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It’s been ages since I did a game review!! so let me tell you about this one :

It’s tiresome at first,cos you are silly with silly equipment and little money, but I started to play again,made a new character, I believe my 4th lol, and this time I nailed it! The thing is the currency,penya,the prices can be crazy ass maniac, I was lucky I had some money from my other char,and there are several events going on,that’s what I like the best about the game, there’s events and you do get special stuff that can either help you or you can sell for good money.

You start as a vagrant with a wooden sword,haha, you kill small monsters ( called masquerpets ) and there’s quests, I try to do them all cos it’s fair good experience and some good ( or at least useful at the moment ) items, also some cash never hurts,specially when I see some weapons sell for billions,YES BILLIONS,I got about 1.5 billion haha and I’m not rich by far.

Ok anyway, you can choose your job at level 15 (?) either a mercenary ( the typical melee fighter ) ,a magician ( duh ) ,acrobat ( the ranged fighter ) or an assist ( the buff-me-up kind ), then at level 60 you can choose another job weee!! It is really exciting ,you can go like this :

Mercenary :  Knight (big ass hp awesome tank  / Blade ( wields dual weapons,kills fast,very fast )

Magician : Psykeeper / Elementor  ( no idea on these ones -_- )

Acrobat : Ranger ( bow and arrows )  / Jester ( yoyo fighting )

Assist : Billposter ( fights more than the rm )   /  Ringmaster(  I know the rm gives you awesome buffs..)

At level 130 you can go even further!! ( oh you also go Hero’s complicated to explain,but let’s say you won’t hit cap level too soon,which makes the game more fun ) but I won’t cover that cos I don’t know anything about it -_-

So there’s quests,scrolls,it is super useful to invest some money on the premium items shop,I spent like 20 dollars ( it was my birthday so !! ) and I got me 8 levels in a day ( that’s a lot,specially if you usually play solo like me ) buff pets, who also pick up stuff ( useful ! )

It is lots of fun,it’s not omg WoW graphics or DDO but it works well, personally I’m loving my blade. Come try,and if you choose the server Tanuki, give ReginaHolz a greeting, I can help ya out some .


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