  • Todo pasa exactamente en el momento en el que debe de pasar y estamos listos para ello, lo sepamos o no.
  • Nada del “último tren”, no hay que conformarse por temor a estar “solo”, siempre tendremos a la única persona sin la cual realmente no podemos vivir, si, nosotros mismos, suena super trillado pero es la mera neta.
  • Siempre hay algo bueno a la vuelta de la esquina

¿Puede entonces existir un paralelismo entre procesar una pérdida afectiva y explorar una nueva conexión? Si, sin duda, hace algunos meses yo aún estaba un poco desanimada por ciertos eventos con cierta persona, pero no me cerré a la posibilidad de conocer a otras.  Ambas acciones no son excluyentes entre si.

Bueno, esto es todo lo que tenía que decir, les recomiendo leer el libro “Manual para no morir de amor”, de Walter Riso, es algo duro y seco, pero es como a veces entendemos mejor las cosas, al menos a mi me ayudó mucho, otra cosa es el amor propio y todo eso, que sigue siendo más o menos nuevo para mi, no estoy acostumbrada del todo, pero es lo que me recuerda el hecho de que merezco lo mejor, tú lo mereces, todos y todas lo merecemos. Otra buena lectura, aunque ya un poco más general es el libro de “Usted puede sanar su vida” de Louise Hay.


True dat

Y recuerden, “Love thyself!”

Updated checklist 2017

I am sure I have around 4 lists of what I search for in girls, but I couldn’t find them,  this is what I offer if you care to read lol.

So my list has used to ban bisexual girls but alas, people change, ideas too so:

1.- Honest and sincere to the point of awkwardness.  Then you know what you’re dealing with!

2.- Smart, smart, smart, a love for reading and crazy ass movies and music, otherwise what we gonna bond over with hm?

3.- She has to be cute looking.

4.- Non weed smoker

5.- A filthy pervert top/mostly top.

6.- It’s ok if she’s bi or pan or gay but not poliamorous or swinger cos I ain’t gonna do that and then it’s not gonna work out.

7.- Loving and affectionate but also passionate and stuff.

8.- Que hable inglés carajo xD

9.- If she eats meat then she does, but if she can be happy mostly eating what I eat that’s a damn plus.



Utena cos I’m watching that anime lol

Wow the list surely has changed a lot.

El peso perfecto

Usualmente escribo en Inglés, pero creo que este va en Español. Suficiente he hablado del tema in English.

So, elegí ese título, porque es el nombre de un programa que me gusta mucho, que in reality, se llama “Super fat VS Super skinny”, pero eso es un mero dato cultural y no es relevante a esta publicación. Lo que si es pertinente es que quiero expresar este cúmulo de ideas que vive en mi y si bien no es que no me deje dormir, si me fastidia pensar lo mismo seguido, entonces lo escribo acá y ya estuvo.

Les voy a contar todo como si no supieran nada, lo cual puede o no ser cierto, es como el gato de Schrödinger, hace más o menos 4-5 años, la verdad no llevo cuenta, intenté ser una persona que no era, pero no al nivel de “voy a hacer esto o lo otro para que mi pareja no esté chingando” ( cosa que también hice but it was the last time), imaginad, que hasta tuve un novio, si anduve con un fulano que fue el..a ver.. la 4ta persona en una serie de rebounds marca diablo después de mi gran evento con la niña de Alemania ( si, esa, la primera) que me dejó como un saco de estiércol tirado en una avenida de leprosos durante una lluvia de ratas portadoras de peste negra. En fin, con todo eso, le entré con enjundia a la comida, for fuck sake hasta comí carne de nuevo, ¿y esto qué? Es y ha sido el mayor acto de self-hatred que nunca cometí, ni cuando me drogaba carajo.  Realmente me despreciaba como no puedo intentar explicar, obviamente odiaba a todos los demás seres humanos del planeta y subí de peso de una manera estrepitosa, 25 kilos más o menos, lo cual por cierto, me hizo darme cuenta de que en verdad uno no se fija en eso hasta que..un día te vuelve a funcionar el cerebro, yo que se, y te ves y dices.. ..¿qué? ¿en esto me he convertido?

Y bueno, terminé esa relación sin sentido, hice dietas locas, pasé por 3 gimnasios hasta dar con el que es actualmente el gym de mi corazón, la verdad es que con tanto tiempo de estar “haciendo ejercicio” yo pensé que ya iba a estar estúpidamente buena, pero no, porque sólo quería bajar de peso por el tremendo asco que me daba a mi misma, y no sólo el asco de tener grasa extra, que ese en verdad no puede ser tan grande como el asco de haber llegado a ese punto, (ahora viéndolo en retrospectiva fue de las más grandes lecciones de vida que tuve, entonces agradecida estoy), pero vaya, incluso sentí la necesidad de borrar varias entradas de este blog porque me ponía un poco triste leer las mentiras y el odio en mis propias palabras, pero que no eran mías…

A lo que voy con todo esto es que han pasado otros tantos años, junto con lo que me gusta llamar mi “remejoría mental” ( …¡joder! tengo revelaciones muy seguido y hay muchas entradas sobre eso jaja, pero bueno ahí están) que ocurrió cerca de los 31 y bueno sigue ocurriendo, porque hasta hace poco entendí que no se trata de llegar a este punto místico y que nada nunca te moleste y nunca la cagues,  porque eso, bueno , eso no es lo que es ser un ser humano, si a lo mejor con el tiempo y conforme vas agarrando ondas, la onda, ya no te enojas tanto, ya no te deprimes 8 meses, etc , pero si sigues teniendo estas emociones, porque para eso está uno acá, para experimentar lo que es vivir y los sentimientos que eso conlleva, el alma así pelona en donde sea que estén las almas no sabe de eso porque ni cuerpo físico hay, entonces, como humanos tenemos esa luz y la sombra no, y yo primero me eche de cabeza en la sombra nada más, luego quise limpiarla totalmente, ahora es que digo bueno, soy una persona más amorosa y más calmada, pero también me cagan ciertas cosas, y estoy bien con eso, porque es como soy, y me amo por todas las cosas que tengo, no sólo “lo bueno”.

Y es hasta este año, que diga, este mes, que si bien amo, adoro ir al gym, cuidarme, verme bien, reflejar por fuera lo bien que me siento ( casi siempre) por dentro, si me siento mal simplemente no voy y ya no me siento culpable, si mi cuerpo quiere dormir 13 horas porque tiene cólicos, pues eso vamos a hacer. Ahorita es cuando más tranquila he estado, ya no me importa si la gente piensa que es raro contar calorías, a mi me cae de maravilla y me da chance de comer muchas cosas, si me duermo a las 9:20 o 10:00 pm también está bien, ya no me desvelo porque me tardo 2-3 días en recuperarme jajaja.

Ah todo esto viene a que hace poco se me botó la choya y estaba yo molesta, porque pensaba que ya había “superado eso” pero no, aún seguiré botándome la choya de vez en cuando y está bien, hay que permitirse sentir todo, vivirlo y luego que se vaya.


Nazgul on their fellbeasts



Breaking free, breaking down

Incoming big rant, beware!!


I don’t even know how to start, yesterday was St. Valentine’s day here, I treated myself to a movie ( I disliked it and left after 30 minutes but it’s ok cos 1.- it was free and 2.- I decided never to do things I didn’t wanna do anymore) , had some twister fries and I also went early to the gym and had it all to myself for good 30 minutes, that was the first gift life gave me. Anyways, I was feeling well and these videos I had watched kind of ..we have a saying in Mexico “te cae el veinte” meaning you realise something, like really grasp it. So this happened and I had this relief feeling I had when I was over my ex, knowing everything would be ok ( in that specific matter) and that I wouldn’t have this pressure on my chest again, knowing love happens when it is a good time and when we are ready and that led me to realise… I wasn’t ready before, the persons I had strong feelings for were so not ready either, so it made complete sense none of it worked out, it wasn’t my fault at all, it wasn’t their fault, it wasn’t they being total assholes, it just wasn’t our time and we had to have such encounters for some reasons, I know mine now, don’t know about them.

And I was able to listen to certain songs, (I usually link songs to people so listening to them and feeling weird/uncomfy tells me I’m still not over someone lol) and enjoy them again, it really felt good, and I’m not afraid about that anymore, cos if people are meant to be together they end up like that, is that forever? I don’t know, may be, may be not.

But.. I am still, I don’t know if afraid or just nervous, I am not used to have peace of mind LOL, it sounds so freaking weird to even just write it, but it is true… I once heard about people being ok and creating chaos in their life cos that was their comfort zone, I though “pfff crazy, who does that”… Hi, my name is Nancy, I do that too apparently!  I was feeling all good yesterday yes? I came home and immediately stirred a lil fight just because , I kinda just so easily got mad about something, I even was a bit surprised.

Then I thought more about it, I was offended and mad cos it seemed TO ME , that everyone else wasn’t as freaking happy as I was, why wasn’t everyone all nice and happy? how dare they!? Were they even not as happy? Seriously, I was also happy cos I got paid for a job, I had more on the go, I was working out, getting over stuff and yet I felt this wasn’t impressing my family…do I need them to be all amazed for things I do? Isn’t it enough that I am super excited? Apparently not, cos let us remember deep down, ok not so deep, I do feel I wanna do my part, for all the time I didn’t, kinda wanna make it up, no one ever asked me, no one is demanding that, I imposed that on myself, but if I remember the videos now, everything happens the way it has to happen, I am doing something I like, I just somehow still need the others to be ok with it as well.

I got mad at a friend for saying “exercise should be only for health” , it got me so offended!!! I said it was ok to work out to improve ourselves, to look better, she said why? what for? I couldn’t possibly believe someone didn’t want to look better,by working out. So I of course felt offended even more so when she was saying our body is perfect and blah blah, yes it is, I do know the difference between working out cos you love your body as opposed as because you hate it.  It is of course the best to work out cos you like to feel strong, to appreciate muscle outlines, to lift random shit without help, so you can sprint to the bus in a blink. But…some people do not want this, they really don’t and why is that a problem for me? It does not affect me…until the moment I feel attacked cos honestly all I read into what my friend said was “It’s ok to be fat and lazy and eat shit” yes that’s all my mind got from it. I do not think women should starve on stupid diets or feel bad about their body either, but then we got the “we all beautiful” and some people weigh more than 150 kilograms and feel “good”.. it’s, I just can’t. Maybe cos I remember why I ate so much and drank so much, I was the unhappiest I’ve been, I truly hit the peak of hating myself and everyone else, I really have to make my peace with it.

I was fat cos I ate a lot of crap, for fuck sake I even ate meat for a while again, I truly can’t begin to describe to you how much more I despised myself because of it. Then that relationship ended, then I started to get back into shape, then I made some more poor decisions, then I still changed to make someone else happy, just not as much, then I settled…then I had the courage to end a relationship for the first time in my life.  Then I thought I found love but it wasn’t that, I think I met my ex so I could redeem the whole country of Germany, some other day I may tell you about that, but I can assure you nothing feels like going back to Hameln in a totally different situation, remembering places I had been in before, but with someone who couldn’t stand me. And it was our last good day, so, that really was a good way to sorta get over that whole Germany thing.

Anyhow this is mostly a rant and I don’t expect people to read it all, but I must let it out, I have to be aware that it is ok to be at peace, it is ok that nothing is wrong and no one is attacking me, I am sure no one cares a lot about whether I work out or not, if I count calories or not, and if they do, well it’s none of their business as it’s none of mine if they wanna workout for health only.  I will keep the Whatsapp away until…maybe Friday night, when I feel better haha, I am also not used to have so much social interaction, and it’s ok, it’s not something I wanna change, just, gotta chill and ignore stuff and not get into trouble.

I am glad I can recognise this and change it as quickly though, not like before when it took me years or months . good grief. PS I do like being healthy .


The Girl on the Train

First of all, I MUST read the book, the movie seemed interesting at best, but now… It is a psychological masterpiece, damn I don’t want to spoil it for you all, because honestly, it has a very very intense twist.. I’ll just say abusive relationships can really go so far… mix it with some substance dependency, guilt, regret, remorse and the human tendency to cling onto things, ideals, people, situations, relationships… Yep, we got a winner. Truly, truly well executed, I liked Emily Blunt’s acting before but she really does shine here.








This is the first time I believe I have a firmer grasp on how much gas lighting can damage people, how cruel it is for the attacked person and how well it works, damn, human psique is surely something.  I can never even begin to question or judge people who has gone through it, because it’s so easy to say “Eh why didn’t you leave sooner” or similar questions, well, we don’t know, because everyone has their own story and we would do well to just listen and be there for them if they want that.


Anime season endings: Wixoss & Keijo!!!

Ok first the easiest to write about, Keijo!!! The end is a previsible one for this kind of sports anime, you may want to check my quick review here  , with that said it was really exciting, I was rooting for Nozomi ( is that her name??) out loud and all! The gratuitous meaningless yuri was able to deliver a tiny smile from me, so I am pleased.  It was fun and I honestly hope they will make a second season, I liked the anime more than the manga, that is a first timer!!




Now for a bit longer serious review, I shall not spoil the ending of Lostorage Incited WIXOSS,but I must recommend you to watch selector infected WIXOSS, selector spread WIXOSS and as an option since it’s a recopilation film, selector destructed WIXOSS.



The idea is “simple” it’s a card game with a dark magical twist, makes me think a bit of Madoka, I loved the last series because I really felt for the characters, they all had their own flare, I did dislike Suzu at first cos she was such a cry baby, but wow she did get quite strong! not a single was only a total jerk..oj Bookmaker Satomi? Yeah ok he’s a total douchebag, the final battle with Suzu is ESPECTACULAR, and the ending could of been very sad but it managed to keep up the good spirits, apparently we will have a new season , I am thinking Piruluk is far from being done with Bookmaker, also Aya? the glasses girl isn’t done researching about Mayu and so on, we need Lostorage conflated WIXOSS!! The question is when will we have it!


It is really thought provocative title. Makes you wonder about life and what you cling to and why. Gold right there, I’d LOVE to play the cards game but I safely assume it’s only in japanese.


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