Mixed up nostalgia with a hint of joy

Just a hint, it’s more of the “awww I remember when I was really young” feeling,haha.  Well I re-discovered Ace of Base, oh yeah the first band EVER that I loved to death, I was in high school… I would collect posters,write down lyrics,be eager to catch latest video, interview, buy magazines and cut out the pictures for my notebooks :3 … also I thought the singers ( Jenny and Lynn, who are sisters, Joker is their brother too, Budha was the “cool” guy with the beard and long hair ) were very coo, later in my life I realized I thought they were fucking awesome cos I liked them,as women,also I really liked their stuff… now I have been listening to it and watching videos, brings good memories but also reminds me  I’m pretty old haha.By the way how can they go from dance in a wet wild day dream to talk about heaven and angels and shit from one CD to the other…? Oh well, love’em the same. OMFG WHO ARE THESE NEW CHICKS THAT I DISCOVERED WHILE GOOGLING FOR AN ACE OF BASE PICTURE!!!!!… Good grief…I am happy I knew about them right from the start, fuck you new people!!! It’s Bergrenn’s sisters or nothing!!!!!

THE originals

Thing is… some days I’m like woohoo, and I’m in such a good disposition to welcome any good thing that may come my way, I am speaking of my love ( LOL ) life, which is of course non existent , ya know, you like someone, they don’t like you back, someone likes you, you rather hit your head with a rock before dating them, you like each other but : please insert any random or well funded reason, outcome is the same, it just won’t do.  I don’t want to sound like I’m desperate and munching on the wall, but come on people, and no, I am not super picky, Goddess knows I have had many slips xD, thing is when I’m like willing to try “new” stuff I end up stuck with someone I end up hating, ok not hating but more like “Dafuq am I doing?” So I don’t want that to ever happen again, I’m being cautious …

Now, I think that’s all I wanted to say, stupid yuri mangas with cute, silly, carefree, sometimes tragic but honest love.  u.u

Now, that was relieving…also I did 2 videos tonight,well yesterday,whatever, the one I liked the most was about myths about food and  exercise! people think such stupid things…but that’s in spanish so…  :3

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