Yurikuma Arashi first impression & Fate/x Saga

Yurikuma Arashi 

So…bears…bear girls…who eat human girls..and there’s honey and lilly flowers…( lilly = yuri ) and honey licking from said lilly flowers.… The plot is a bit eh? but I like the fact that it’s ,well, original!! and,if you ask me, quiiiite straight forward ( straight would be not the best word to describe it tho,haha ok bad pun nvm ) I don’t love Sumika with Kureha, I think Kureha is ok but Sumika is meh, yes I’m qucik to judge but I’m also open to change my mind if I find it suitable. I much prefer the bear girls,anyway I really didn’t understand much, so I hope it gets even more interesting , the character design is ok, I like the animation cos it’s hmm more fluid, reminds me a little bit of Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei ( omg,gotta review that one soon ) so I’m gonna keep an eye on this title.


Fate/ stay night / zero / unlimited blade works

Haven’t played the games,nor am I gonna,so I stick to the anime,movies,OVAS and well not to Illya prisma etc cos that was…like…I loved Miyu but that storyline goes nowhere with the rest. Anyhow, I just started to watch for completness sake.. I dislike the fact that I’m gonna watch hurtful moments with Sakura… ( I didn’t know or forgot she was Rin’s sister and got adopted/abducted by Matou family and the whole insect thing… erhm…) I really don’t wanna,and I don’t really care for the previous heroic spirits ( the archer one seems cocky enough to be interesting tho and duh Saber is always cool ) but I guess it’s fine, Irisviel is ADORABLE  !!!! I’d never guess that…

Bah couldn’t even find a suitable image…so many series and characters xD the best of course are Tohsaka Rin , Saber, Irisviel and Illyasviel and hmm Rider and Archer ( the ones from /stay night and /unlimited blade works ) .

Keep tuned.

konata-zero-lucky-star-18062374-608-589 There,a good advice er order from Kona-chan.

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