Ake(u)mi Homura

I had to go with that little joke up there, you japanese people and your name-related jokes!

Anyway, this is the girl Akemi.Homura.full.518014 Nice huh? My newest favourite girl!!

She stars,co-stars,antagonizes on the well known ( I just finished watching yesterday ) and acclaimed Puella Magi Madoka Magica supalong name, so this is gonna be spoilerish… ok?

                              S P O I L E R                                Z O N E 

Ok so she is weak at first, has a heart condition and is pretty much useless,until she meets Madoka who saves her , alongside Mami, from a witch and well she comes to admire her and they become such good friends… until Madoka dies… so  Homura then asks for the chance to re-do her meeting with Madoka and prevent this from happening… the next time Madoka still dies, and the next, in one occasion  Mami goes mad and Madoka has to kill her… then in this other time Madoka asks her not to let her become a witch..so she has to mercy kill her. You can see how this is causing her to grow a little bit colder, and forcing herself to be cool and strong,also may be causing her mind to somehow get frail… the heart condition? No problem, her soul is in the soul gem so her body is more like an empty shell, it also can get you rid of glasses..hmm much better than laser eye surgery.


In the movie, Rebellion, she was being experimented on, cos the Incubators wanted to control this Madoka/Law of cycles, of course there is an infiltration and she is gonna be saved by Madoka…then Homura reveals this is what she was expecting for, grabs Madoka real hard, enough to split her from her Godhood..the human part at least, and absorbs some of this godhoodness and well, her soul gem becomes filled with something even worse than nightmares …. love… she tells this to Kyubeey that this driving emotion is love. So, well there ya go, romantic love from Homura for Madoka ? Yes. A bit of madness? Hmm..well she wants Madoka to experience a normal life..even if Madoka had previously decided not to and instead to save all the other girls… gotta love the earring she gets..after she eh turned into a devil, Homucifer hehe,love that name there.  does Madoka loves her like that? Sadly..i don’t think so..unless she “hasn’t noticed her true feelings” pffff

So yeah she may had gone a bit over the top but… I REALLY HOPE ,we get either another movie or a second season cos it’s obvious it can’t just stay like that. So..yes she defied Madokami and created a very efficient system to collect energy tho.. You may think Kyuubeey won, but he is more like a slave to Homu here. Anyway,like I read in a blog, better a prince in Hell than a slave in Heaven. i’m gonna link you up cos it’s an awesome review of the Rebellion movie.

Ah yes, Kyouko and Sayaka? Still, nothing there,that is wishful thinking , they have another kind of humand bonding methinks, or I’m super blind.


A being who could perform such a feat could only be the Devil, right?

https://animelysis.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/better-a-prince-in-hell-analyzing-madoka-rebellion/    <— That there is a proper and awesome analysis of the Rebellion movie, please do read it!!!

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