Happy sugar Life Anime/Manga

I know the anime just premiered it’s first episode, a wonderful, magical, fantastic first episode.

Look, if you have read the manga, you know what to expect, if not…happy sugar life is anything but that, no happy no sugar lol, in short words it’s this high school girl (Sato) /her name means sugar I think and that’s the whole wordplay in the title/  who falls in love with this… I really don’t know her age ,no one does, but Shio-chan the younger girl, she’s really young ok, like she doesn’t know why rubber ducks float young…so people have tagged this as lolicon, I beg to disagree, Sato is so empty and only knows twisted misconceptions of love that grown-ups have around her, she wants to fill this void in her heart and she does so with this little girl, cos she’s ,for her, the holy grail of innocence and purity, her perfect sugar, sweet feeling. Her aunt specially..man is that one fucked up..you’ll see.

I loved the anime because the seiyuus are on point, the change in Sato’s voice when she, well, she goes Yandere (with much less murder than say, Gasai Yuno), the effect on her eyes and this noise/visual when she perceives her feelings as bitter, it’s really clear, specially if you have read the manga. Also, not a spoiler, there is murder yes, we all see that on the first chapter/episode, we just don’t know who she killed! (well I do, but I won’t spoil it for ya) but the main subject here is love, twisted ideas of love, tainted love (like the song) mostly coming from grown-ups aka people who give in their dark and sometimes unhealthy desires. ( There is an actual lolicon ,you’ll see soon)

So all in all, this is not for everyone, it is something I like, it makes me think and stuff, but if you don’t like a somehow dark, disturbing, sick title, there is this :

Also watching it, fucking hilarious.


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