NicoMaki Anime VS all other media

I won’t make an extensive list or anything, for that and much better done, you can read this Les yay Love Live  so, having said that, I was reading an official love live diary or something and it was so cute.. I mean, let me tell you a little story first.

I first knew of the existence of NicoMaki by reading doujinshi by Sweet Pea aka Oshima Tomo,  it was so well drawn I thought “legit yuri series? what is this?”, I read ALL of them and more, but hers are the ones I like best to this day. Then I found out it was based on this “Love Live” so I thought “meh, surely there’s not much there”, I watched the whole thing and I found their interactions right on the tsundere spot, nothing too big to make a deal out of actually. Then I learned about the official manga and the games and the cd dramas and that awesome, awesome song they have together…


So, I learned that while it’s not yuri 100% it’s very strong subtext and that’s ok for them.

You must know by now I like my yuri strong, like coffee, my yuri goggles broke a while ago, so smiles and hand holding don’t do the trick much, I demand kisses and confessions and what not. But these 2 have enough to make me wonder what is really going on with them




Also official ❤

These both are so damn fucking cute.

Ok that’s it for now, if you don’t know of this pair…GO GET YOUR FIX, read the official manga, watch the anime, read (specially Oshima Tomo/Sweet Pea’s) doujinshis and check out the transcriptions on things like a certain festival..anyway the movie also has a very jealous Nico over Tsubasa getting close to Maki teeheee


Love,Live! Final view

You made me cry,you girls at the beach being all friendly and stuff..gnaaah… don’t tell people I cry over silly things ok?

I usually don’t cry while watching anime…ok I do, but freaking school idols! It wasn’t that bad as..I don’t know…Jigoku shoujo on season 3 … afff.. well fine, I think I’ve watched like 2 idol anime, Locodol and this one… I liked some songs, specially Start,Dash! but only with Maki and her piano ❤ the characters do develop, they are cute,funny and they seem to have feelings…it works, from head to toe it works. Damn

I do hope there’s an OVA or something… although not a third season, I only care about  μ ( or Muse, the 9 muses,eh watch it please ) It can’t ever be the same without Eli,Nozomi and Nico!!!!! and I can kind of see the yuri alarm on Nico and Maki,but to be honest… I am ultra biased due to these awesoooomeeeeee doujinshi works by Cocoa Break + Sweet Pea ( I think,it’s the same author ) so I really can’t tell, but nonetheless Maki managed to become one of my all time favorites.


Ehhh, the images giving away some kind of hint on MakixNico… it’s mostly music videos..such a mislead… but meh , I said I was ultra biased due to doujinshi..but it’s really barely anything there..baaarely,so watch the show for the fact that it’s cute, and that Maki is awesomeeeeeeeeee.

I finished it…  T_T   it was heartfelt and stuff… I wish for a movie or an OVA, just with μ though.

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