A bit of anime muahha

New anime and deadline for test!

I haven’t been writing much,cos I go out on weekends with Matt and Arturo.
So I started to watch Rosario+ Vampire..it’s OK, too much fan service,in silly not justified (is there any justified fan service??) ways,all the females go for the male lead (harem elo elo) but it’s not really convincing,they never talk first,it’s all a first sight crap..COME ON PEOPLE! I watched due to the vampire thing,which could had been really cool,cos it’s actually two different personalities..but lasts too little and it’s too shallow to be good,the other “fantasy terror” chars…well could had been,but it really isn’t,it’s ok to kill time,nothing more.

Then I started Kiddy Grade…just saw one chapter and honestly if it wasn’t due to certain spoiler I read,I would not go on with it,I will eventually force myself to keep watching till I decide to either finish it or drop. As I dropped kashimashi OMFG

I decided then to clean my mind with a classic,for me, Boogiepop Phantom…jesus duck!! It’s so damn good,and it was even funny the change,from fanservice filled magic thingie to…mind fuck plot confusing as hell,gotta love it when I don’t understand it quickly! Please do yourselves a favour,in case you like to think that is,and watch it,along with Lain!

I also watched the first 29 chapters of Saint Seiya Hades…so so so so so good..they passed them on Tv,but only 13,so I had to use veoh.com for the other 17,hehe in one single day! Yeaaaah

Think that’s all,for now,also my best friend irl,started a blog for comics and lots of stuff,I’m gonna write there,for yes,weirdo games,music,movies and anime/manga <3!!!

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2008-04-17 @ 10:45:26 by AutomaticImperfection

Shoujo Sect


That is a scan from the 2nd vol. of this title, I wanted to write about it,cos even if it’s viewed as mere yuri porn ( ok,ok it is graphic and storyline is..thin as can be) the reason I loved it it’s simple, even shallow, I LOVE the character designs, not huge busted women, no tacky cheap figures, cos that is why I stay away from any kind of hentai or adult drawings, the style is usually horrible and makes it all look so cheap and disgusting, this is not the case, girls are cute,they have mini “stories” not really to make one think and the “main storyline” which is this SO POPULAR girl ,having a lot of girls to spend time with hehehe, is in love with the girl who’s usually on the background for most of the part,this ends up in the image posted above, sweet eh? :p

I read it’s gonna be made into an OVA,I wonder if they make it Hentai full throttle or just Adult oriented, I don’t think they would dare try it a soft toned yuri,cos it’s so not the idea.|-|

So let’s see what happens,so if you want something more than kisses,a lovely character design and don’t care much for a story, take a look :>

If I did not say it..it’s quite..graphic eh,so not for lil girls

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