Dat fit life ver 3.0

Been waiting for a fitness journey recap? don’t give a fuck?

Either way you are getting an update!!

1.- I ditched 35-40 minutes on the stationary bike and traded them for HIIT , either battle rope or jumping rope, it’s intense, you feel like dying but it’s done quick, you finish soon and burn a shit ton of calories and still work dem muscles.

2.- I ditched calorie cycling, I eat around the same amount of food each day and that’s it, just lowered 200 calories, it’s not too much.  🙂

3.- I time my rest at gym, no messing around, 1:30 minutes for big lifts and 1 for smaller ones, running from station to station, if not pacing, never standing there like a damn tree.

4.- No food/water after 8 pm if possible, to avoid getting up to pee!

5.- Adding more unilateral leg training, right one is weaker, noticeable weaker.

Result? I don’t feel tired, I have lots of fun working out and I’ve been losing some weight, that I want to think it’s fat cos it’s been sloooooow, but sure.

Music video UNRELATED to anything but I love it so, watch!

One about fitness improvement

Ok, time for a fitness related post, you know I’ve tried to live the fit life, even joined a vegan bodybuilding and fitness group on Facebook, man so many stupid things I have to read..LOL but there’s also cool advice 🙂

I mean, most are people who know what they are talking about, but some are too focused on the holy grail of health..don’t get me wrong, I like to be in good health and shit, but I stop listening if you are anti soy, anti gluten, anti anything packaged, anti anything that doesn’t glow with the magical aura of vegan angels harvesting it, ok?

So anyway, I started doing something, I think it’s been a month exactly, I wish someone had suggested this to me AGES before..but well, all in due time ne?

LOGGING the motherfucking workouts, logging in the weight used, the reps and the sets, along with the order of the exercises.

It is a real game changer!! I can now SEE in paper, with numbers, that I doubled my bench press in 4 weeks! I can see I lowered my squat weight but I also improved my ROM, it’s so rewarding to see this, I use the good and old pen and paper, also a cute app FitNotes, it’s super simple, just how I wanted it.  Now I can actually see if I am getting stronger, which I am! This encourages me and takes out the randomness.

On the second part of my improvement, I decided to stay on my maintenance calories, which should be 2000, on the gym days, on the days off, I’ll drop a measly 100 calories, also I added 10 minutes to the cardio, the total is 22, nothing crazy.

The thing is, when I eat more carbs, I weigh more, cos water duh, but otherwise I still weight the same, but I can see something is changing, dat leg looks much better now..so we’ll see, haven’t had my evaluation yet, I sort of want to give it time.

I stopped trying to eat like, 2,200 cals on gym days, it’s TOO much for me, it’s uncomfortable, I totally dreaded it, so why to do it? You gotta try different things yes, but also work with what feels good, not easy, good, like I try and plan my day of eating ahead, if there is room left,then I sneak in a cookie or two.

I am not SUPER strict, I do weigh my food, yes, but I’ll also have a beer or 2 on the weekend, I am done with being miserable, so, will live the fit life but also keep having fun. Those candies one time a year will remain!

I also ditched the “cheat meals” completely, I love IIFYM (If it fits your macros) cos you have more flexibility. I just don’t eat out too often cos it’s harder to track the intake, but last week I went out to have a teriyaki burger ( vegan of course,do I have to mention that, at this point?) and I enjoyed every bite.

Ah right, I started doing these daily:  Leslie Sansone walking at home, it’s like, videos on YouTube, you walk lol, it sounds silly, but make no mistake! It’s really good and keeps the body moving!! Plus the lady is super nice.

Ok that’s it.


Dat me at the end of gym

New rules

Ok so I was taking a hard look at my life, regarding my nutrition, my habits and all of that nice stuff. I checked MyFitnessPal app and discovered I have been eating WAY TOO much processed food.  ( First of all, none of the canned/packed food I eat has MSG, high fructose syrup, sugar as the first 1-3 ingredients, etc) that is tasty, yes, does it add up protein, yes, does it have a wee too much sodium? Yes and also, sadly it does have a wee too much fat ( I love fat, but this is not the fat that I’m looking for) and I’ve been relying on them excessively. I haven’t cooked in a good while.. so it’s time to change that!

I’m not saying I’ll never touch anything outta package, but I want to make that around my 15-20% food intake, not 90% lol, I’m gonna shake off the dust from my recipe blog ( I do have one) and cook again  :3 I’ll still have hummus and cookies and stuff, just you know, gonna make it fit better.

I also wanna re-incorporate vegetable milk ( the kind with no sugar of course ), more stuff like tofu and trying out tempeh too! Much more veggies and also eating enough.. FAT, yes, ladies and gentlemen, fat is GOOD for you, you need it for hormonal process and to make some vitamins travel and what not. With this I mean food like avocado, nuts, seeds, not to go and gorge on fries ( that’s a new food group, carbfats lol ).  And in the right proportion but I know for sure I usually eat fewer fat than needed. ( Most of my tasty packaged food takes away from fat macro, for example)



For the gym part, I am playing just dance or some light cardio daily, not a lot, more like 15-25 minutes, more for fun than anything but it’s a nice way to add activity.  I’m trying to do harder cardio, like really not being able to talk and sing lol, but for now I pulled off only 15 minutes, I’ll work towards 30 minutes or so  🙂 of course aiming to maintain an average of 10k steps a day too.


What aboot the booze? Ain’t nobody giving up craft beers, lol, but since this is going to be a lifestyle for me, I am going for  1-2, make it really count and on those days I found these tips, by a wonderful woman Sascha Fitness ( check out her SaschaFitness )

Drinking times:

  • Limit or avoid stuff like rice, oats on that day, since the body is already dealing with alcohol, which the body treats as damn poison by the way.
  • Limit or avoid the fats, cos your liver can only handle as much.
  • Load up that ass on veggies and protein.
  • Water intake should go up up up!
  • Drink slowly dammit.
  • I pre-add the beers I’ll have in a given day and behave accordingly
  • Eat before going out to drink!




Make your numbers right 😛

All in all, this is what’s going on lately, also got in touch with an old friend, been meeting new people.

As an aditional note: I am not quitting all processed food and drinks, not forever not for 3 months, because I want to make sustainable, life long lasting changes, not quick fixes, this is the first time I’ve said it, this is going to be my new LIFESTYLE. So I can’t do the things I did before (ditching all for a while then back to it)

2018 Fitness overhaul

UPDATED: Don’t wanna get repetitive with this, yet, so I’ll add my second new routine on here.

So, I’ve been doing the same routine for a couple of months now, I don’t believe in just switching routines every 4 weeks like some people do, you gotta give it time to work, also progressive overload is your friend, anyway, I wanted something different for my biceps/triceps/shoulders day and since we have a returning coach at the gym,  I asked him for guidance, cos that dude is HARDCORE.


It’s so hard to find an anime girl fitness image that is not hentai or a skinny girl running, seriously, only Goku works out for real or what? Yisus.

So, taking advantage of the superior recovery women have when it comes to training, we started this pyramidal system, first 25 reps, then 20, then 15 then 10. Obviously weight increases each time,  so it goes like this:

  • Frontal shoulder raise with dumbbells followed immediately by lateral raise
  • Triceps extension with the rope thingie
  • Concentrated bicep curl



  • Something like an ab crunch + tossing a damn ball (not the big light one, a small heavier one)  up in the air and catching it 30x
  • 2 minutes battling the ropes ( I was able to for like 10 seconds straight)
  • As many push ups as possible

All that resting 1 minute or minute and a half in between, 4 rounds.


  • Triceps  push down thing with the bar  to failure with about 60 lbs
  • Ez bar preacher curl  to failure with 20 lbs
  • Abs
  • More abs


40 freaking minutes of stationary bike

And then you’re done, it seems like a lot but considering you gotta do it fast , the only “slow” thing is the bike, the rest is a breeze, lies, it was so hard, but I loved it. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Friday.


So chest, back, bicep and triceps cos why not.

  • Sitting rowing
  • Fly
  • Triceps extension rope

All those, first a set to failure, then 3 of 20 reps.


  • Battle rope making waves at the same time 2 minutes
  • Yogui A on the freaking trampoline  50
  • Tire flip baby! 10


  • Concentrated curl  10
  • Lat pull down   15
  • Knee raise     to failure


Then bike, should be 35  minutes but I managed 20.


The only thing I don’t wish to change is leg days, I just added lunges to leg leg day and glute bridge to ass leg day. (Ah, and weight, more weight on the squat, I’m close to lifting my own body weight <3) Forget that, I am changing at least ass day, lol, I asked Pepe ( the hardcore trainer) to help me shape my ass and get some mass there, without looking yucky, he said it’d take about 6 months, I was thinking a whole year so it’s even better! He also promised I’ll be able to perform a single pull up at least when March is ending, or else I’ll have a free month at the gym.

If you like some mix for the gym music, I have all sorts of songs in my iPod, but in this case I want to recommend some, just for the fun of it.

Nan’s playlist for da gym:

  • Jungle – Emma Louise
  • Nowhere – FictionJunction Yuuka (Madlax anime)
  • What’s up people? – Maximum the hormone (Death note anime )
  • A-cha – Super Junior
  • Mr. simple – Super Junior
  • Bonamana – Super Junior
  • Shots and Squats –  Vigiland Ft. Tham Sway
  • How deep is your love – Calvin Harris Disciples
  • Shape of you – Ed Sheeran
  • Makeba ( dirty riding mix) – Jain
  • Ike ike – Hinoi team
  • Lupin – Kara
  • I am the best – 2NE1
  • Mr. Wichtig – Tic tac toe
  • Satisfaction – Benni Benassi
  • Play Hard – David Guetta and some dudes
  • Después del after – Kinky
  • Mo Bounce – Iggy Azalea
  • X gon´ give it to ya – DMX
  • Shake it off – Taylor Swift
  • Abracadabra – Brown eyed girls
  • Hot blood workout – Aural vampire


So, feel free to check it out and if you can use battle ropes.. DO IT, it burns so gooood and it burns a lot of calories, gets your damn heart going up for sure, plus I read the EPOC effect is to behold!



Girrrrls, lifting won’t make you look like this xD I swear. Now, go lift!



Level up soon + Str+10 Dex+10



I remember when some friends tagged along to go to gym… never lasted. So, you must know I’ve been in and out of fitness/gym for some years now, this is the first time I am designing my own routine!! I am sick and tired of the 20+ repetitions really, it is good in the sense that is has given me the endurance to lift heavier now that I am doing the 8-12 range, I absolutely respect my coach but he’s been treating me too girly lately, I know, came back from Germany with about 16+ pounds ( you euro edible tasty candy coins!!) but enough is enough!

First of all I am back to My Fitness Pal, I set up what seems to be the best ratio of macros for me, following a mostly clean diet, considering calories BUT , not thinking 500 calories of pizza are the same as 500 calories of veggies and beans, cos it is not, even if it is the same number, come on!  Seriously limiting the drinks and the formerly known as cheat meals now known as treat meals will be monitored closely.

Then I took some exercises that I was given by my coach, some are staple like squats and deadlifts,  I arranged muscle groups in which I think it’s the best way ( did research of course) , wrote down simple rules to resting times and repetitions range and how to mix’em up. So I should have solid 4 months of this routine.

I of course added cardio, 10 warm up and 20-35 to finish, of course some days will have burpess, mountain climbers other sorts of things, but as basics we got that. Also going out more, if only to walk.

Let’s see how this goes, I think it’s best to start in December than in January, I officially started doing my own thing on the 7th but this is the first week with my written down agenda. I am sure either way it’ll be awesome cos any change I will see will be good, maybe even better than back in 2013. ( was leaner but didn’t have that much of a butt lol ) The most important thing is I am not fixing on it, or getting frustrated for slow results, these things take time.




Filling up the tank !!

I found out how important is BMR, that is basal metabolism rate… the minimum of calories one need when lying in a freaking coma doing NOTHING but being alive. So..for my age and height and weight ,it’s 1,240, guess what I was barely eating? that amount or less..I am really surprised my body managed to lift weights and stuff at all.

So from barely 1,200 I went up to 2,100, coach said 2,200 but oh well, and that has been happening since last… July 8, I don’t always hit the 2k mark but at least I’m like 100 or 150 low,not freaking 1k . And so far,well it’s been too few days to tell on body fat but ,I can do all of my reps in a shorter time, I can lift more, I am not sleepy through the day , I sleep better and my mood has improved. So, I needed more food, go figure!

Girls,don’t make my mistake, vegs are awesome,but a bunch of broccoli is poor in calories, so try and add whole cereals, brown rice,some pre-made but still healthy vegan nuggets or sausages ( well if you are vegetarian or vegan duh ) legumes,plenty of those, fruits ,seeds, and our friend peanut butter. Also for mexican people, tortillas ❤

So I’m gonna go for body recomposition…that is eating my maintenance calories when I lift and a bit less on rest day…last week was my first week that I worked out 6 days, it was awesome. I am hoping to shed body fat and gain some muscle ,people say it’s much slower than bulk and cut,but I prefer it 1000 x.

Ah water, drink enough , it’s reaaaally important.

If you happen to use MyFitnessPal you can look for me and add me as a friend,  http://www.myfitnesspal.com/profile/katzedernacht


Working out Pros & Cons

Ok for every person the psychological benefits of regular exercise may vary.  The ones that can’t be denied are for example, a better mood due to the increase in endorphins, better sleep ( I sleep so well cos I end up so tired haha ) , cardiovascular improvement, better muscle tone, better digestion, better blood flow, lower risk of diabetes and cardio diseases, a better chance of fending back bone density loss as we age ( esp for women who train strenght )

Now on the interesting part, the  super awesome benefits I’ve personally got from regularly attending to gym ( you can do crossfit, run at the park, do MMA, anything you like ) are several ,for example :

1.- No eating disorders on sight. I am NOT saying you can’t have them, I’m dead sure you can, but for me it was the contrary, you cannot expect to perform well at the gym or any demanding regime without eating, or eating enough or eating properly, sure you may kinda finish through. But the real “Ah I killed this, I KILLED IT!” feeling,nah you won’t get that cos if you don’t have “fuel” you will feel faint and dizzy.

2.- Improved self esteem. Well yeah, specially if you were obese like me,due to X many factors, losing that weight, and realizing weight is not really important but % of muscle and fat,well it’s simply awesome, plus you get to buy super cute clothing hehe. Imagine how happy I was when my little butt started to get nice and round ahh the bliss, thank  you sumo squats . And I don’t mind weighing almost 60 kilos as long as it’s mostly muscle .

3.- Better habits. Can’t go out party all night and expect to have a good go at the gym, you just can’t do as well, also you can save those bucks for the protein shake. Yeah you can enjoy say, good wine or good beer,but it’s likely to be way less than usual, not a 6 pack,but 1-2, maybe 3,and that shows. Also you tend to wake up and sleep at a set time. You also may end up eating cleaner, cos full on sugar and sodium you won’t feel well if you do train hard.

4.-  Confidence overall. Hell yeah!!  you don’t have to rely so much on others to do stuff,like, I can carry my 20 liters water container on my own, I bet I could run with it for a while haha, I can move stuff around,and I am pretty satisfied I can perform at least 5 complete proper pull ups, the human body is amazing and can do amazing stuff if we cooperate with it.

5.- You look hot. Or eventually will do, people may say that doesn’t matter,well I wanna look the best I can, you must keep in mind that everyone has a different body type,and that some may never develop  sculpted abs no matter how clean they eat and how hard they work,but that’s fine too,yo, I was sure I’d be ass flatted forever,and it turned out not to be true, so I’m like exploring how far can I take it all.

As for cons… well

1.- Possible injury. Especially if you over do it, then again you can twist an ankle just walking so yeah,it’s not as bad, unless you are a pro player,then you will surely have major injuries,but that’s not our case.

2.- People thinking you are shallow. Well, I’d think it’s them being shallow if they think just because someone works out and is cautious with food and yeah,how she/he looks it’s cos that’s all that matters,cos it’s not,it is a damn good part, I’ll admit it,but people are more than that, we like to read,play,listen to music,go to movies,some of us are vegan,some are paleo ,some are regular omni ,some are vegetarian some eat tons of suplements,some don’t. We are people xD

3.- People yelling “Vigorexia!” just cos you add some jogging or decide to workout 6 days a week when possible. Eh people , vigorexia is a problem and it is real, but come on, for example, I do my routine which is like 45-60 mins long, 5-6 times a week, I run a few laps before or after, somedays I do bike, somedays I do eliptic machine, and somedays I just go nutty and do pull ups till I drop, still doesn’t quailify as having the disease. When you see me working out 4 times a day , every day then you may worry . But then body needs to rest,so no.

4.- People thinking you just wanna lose weight. Well no, wanna add some muscle and drop some fat, but weight is no longer of relevance, except weight you can carry, -wink-

5.- Spending more on sporty gear. Yes, my nicest clothes are gym ones,still need new ones tho, some have tiny holes sniff .

Ahhh most cons are related to other people…how surprising…not .. haha.

So that is how it is, if you still don’t feel like it then don’t, and if you do, don’t be silly and think people not doing the same things you do aren’t as good, yeah I do think women lifting a 3 pounds dumbell is not really gonna do anything for them, I understand if it’s at the beginning but come on after 5 months I am SURE they can lift more,then again gym myths …

This may be the true reason haha

This may be the true reason haha

Programas de perder peso en la TV

Bueno, en latinoamérica no se que tan difundidos sean estos programas, pero se que en las revistas sobran dietas, ejercicios y demás.  Específicamente en el programa “The Biggest loser” o “¿Cuánto quieres perder” ( edición para nuestro continente, de poco éxito ) , yo confieso que antes ( cuando era gorda, ya saben sobre eso no ) me gustaba ver este programa ( hay varios más, puedo pensar en unos 5 con distintos formatos ) porque me motivaba ver a esa gente que ya está en la obesidad mórbida , perdiendo peso, es el clásico “bueno si ellos pueden, ¿yo por qué no?” , claro que yo tuve una época muy mala, estaba realmente deprimida y era muy infeliz ( eso es lo que causo mi subida de peso de alrededor de 20 kilos ) y el estar así pues me ponía peor y engordaba más, es un círculo.  El asunto es que va pasando el tiempo y vas entendiendo muchas cosas, una la discriminación que sufren las personas con sobrepeso, yo todavía hace unos meses me chutaba preguntas como “¿y por qué no haces dieta, haces ejercicio, acabas de empezar a ir al gym, que te paso?” Y demás, y yo era un poco así, uno asume que la gente está gorda porque traga como degenerado y es un huevón de primera ( a veces si es por eso, ni como negarlo ) pero a veces,muchas veces, es porque pierdes el control de un aspecto o varios en tu vida, y tus emociones se apoderan de ti y te atascas en un estado mental en el que no sabes ni como te llamas. A veces son problemas en la tiroides, así que creo que si algo he aprendido es a no juzgar tan rápido a la gente, ni por su peso, edad, apariencia ,etc.

Este estado de frustración te puede llevar a hacer cosas muy estúpidas, yo hice una dieta de huevo, era comer sólo huevo cocido, nada más, en todo el día, de 3 a 5 unidades. Claro que aguante unos 4 días, estaba de un humor pésimo, con dolor de cabeza y lo deje, me desesperaba tanto, y contrario a lo que la gente piensa en primera instancia ( algunas amistades me comentaban que no me sintiera mal, que es solo el físico etc ) yo puedo decir que un buen porcentaje de la gente con sobrepeso se siente peor en respecto a la situación o conjunto de situaciones que le llevaron al aumento de peso , que a la apariencia, me explico : Yo me sentía mal, y “débil” por 1.- Haber intentado “encajar” ,hacer lo correcto, hacer felices a otras personas ( no voy a dar detalles, pero es cuando intenté andar con un muchacho, si hombre )  y 2.- por haber llegado a ese estado físico que reflejaba lo infeliz que era, por no haberlo parado antes.

Habiendo aclarado esto, vuelvo a lo de los programas, en particular TBL ( así me referiré a the biggest loser de ahora en adelante ) los puntos que me llaman la atención son estos :

1.- El exceso de ejercicio : Yo asisto al gym, entre 3 y 4 veces por semana, más o menos hago entre 45 y 90 minutos de ejercicio, entre pesas y cardio, la gente de este programa realiza alrededor de 5-7 horas diarias, esto es poco realista y puede provocar lesiones, sobre todo en gente con sobrepeso notable que no está acostumbrada y cuyas articulaciones no están preparadas para ese esfuerzo.  Claro que es bueno ejercitarse, pero inteligentemente. Debemos exigirnos el máximo esfuerzo pero sin acabar con un paro respiratorio.

2.- La cuenta de calorías , grasa y las porciones : A ver, en este programa a veces la gente va cargando un libro de como contar calorías, yo no digo que uno debe fijarse en eso para nada, ( comer una hamburguesa de 700 calorías es una barbaridad ) pero medir,pesar cada bocado que va a tu boca, eso no es vivir ni comer bien, eso es creo hasta traumante, no se hace una correcta diferenciación entre los tipos de grasas ( no es lo mismo un aguacate que un twinky eh ) ,que otros nutrientes contiene la comida, ahora sobre las porciones,  me parecen muy pobres, yo no como mucho, pero lo que ingiero es “substancioso” y como cuando siento hambre, no cada X horas, eso lo llegué a hacer y es muy estresante, te la pasas pensando “¿y a qué hora me toca, y qué voy a comer”

3.- La motivación de los entrenadores :  Yo se que muchos necesitamos que nos empujen un poco, o mucho, para hacer las cosas, al menos al principio, pero creo que tanto estrés es contraproducente para las personas, el cortisol que se genera se sabe que tiene un efecto catabólico ( que consume músculo ) y eso en cualquier caso es negativo, a mi mi entrenador me dice cosas como “vamos Nancy” o me aplaude o cosas así, nunca me ha hablado con groserías ni me ha restregado mi peso ni nada así.  Creo que tienen una buena intención, pero vamos, que es televisión y de lo que se trata es de dinero, como todo en este cochino mundo.

4.- El asunto de “bajar de peso” a toda cosa : Este y otros programas se basan netamente en los kilos, pero no existe una medida de porcentaje de grasa, que es realmente importante, el peso total de una persona es la suma de grasa, músculo, huesos, órganos internos , materia fecal en los intestinos y…agua. Así que perder 6 kilos en una semana, la mayoría sera agua, mucho será músculo y casi nada sera grasa, perder entre 500 gramos y un kilo de grasa a la semana, eso es lo ideas y sostenible. Por ejemplo, a mi me preguntan/preguntaban mucho “¿y cuánto has bajado?” y yo decía “bueno en kilos no se bien, ya que podía bajar 2 tallas, y sólo 3 kilos, pero en medidas y % de grasa es donde importan los números”  pero de eso casi nadie te entiende o te pregunta, y en las revistas de moda ciertamente no hallamos mucha información confiable.

Eso es todo lo que quería decir, yo no estoy en contra de los retos físicos ni de nada, pero vamos que hay que usar la cabeza, yo con el año y medio que llevo entrenando en el gym, pienso inscribirme en la http://www.carrerabrutal.com/ que es un recorrido de 15 km a campo traviesa , todo terreno, pero no voy a ir así nada más, le conté a mi entrenador y tenemos un mes para acondicionarme para que la acabe bien y sin estar exhausta.  Así que si tienen problemas de peso, yo les recomiendo ir al gym , hacer pesas, cardio ( no 2 horas seguidas, no sean loc@s ) , zumba, cross fit, correr en el parque, caminar diario más de media hora, lo que ustedes quieran pero ¡Muévanse! y sobre la comida, go vegan! ,no en serio, al menos traten de consumir menos productos cárnicos, mucha más verdura ( que no es sólo la lechuga eh ) , frutas, legumbres , frutos secos y agua, agua sola por favor, no agua de sabor ¬¬ y no se martiricen, yo cuando quiero me hago unas papas fritas caseras ,y me las como sin culpa ni nada, tampoco me como 3 platos cada día, la vida hay que disfrutarla, así que hagan lo que los haga felices.


And you don’t seem to understand

Yeh, I’m listening to Duvet, by Boa…  Serial Experiments : Lain..anime,no? ok.. So, I was thinking about this ahm , whole gender thing and the sexual orientation and what not, I was told to read a book, the naked monkey, and I shall, but it won’t change my mind, I do mind the other person’s gender, as bad and “shallow” as it sounds, cos it is fucking different, everything is, and I like breasts and vaginas,thank you, BUT the thing is, I don’t really like them all, I mean, humm, I don’t really give a fuck about people or sex or whatever, EXCEPT when I start a relationship I kinda get into it, for like some few weeks, cos honestly, it’s not really nice, even hurts most of the time, so I just keep trying, but nah, it won’t do,I’ve kinda of liked it once, and notice the “kinda”  BUT, in my current situation I’ve found out a new whole … shall I call it possibility? We’ve all heard there’s gay people, straight people, “heteroflexible” which I consider is utter crap, it just saying you mainly like dudes or girls but can have some of the other,I dunno,junk. There’s also “pansexual” and asexual people, sorry to sound so rude, but I really don’t believe in such things, anyway, I’ve always thought I’m gay, then this one time, I try dating a guy, then I considered myself 1000X gayer than before, cos omg, no, no men. But then again… I never reaaaally liked sex with women… I like looking at some, in tv, but not like ogling them and barking at the screen, haha, I usually pay more attention to the face actually, boobs are ok and asses,well yeh they are there… I’m sorta super apathetic about that, so  I was thinking, well maybe I’m just… very specific oriented, just more willing to “try” with girls..like 1000% more willing, so ah I found out 3 years later it has a name: “demisexual” thanks. 

So my conclusion,so far is… gender matters to me, but a lot of other things do,that I’ve found only in this one person so…oh and don’t take me wrong, people can be bigendered if they wish or be “pansexual” or like make love to the sun, I really don’t mind or judge, just don’t have sex with animals,that’s abuse, and neither babies or children or really old people who can’t say no or just people who don’t wanna ok? Ah and I don’t think men are gross or something, some look just fine, I just don’t wanna have sex with them or kiss them or shit. Leave me the hell alone.

1463038.6849668(please notice my TOTALLY unrelated image )

Oh right, I wrote an open letter on my facebook, about radical super extreme vegans who won’t kill a cockroach cos it’s a living being… I mean, I don’t go and smash ladybugs or butterflies or ants, you know, if they pose no threat ( carrying diseases, invading my house, yes I know we are invading nature as well ) I don’t mess with them, luckily I have 3 cats so I don’t worry much about it, they chase and kill them, and since they are freaking cats it’s ok. Cos I had to read this…question, a person wondered how to prevent his/her cats from hunting birds.. it’s in their nature to prey.. not in ours, but other animals can truly jump onto squirrels and eat them, why would be playing god, as usual and deciding what can they do or not? Really, I mean dogs following vegetarian or vegan diets is ok, cos they have evolved to be omnivorous, but cats can’t, so what to do. And that is why people think we are a bunch of crazy maniacs, some are, but I’m not.

Now on other subjects, I’m feeling the latinamerican vibe,  so I’m all Aterciopelados, some Kinky ( a band, but besides..muahaha ), and what not, also I found out “Adventure time” is a humm series,thing, very fucking weird… I like it, it’s all pure nonsense, which is what we love,yeah we do.  I shall watch some more anime, I got new gym routine which is FUCKING AWESOME, I love it, makes me work so hard cos I have to lift a fucking damn lot of weight.  :B  I’m starting to look nice, just that belly, ugh. We killing it, we may ( knock on wood ) go to Cancun so.

Oh yeah, I’ve watched TONS of movies, best one was yesterday’s night one… blood and sex nightmare…cos when you can sense a demon/spirit/dead person and you interpret his voice as being of a japanese man…well. That fucking rocks.


Señorita a mi me gusta su style

Title has nothing to do with anything, but I’m listening to that song and I really like it so there ya go.

Watched “Idiocracy” movie, I had before, but it’s been a while,and those things seemed,well not so “shit,shit is how things are already!!”  The movie is about how the less smart people keeps having more and more kids and smart ones, well not so many, so world ends up being populated by really stupid people who don’t question anything,sit on their asses, like violence and eat junk food, they won’t even drink water… wait a second…. Isn’t that pretty much how we are nowadays? Not so “literal” if you may, but we do believe what others ( government ,TV, media,etc ) tell us and buy many things that we don’t really need and that aren’t good for our health. There is one scene, when they discuss why they don’t drink water anymore, and it’s cause… Brawndoo energy drink thing has “electrolytes” and that’s what we all need, said brand bought the freaking FDA,so it was deemed necessary and good, but when being asked why exactly they drank it,people just kept repeating “it’s what we need” ” it has electrolytes” sounded SO MUCH like those stubborn people yelling WE NEED PROTEIN left and right when talking about meat and such ¬¬(I am pretty sure we are not far from that, I mean, largest companies just keep buying smaller ones and more and more rights, so there we go).

Other than that I have a new gym routine, it’s lifting the most weight I can handle only 6 times then doing some weird ass jumping  work out about 10 times, so there ya go, also they are gonna implement cross fit, I AM SO JOINING IT. I have dropped numbers in a lovely way, I mean measurements and %’s of fat,not just weight,and I am sorta looking good,just belly is taking longer, but we will get there.  I’m not putting up any picture of mine until I’m hot on my facebook         xD.

The other things are good,maybe I’m thinking too much about certain things… but that happens quite often so I’m trying not to. Still.



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