Mahou Shoujo Site (Anime)

I am uncertain about if I did review the manga or not…. I am pretty sure I did at some point…anyway the anime adaptation is here, if you have read the source you know it’s a dark, oppressive, depressing, helpless atmosphere, with bullying, physical and psychological abuse, attempted rape, self-harm and mental illness left and right!  It really isn’t for everyone.

Charmed yet? Well, I highly encourage you to watch if you liked stuff like hmm let’s say Jigoku Shoujo, (oh the wortst is the protagonist’s brother I think) and even that doesn’t get as bad as this one, I promise, it’s different of course, but in comparison the bullying and abuse in JS is like a stroll in the park compared to this title!

You should really check it out, it looks very good, it’s only the first episode out and I’m already sulking on my chair lol.



If you like feel-good stuff, this is NOT for you, at all, like don’t even think about it, if you embrace the dark side as well as the bright one like me though… please go ahead. Ah right, it does have some sort of yuri, I recall but amidst the total despair it really doesn’t do much for me.

PS I read comments on the episode and some people think the bullying is “too over the top”, like bitch please, have you ever heard of the “concrete girl” or read “vengeance classroom”? THAT is serious bullying, this is, well even light in comparison, I know outside Japanese culture this stuff might seem almost impossible to happen but if you do proper research you’ll find it possible indeed.

Survival horror and mature tragedy manga

Well, I haven’t really read stuff as.. dark as this, sure Madoka is kinda dark, so is Yuki yuna hero and Wixoss, so is Black Rock Shooter, but these titles I’m reading… I doubt they would ever get animated.. I’d be so happy. Let me tell you, I was asking about non-romance manga,and a guy came up with this really fucked up titles, vengeance, abuse, death,rape, mental issues ,etc…

The one I liked the most, and which I hope they keep on translating  was Mahou Shoujo Site, it’s hmm a website gives magical sticks to girls whose lives are misfortunate ( reminded me of Jigoku Shoujo for a bit ) ,like the protagonist is seriously bullied and at home her brother hits her as a way to relieve his stress from being a top student… It’s enjoyable specially when the bad ones get what they deserve,still it’s far from ending, if you happen to like that sorta stuff, do read, amazingly it has touching moments as well.


Fukushuu Kyoushitsu /Revenge classroom : A girl is severely bullied,I don’t mean just teasing, it’s kicking her,taking her money,raping her… she eventually learns that she better keeps quiet and it’ll end sooner, until some random classmate tries to actually kill her, she then begins to plot her own ways to get payback… You may think she loses it at some point… honestly…how couldn’t she? It gets pretty serious, it’s ongoing , I highly recommend it.

Fukushuu_Kyoushitsu_v01_Cap_01_[MW] 01

Last but not least, Mahou Shoujo of the end ( same author as Mahou Shoujo Site ) : I just started but there’s girls/magical girls coming from the sky and blowing everyone to pieces,and a small group of kiddos manage to escape the school…of course it’s a nation wide problem…sounds pretty good eh? Apparently it’s quite popular. EDIT : I am reading more now, chapter 17, it’s fucking brilliant, do not get attached to anyone tho, but do be prepared to be genuinely surprised.. man such a fine work…. I just can’t stop reading it.


I’m hoping any of those become licensed, I’m not as naive as to expect an anime series.. ( OVAS? please? ) since it’s quite…well it’s hard to read but it’s so so so so good, if none gets licensed I shall wait for Citrus to end and order the whole thing, it’s been a while since I bought me some manga. I have other titles bookmarked,will tell you about them when I’m done.

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