Are you an angry vegan? Then keep on reading ( also interesting for vegetarians and general public )

I didn’t fully understand the problem with angry vegans until… for a variety of reasons I found out Ellen Degeneres mentioned something about eggs from her neighbours, and people went on a rampage saying she wasn’t vegan at all,that she was never one,how much she sucked, how uneducated she was etc… I read awesome articles about this, making analysis on the overall impact she ( and other famous people ) have on the public so more people will consider to stop eating meat,or gradually consume less, but then it all became clear, most vegan people don’t think this is good, it’s a black or white zone, you either are a true real vegan or you are just as “bad” as a meat eater.

I will try to make this not too long,but I’ve got much so say, I was in several Facebook groups, some had vegetarians wanting to go vegan and some had vegetarians who didn’t feel like changing yet, both were pretty much attacked by “proper” vegans ,being reminded with every written sentence, of the amount of animals that suffer because they can’t grow a pair and go vegan already. Mostly there was and there is no room for progress, let me set a very clear example of this , ok?

I got this friend,he loves animals,I showed him the video “Earthlings” ,he was touched ,he decided he quits meat,he still eats cheese and eggs, said eggs come from these hens who live in the house nearby ( he lives in a ranch-like place in Mexico, huge area ) in this place, they are old fashioned, the hens live till they die from natural causes, no, do not raise your eyebrow, such things happen in some places,my granny used to be like this,she kept hens and they had place to roam,proper food,fun ,trees to perch and sleep and hen-houses for shelter. I..I can almost listen to some vegans saying “slaves,they were slaves”, well in this world,in this reality that’s pretty much the best hens could be, not clustered in those horrible farms/industries, the truth is some animals exist because man as species wanted them around,so since they are here now and they don’t have a real natural habitat, we should be happy some can live in the most natural way.

Anyway back to my friend, the cheese is from milk from this cow,who is just around with her calf, I admit I am not thrilled about cow’s milk cos they have to get pregnant,but of course this is much much better than milk gotten from the industry. So this friend,he rescues cats,he has sheltered around 15, paid vet bills,rescued dogs,find houses for those animals,and volunteered at local shelters, doesn’t that count as real,meaningful action that benefits the animals more than merely not eating them? Sure,not eating animals is super good, but how many of us non-meat eaters do something else? We try of course,but it’s so sad to see vegans  shaking their fingers at vegetarians and calling them selfish and telling them they are no different from people who eat meat. Well excuse me,they are different, yes, I am aware of the exploitation on the industry for hens and cows,also the barbaric means to get angora sweaters, down feathers and so on, but I do think a vegetarian who is trying to reduce the egg/dairy consumption, maybe opting for organic or local alternatives differs greatly from people who don’t care enough to even stop eating meat in the first place. Also most vegetarians I know do care about using non-tested cosmetics, they are against Killer whales living in stupid small places in seaworld and the like and stuff like that,it’s not a “only vegans do this” thing.

I didn’t comprehend what some people meant with respecting each other’s time,but I do now, I nagged my mother for about 12 years with the meat thing, ( been a vegetarian for 13 years at the time) but she didn’t listen,cos most people don’t listen if you keep shoving stuff in their faces and telling them how horrible it is that they do what they do and how wrong they are, usually without providing some nice,easy and cheap alternatives. She ,on her own, decided to go vegan when a cat we had died,she loved that cat,the first cat she actually built a strong bond with, and then,that was what she needed,she took a nutrition course with me,I was ( still am ) in charge of cooking and finding how to substitute things,and in about 4 months she went from eating cheese daily to have non,nor desire none. But this is true only for her, some people may do it faster,some slower, and we shouldn’t put them down and sit on our high horses being judgemental.

Were we always conscious about things? Are we trying to reduce suffering and violence towards other animals ( remember, humans are animals as well ) by attacking other people? By calling them names,being right down rude? And then we go and be all offended if someone doesn’t agree. I have done this myself, of course I did,but now I’m a wiser person and I know I can’t be like that cos:

1.- It makes no sense and helps no one

2.- I’m actually scaring people off,of even thinking about going vegan,vegetarian,etc

3.- It’s not nice!!

I saw this video,a guy explained being tolerant and strategic, I think he’s awesome, I’ll link him up at the end of this post, he proposed a situation in where a friend,had cooked a lasagne for you, all vegan,the soy milk, the filling, vegan cheese, BUT the friend missed to read that the pasta thing for the lasagne contained egg, the question was, would you still eat it? Most said yes,real hard core vegans said no way!!, I think it turns to a matter of purity, many people feel disgusted to the idea of this, I don’t, I would of before,yes, but now..look, the friend made a real huge effort,are you going to be so rude and unreasonable to reject an otherwise perfectly ok dish cos they missed to read an ingredient? I’d eat it and then nicely,on other day,suggest another brand of pasta that has no egg.

This of course has limits that are set by each person, I can tolerate egg in a situation like this ( or if I go to my friend’s and he can only offer me omelette with the eggs, I’d eat that cos starving has never helped anyone,or if heavens forgive me, I would feel like eating eggs,cos the egg is the only food thing that can be obtained in a very ethical way,because hens do lay naturally,please keep in mind I do not refer to commercial food with industry eggs,not even to organic eggs,just the ones where one can be sure the hens don’t get killed,sue me! ) I’d not have cheese though,cos I hate the flavour,I haaate it, and I’d never have any meat again,cos it’s a dead animal regardless of how he/she died,but other than that,we are not accumulating points on how vegan we are, nor do we get a reset if we get “tainted” with something unproper. This other guy in a vegan group,he sometimes can’t afford 100% vegan soap! Cos it is more expensive usually, is he less of a vegan? Is he a horrible person? No Sir!  I am happy to say I am not rich but I have commodities like going to the gym,having Internet access and I can buy vegan cookies if I want to,but this is not possible for everyone,and we must put ourselves in the other person shoes. It’s been a long day,and all that there is to eat is pizza, with veggies, won’t you eat it and then feel sick?  This is a matter of decisions.

We could also drop the hating on people, yes, I was in that wagon too, way before going vegan I must say. What good can it do to try and be kind to non human animals when we are being emotionally and verbally violent towards humans at the same time? It’s like I preach about non-violence, then I go burn your house down cos you are not enough “non-violentist” as I am? Please think about it without the anger, I know why we get angry, it’s sad and horrible what happens to the other animals and it must stop,but by saying small victories or specific campaigns are worthless we are not helping at all. Take this,there are most people who like dogs,cats,dolphins,yes yes,it’s speciest,but that is how it is usually,so, they like some animals,isn’t it better than many people have at least some degree of empathy than having none? With that as a start something bigger can come,but if we go and crush it like “Blah,you only like dogs,but you eat burgers,you suck,you go to hell”…can you say this to the face of a person who has rescued ,say,18 dogs? saved their lives? Do you stop and rescue animals on the street? Or are you one of those vegans that are against having animals in the house?

Cos cats and dogs have a real hard time out there, there are many risks,these species already need us to be in good conditions,so the least we could do is educate people on neutering, helping shelters,donating, adopting.

This brings me to… truly respecting animals, the last thing I read on this vegan group before leaving was a debate among people who were convinced the only clear ,logical, ultimate way to fix the world was to take ALL carnivore animals, bring them to a separate island, feed them synthetic food while making genetic experiments to make them herbivores.. Are you…like…I can’t even… seriously? And this is NOT being speciest? They want to make the animals entirely into something else so THEY won’t feel guilty? Whaaat?

I just want to add, famous people do bring much attention to alternatives,like being a vegan or a vegetarian,so are you going to say Ellen Degeneres has done nothing,when with her book and website many people has at least reduced their intake? ( Yes reducing is a way to reach not using ).

Also Meatless monday is a good initiative,  why do we humans always want all or nothing? We all start somewhere. Welfare is also important cos,ok,yes I do want that someday animals are no longer seen as meat sources,as machines,as things we can use,but we have to also think about the animals that exist right now, wouldn’t it be a good thing that these animals that are already in such situations would have a life that is even a bit better,while the time comes that no animal will suffer again?

I think I made my point clear, now I proceed to link you to two awesome articles.

The angry vegan

About eggs & Ellen Degeneres


Remember,we are only humans and we can only try,and keep trying.

The V word

Yes, vegan is what I’m talking about, well vegetarians too, I’m in this facebook group ( well, on like 3 ) and this debate came up, sort of vegetarians vs vegans, some arguing vegans look down on vegetarians and some saying it’s all the same crap cos to get vegetables soil is used and farmers underpaid and what not. Well the carbon footprint from a vegan is way smaller than one of a meat eater, and still smaller than an ovo/lacto vegetarian, still, I don’t think we should look down on vegetarians, I am thrilled when I know someone will at least eat less meat, like my girlfriend she does eat meat but not in obscene quantities, she enjoys many vegetables and fruits and is aware of what is going on, maybe someday she’ll go full vegetarian, maybe not, like I said, changing things even a little bit seems wonderful to me, and leads to more, my mother has quit red meat altogether, rarely has chicken or fish, we are getting there, cos she feels it’s right and she feels healthier now too, plus I cook amazing stuff for all of us.

Just by being here, in this planet, we humans waste it, we use resources like mad, out of pride and greed, just by taking the bus or buying something you are adding to it, BUT, you can try to make it easier on mother earth, you may wanna reuse/reduce/recycle, not litter the streets, making your own cleaning stuff ( it’s cheaper too !! ) switching from brand names for others that besides not testing on animals, are made in more natural ways and are too, usually cheaper, you may prefer to walk and/or use bus or a bicycle instead of owning a car, you may dream of eventually going away to a little hut or something and growing your own food ( hell yeah ! ) whatever thing we do is a good start, or a good step, being jerks to people who still consume eggs and dairy seems stupid to me, we can’t all change our minds at the same time, I was a vegetarian for 12 long years, I honestly thought there was no harm on eating eggs, since the hen wasn’t killed and I thought they had decent lives and I did not know male chicks were killed on sight, so to speak, now that I do it horrofies me, not to mention the health issues that animal products mean.

You don’t like how the world is ? Well, stop buying from big companies, maybe stop eating meat or eat way less, stop giving to them.



Ahora en español, que si no, no me pelan. Ok estando en uno de mis grupos de veganismo y eso, surgió el debate de toda la vida, sobre vegetarianos vs veganos, que si unos se conforman y que si unos son mejores, nadie está diciendo que  sólo por ser vegano seas buena persona, das menos joda al ambiente si, y eso lo puedes extender más al consumir productos más naturales ( shampoos, hacer tu propio limpiador etc ) que además son más baratos, la cosa es que de todo eso salió el tema de la explotación humana y el desempleo… bueno , ya solo por existir jodemos mucho al pobre planeta, pero podemos contribuir menos en ello, de eso se trata esta vaina, de hacer menos daño, es casi imposible ser inocuo a la tierra como humano , porque hemos olvidado amarla y respetarla, pero hay muchas cosas, pequeñas y grandes que podemos hacer.

¿Tienes animales de compañia ? Esteriliza, no los cruces. Trata de reusar/reciclar/reutilizar, no pidas bolsas de plástico en la medida de lo posible, camina, usa el bus, no apoyes a las trasnacionales ( yo a la tienda ahora voy sólo por aceite de oliva , lo demás en el naturista ) cuestiona lo que te transmiten los medios, busca información alternativa, oficial, de izquierda y de derecha, piensa, siente, escucha esa voz interna que te dice que está bien, vive intensamente, erradica miedos, busca la felicidad , mira más allá de lo físico, date tiempo de ir a un parque, siéntate bajo un árbol, abraza a un animal.

Una manera muy buena de darle una patada en las bolas al sistema es salirte de su círculo de comida-medicina-comida-medicina  :3

Así que hagan lo que hagan, hacedlo de corazón. Un saludo grande a quienes lean esto.



Bueno, es hora de una breve introspección a mi persona… en las pasadas vacaciones, que son las mejores que he tenido, empecé a entender muchas más cosas de mi, me detuve a pensar que haría habitualmente y no lo hacía.. y resultaba mejor, no se que tanto tenga que ver lo del cambio de año de los mayas y todo eso, pero verdadera y contundentemente que marco el inicio del cambio más significativo que he tenido, yo creo que nunca en mi vida. Estoy en un proceso super chido de depuración, tanto mental como física, es realmente… no es que me cueste, pero a veces se me va el pedo y me toma un poco agarrar la onda, pero eso está cambiando ya, de lo físico pues ya saben, vegan style, no más comida procesada ( que bueno en situación de emergencia me comí un cuernito , porque en serio no había más nada, eso si carne no, así me muera, pero ya estamos bien ) hoy empiezo a prepararme para una carrera a campo traviesa con obstáculos y demás, y en un reto grupal de 60 días de mejora física siguiendo un régimen vegano. Ahora en lo mental, bueno estoy identificando conductas que no me sirven, no me gustan y/o me causan problemas y ya en la práctica controlarlas si se puede antes que surjan y si no pararlas en seco. Mi mente está abierta y quiere expanderse, eso si, hay cosas que de fijo no me interesa ni conocer, como el poliamor , yo respeto y todo, pero venga, que esté abierta al mundo no quiere decir que vaya y haga todo . Uno debe escuchar a su cuerpo y a su corazón,ja eso sono muy acá, pero es neta, y si ninguna cosa es para siempre, pero eso no significa que no podamos hacer que sea super awesome lo que dure y cuidarlo para que dure un buen.

Aparte de eso… humm bueno eso es lo que está pasando… y me encanta.

PD que no supe que poner de título ¬¬


Pagan style updated

Drinking green tea and planning to cook pasta sauce for the very first time,also I have decided to take on a new …approach to the pagan faith, I still find my heart is in it, but as with all the things that exist or will exist, I’m gonna make my very own version of it. For example, I’ve grown a bit suspicious of the use of symbols in modern culture, how they got where and maybe somehow they mean something and we are mislead to believe otherwise, I do not know this for sure and I think I will never do so, but for the time being , I took off my 2 pentagrams in my room , just in case ,you know,but I have no problem with the one on my arm, I mean, even if it’s not exactly what I thought, it is for me, and there is no way to change that, also,to certain point humans need to represent things, I consider this should be done carefully and after much research tho.

So I’m gonna keep the connection to nature, which I feel stronger than ever since I turned full-throttle vegan, the idea of whatever it was that created us is genderless but having it easier to use some distintic names now and then, and well, the change of seasons and what not, these are the things that I’m gonna do.

On another note, watch all movies by Lars Von Trier, most are…well everyone suffers and is miserable and cries and dwells in despair. Sweet.

Head cleaner

Yes, it’s about that Popof song, I just was introduced to them, listening to one’s gf’s Ipod is quite interesting, I liked tons of songs.

Anyway,that is absolutely not the point of this post, the point is, this is vegan style.   Regarding this particular subject, I do think plants and trees have some level of ,hummm, see, the whole not eating or exploiting animals, by not treating them as commodities that one can own, it’s cos they are sentient beings, they share basic emotions and needs with us, therefore I feel no right to participate in the slaughter of such beings, how can you go and eat a pig, knowing they sing to their piglets when nursing and have dreams and are aware of their environment and their existence in the world…? I just can’t and I won’t, anyway I’m straying,  the thing is, plants are living beings, the earth itself it’s alive, and we are kicking it in the face continuously , I do believe all natural disasters which seem to increase are caused basically cos we keep polluting,consuming and not giving much in return, as one song by The Agonist says : “Why not end all innocent lives right now? We bring nothing and claim the crown” I have to say I agree with this, I am not an anti-human person or anything, as many believe vegans can be, I have never liked people so much, cos we are here taking and using, and we are the only species that kill and inflict pain just for the sake of it, being aware of what our actions cause. But I do think if we, cannot respect a “basic” life form as of a pig, how can we expect to treat each other in decent ways? Also ,and it intrigues me, most people “love” dogs or cats, yet they go and eat chickens. When and how did we decide who gets to be part of the family and who gets to be eaten and seen as a milk,egg or meat machine?


I’m not around hugging trees and wanting to save the world , I’m not a freaking hippie living in fantasy land, I have eyes, ears and a brain, so I know what’s going on, I’m not expecting everyone to go vegan and we all to hold hands, if only many people at least reduced the amount of meat they eat it’d be healthier, easier on the planet ( cattle raising sure contaminates a damn lot ) and cheaper too, also I don’t expect to see the world free from Burger King and McDonald’s and what not, ( I won’t even mention the exploit on the workers..that’s a whole damn different story ) but they could at least have their providers not to furtherly and unnecessarily abusing the animals, stealing milk from a cow is bad enough, and some assholes still punch them in the face real hard, now , you can have your chicken stuff if you must ( for now, some day…some day ) but I don’t see any possible reason why would they have to stomp on the chicken… “humane killing” what’s with that term anyway? Slicing one’s throat is humane nowadays…? Really..

On the plants, I do think trees have some level of conciousness , as well as plants rooted in the earth that live long, I do think fruits and vegetables have a natural cycle and we just get them when they are ready to go and thus harm nothing and no one. IF and just IF , all plants do have feelings, we still kill so much more of them by raising cattle than by eating them directly. I know I may get into people’s nerves and sometimes bore them with this… but I just feel strong about it and wanna let it be known, but it’s not all judgement, I do say things like “Yo,eating death again eh?” cos I do think that, but I also don’t judge them all, it’s how we have been raised, just some of us decide to re-learn things,and my friends are good people. I’m making this vegan eating day with them, I’m gonna cook it all,so they can see it’s tasty and even if they still eat animals, they can often also ingest healthy stuff.  Also I can use the practice in my cooking. And sharing and cooking for others show love and interest…it’s what I think.

I still wonder why some people consider I’m a cold hearted deprived from feelings person…. well yes, it’s convenient most of the time they think this, but if they knew… that’s why I have few friends, and that is awesome. Now, I’m gonna end this post with one last thought, I am not a crazy ecologist save the world and the sheep girl, I just try to lead a lifestyle that harms the animals and the earth the least.  Also someday I’ll live in a cabin and have my own farm kinda and what not… and I hope it’ll be like that , but let us not wonder about the future for now, let us just hope and work for it.  We all may die horribly in unexpected manners so it’s best to be at ease knowing you do the things you want to do and that you let know the people  you care for and love, that you do,so if you go, there’ll be no regrets.

Now I’m super gay .




And for fuck’s sake do not support animal testing, it’s barbaric.

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