Yuri Kuma Arashi — Manga

So, as you know many works have both manga and anime version,some differ a lot ,some are pretty much the same, some are so different I even doubt they are related haha

Now,we have this,the upside is that it’s being co-written by Ikuhara and… Morishima Akiko-sensei!! One of my favourite mangakas, who on top of all is female,and for what I’ve read,also part of the LGBT community!

Let’s get right into it,the art is super cute , as expected from Morishima Akiko-sensei, the story…oh well… it’s hmm there are bears,there is an invisible storm,but eh how to say it, I’m on chapter 7 and it’s only getting weirder…Like seriously weird, if you ever watched the anime you know the bear thing is KINDA a metaphor, but in this it’s more like…there are birds who are bears…. Oh yeah there are men, at least 3, ( yes those 3 duh ) which is…well I don’t really like them because at least sexy erm president seems like a total jerk and only adds on more drama but oh well.


Feel free to check it out, the main differences are interesting enough to keep on reading..and of course, I am expecting a very weird ending haha.

Manga version / Anime version and other media

Well, here I was thinking about if I could choose between one or the other… I can’t  and the reasons are many:

First of all, in most cases,the same  manga and anime title do share major characteristics, but in others it’s merely the names, and somehow the idea, on rare occasions the manga is much much much better ,in some super weird cases the manga is horrible for some reason,in others both suck or sometimes anime is glorious and manga is ok. Let me give you examples

The first,and actually, the manga that got me into signing up in manga reading sites… Rosario + Vampire , “What? You usually dislike fanservice like that!” Yes I do,I didn’t even glance at the anime for longer than 1 episode due to this… but the manga… oh ladies and gentlemen, yes it does have some fanservice but it can’t be even remotely compared to the anime, the fighting scenes are awesome, the characters are yummy yummy yummy , heck  I even like the freaking dude, yes of course I forgot his name… Yuki? Yuno? Whatever,that manga got me thinking what else could there be out there…

I of course jumped right into the yuri genre tag/department of said manga sites ( Manga Fox and Dynasty reader ❤ ) and I can gladly say I’ve read almost all of them, if not all, one thing about manga is you get an even wider variety of genres and titles, sure anime has gore, but nothing like Mai-chan’s daily life ( ok, that is technically guro,but you know ), there’s not many titles to properly cover lolicon or shotacon in anime either ( not that I like those, I’m just mentioning stuff ) . And of course, there is no comparison  between how many yuri titles there are in manga as there are in anime, and I mean S class and Grade 1 yuri, cos “some yuri on the side” it’s a bit easier ( I still like that! any good yuri is good for me ) to find, or the good old yuri played for laughs,but oh boy, if a series of OVAS with the works of Amano Shuninta came out I’d roll on my head with joy,for 4 days and 4 nights.

Let us continue this amusing review, I can think of another title I liked much better in the manga, EVEN THOUGH the work felt very very uncompleted for reasons that my mind cannot grasp, it was popular and selling well, why didn’t it end properly?? Yes, Strawberry Panic!!, the anime was fine,there was not a “daisuki” but a blatant non arguable “Ashiteru yo” you can’t say that to friends,so ,golden. But Shizuma was way cooler in the manga, they had way more touching moments and it all felt more natural, the bad thing is,it just kind of ends, if that’s the ending the author had in mind I must say.. What? why? -sighs- but all in all, good material. One of my first too .Character design also is far cuter in the manga.


A more recent one…. while Gokujyo: Gokurakuin Joshikōryō Monogatari , or just Gokujyo, is a wacky tasteless title, the anime I found AMAZING, cos it’s hilarious, the protagonist is like a freaking delinquent, the way she talks haha, and I liked the “romance” kind of thing she has going on with the ojou-sama, it’s cute somehow. The manga is hinting way too much at heterosexual sex, so it’s meh, in the anime there are no guys to be bothersome.and no fellatio with an eggplant ffs

Another title… Yuri Kuma Arashi … ❤ ❤ the anime is finished, and glorious in all gloriousness,  no hinting no yuri goggles needed no nothing, a dramatic , sweet, yet realistic love story ( putting bears and bear Goddess aside ) with promised kiss and all, this is however the true power of a yuri title, the manga is very different, in more than one way, the school has boys and girls, the 3 judges attend said school, there is a Ginko and a Kureha, no Lulu nor Sumika ( THANKS FOR NO SUMIKA ) ..yet at least, apparently it won’t be so magical, but I’m really interested since it’s being drawn by… Morishima Akiko-sensei , who is one of my most favourite mangakas ( yes, I am aware of the grammar back there ) and I recently learned she along Morinaga Milk-sensei, Amano Shuninta-sensei and Jin Takemiya-sensei are either lesbians or bi, HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT? SUPER COOL.

You know who else is a female mangaka? Saburo Uta, I have no idea on her sexuality, but I had to mention her, we all know I love Citrus for the character design most of all, they are just gorgeous, the story is …well to be honest I think it’s dragging a bit and I wanna kick Mei,and Yuzu for being silly, then again it’s being realistic I guess ( except for the twins,those two came out of the blue!! ) so I can only hope it ends up great so I can gift myself with the complete series for my birthday. ❤ ❤

Akuma no Riddle…. there’s more yuri in the manga, for Hanabusa and Banba Mahiru-san at least, that’s all I wanted ❤ ( yes, usually there is more yuri in the manga version,unless it’s Sakura trick then it’s kinda the same amount,that’s one of the few titles I can say anime and manga are almost the same to me,so good ) but it seems the ending will be the same as in the anime… what? No, change it! -pouts-

In most cases if I watch the anime first I usually don’t read the manga, unless certain conditions are met. I didn’t nor do I wanna read Madoka’s manga, cos the movies were awesome enough!! I did read it to know the ending,but I found it OK only. I LOVED Strike Witches and may or may not someday read the manga, so far I’m reading Red witches, a … side story? well it’s about another unit, but the yuri is super strong there so….

I do not only read yuri manga or watch yuri anime by the way, it’s just my favourite, but I love some terror like, Another, Jigoku Shoujo, Ghost Hunt, Pet shop of horrors, I enjoy classics such as Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and of course new cool ones , I can think of Mirai Nikki, Watamote, Saint Seiya soul of gold,etc

So,all in all, manga has some clear advantages,like you can read it as fast as you can/want, unlike anime with which you have to actually spend 24 minutes or so per episode , ( unless it’s meh and you skip it,in which case.. I just wouldn’t keep watching if it’s so boring lol ) , and you can re-read as much as you want,yes you can rewatch as much as you want too. The extent and variety of themes… but of course anime has it’s perks, first of all, it’s freaking animated, the whole ending scene in Yurikuma Arashi when the opening song starts and the whole thing is over.. ahhhhh can’t describe it, also action scenes and fights are best animated,that is true ( you Nanoha and Goku, Ichigo and Rukia, all of you Strike Witches )

Now the doujinshi can provide with what  is yet unseen … hehe, will cover that on another post tho.

So,anime,manga,different,similar, it’s all about how it’s done and how you like it, me? I love’em both . Manga has omake and Anime has ovas and specials ❤

Ah right No Game No Life I found AWESOME,as awesome comes, but I did not like the manga, it seemed too much blah blah, even if the anime has also tons of interesting blah blah, I don’t know why.

As for light novels or cd Dramas..well my japanese level is far far far far from good so I can’t indulge in CD dramas, and the novels..well..no,for text I will read books, I like my characters to be drawn somehow, either animated or not.Now for games..like hmm KanColle? well if I could play the games..that’d be something,but most are not easy to get over here..so won’t be counting those either.

This image…well the cover is awesome awesomeness, I love poor Banba-san she and Shino from Kiniro Mosaic will be featured as 2 of my favourite characters next time. Ahh so tragic ,yet she’s so sweet… Banba that is,not Shino lol,Shino is nutty.


Yuri manga titles update!!!

I’ve read an awful lot of yuri manga titles…I mean,that’s true at any rate,any day in my life, but lately… I event went as far as to look for yuri tag on manga sites…I am not done yet,but I’m close! So let me tell you about some ( I covered one more extensively just a minutes ago )

Yuri Yuri : Yes,not Yuru Yuri, although it’s by the same author ( Namori-sama ) this one has very straightforward yuri, the stories are cute,the characters are awesome and I loved it. Same goes for Elegy syndrome ,a sub series or something.Then we have Truth which is…well I don’t know if there are more chapters to it or you are supposed to guess it all from the cover art…but it’s like there’s 4 girls, Ponytal one, Long haired one, Short straight haired one and Curly short haired one… the ending is so awesome I won’t even spoil it for ya 😉

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san : Yes.. the manga is pretty good, it has more clear situations ( about feelings and stuff ) and the author Kuzushiro also has this Love/Death title, which is eh violent but good,please do check them out.

Romance girls files : Stories about a couple who has been together for 10 years, and how they help this new couple of high school students to get together and work their differences out, it’s super cute and I loved it to bits.

Sweet guilty love bites : Stories of girls working at a nightclub, it is different cos it doesn’t focus so much on the sex, it has good character development and the whole thing is nice to read.

Any doujin that Ooshima Tomo/Sweet pea has ever published about NikoxMaki from Love Live! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

Zai x 10 : Not yuri but it’s so damn random that you people should check it out,it’s seriously.. “Eh..what…why? hum?”

Hana to Hoshi : sweeeeet and funny as hell

I’ll send her home on the last train and it’s prequel From Aiu station on the Hiragana line : A girl who is gonna graduate and a first year,they meet on the train, first year Tsune, can be seen wearing a mask, hay fever she says ,awww,she is tall and looks cool but is actually shy and cute, I loved this one ❤

Anything,or well,all that I’ve read by Mrs. Morinaga Milk -sama. ( Girlfriends, even if we are not friends,princess’s mirror,etc)

Yuri_Hime_22_cover Unrelated but still ok!!! since it’s  Yuri Hime cover,wooo!!

The kind of manga I do NOT like at all

I’ve read an indecent amount of yuri manga, and some non-yuri titles, and there is this… “style” I just can’t stand. One thing is to be realistic or go into graphic detail and other thing is to draw the insides of people…and having like,a woman sucking on another woman’s ovaries…I mean this one,she had her hand inside the other girl and she PUSHED until the womb was visible… I am pretty sure if that could be done it’d hurt and I don’t know why I’m thinking about internal bleeding and infections… not to mention it’s super disgusting.

“Being inside” is ok,cos that’s like what happens when people have sex ( well,sometimes, others not exactly ,anyway ) but I don’t see the need to see what is going on with a kind of “zoom”,don’t think of porn, I mean something that I want to think can’t even be done…wait… there are some videos..I’ve seen oh my,goodness.. ok it can be done to some extent,but I find it super gross to be presented in drawing,cos on top of everything the characters are like super enjoying the fact that some internal organs are either visible through skin or actually outside of the body… Eeeek!!!! Who on earth can like that!!!!???

Another thing I don’t like it’s futanari “yuri”, futanari it’s when girls have a penis, a real one, with fluids and stuff… like hmm

1.- The whole point of yuri kinda goes to hell, one thing is toys and one thing is to have an actual dick…

2.- Makes me feel like it invalidates the fact that two women can have sex,without the “need” of a real living penis.

3.- Most of the times it’s depicted in quite a gross manner…and involves rape… oh my I hate rape, no rape is ok,ever. not male to male,male to female,female to female,female to male. none.

Anything that has to do with kiddos, I know loli can be popular, I don’t really like loli characters,but then some people take it further, that is just plain wrong people, wrong!

Think I’m covered..oh no wait… Guro… I’ve read plenty cos I’m too curious for my own good most of the time…. if it’s “consensual” ( can’t believe I’m using that word for this ) it’s ok I guess… I guess…but if it’s SUPER awful if it’s like Mai-chan’s daily life, (please do not go and look for this…it made me feel depressed for quite a while… ugh…) then I’ll pass!!

Not gonna post any image related to any of what I described cos I’m pretty sure it’d be censored and I do not wish to see any of that nor do you people want..so I’m gonna post this instead.


 I find this way more pleasant than any of what I described.  :3


Well I would normally not even look at this one, for many reasons, one is loli really doesn’t work for me, the other is I don’t really like girls with short hair ,usually, but hey!! what a surprise, of course I liked the side characters way more, but this title had me laughing out loud almost all the time, that is something super rare and I totally love it,so let me review it for ya

There are two childhood friends…ok? I couldn’t care less for their names… Sachiyo?..hmm Yoshiko!! I think,she’s super skilled and a perv, and the other one who is..well normal. so each of them has a younger sister, and said younger sisters are each other’s crushes.. so Yoshiko(?) likes Normal friend’s sister and the other way around. THE issue here is that they actually do resemble their sisters, they had the same hair style and all…so it’s more like they like each other but they can’t realize it yet,duh.

NOW on the good part,we have this :

Akari <3

 Akari!! Akari ❤

So,that scary looking girl is Akari,she gives the wrong impression and asks the two older girls for advice ,ha! her crush of course is unaware,and has a thing with dams…now the real funny thing here is

sister2 The tall blond one is sister with the tall dark haired Akari, she also gives off the wrong impression and seems menacing but she’s so girly and cute actually,the shortie there is sisters with.. Mari!! who is Akira’s crush…so you got tall sisters dating smaller sisters…ah on a side note , the younger sisters of the protagonists seem to be in love with each other as well,haha eat it.

I don’t wanna say much,just that it had me laughing and I loved loved loved Akari/Mari and ..ehm hmm Tall menacing blond haired one and seriously I just read it what on earth… Saki? I think it is. Meh I just pay attention to what I like.

So do take a look for it, beware it’s mostly loli since Mari is 16 but looks like.. 12 and the other one is like.. 19? but looks like 12..and well everyone is flat chested.

All in family

 There they are!! Sisters and younger sisters pairing up!! All in family

Citrus ; a while later

Fine, I still like character design, but the story… it just won’t get anywhere, in the latest chapter, before the special, we are shocked ( not at all ) by.. yeah one more love rival!! Another girl, ah who has a sister, ( who wants to bet said sister will fall for Yuzu since the other one fell for Mei?) .. I know how common love triangles are and misunderstandings and very complicated, sometimes outta the blue problems for protagonists are,in most yuri titles, but this is seriously getting on my nerves… it has several chapters now and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, I wonder what will Mr. or is it Mrs.? Saburo Uta has in mind?

Yuzu is our classic protagonist, she doesn’t know shit about,well many things, love included,she is a bit of an airhead,she eats a lot, she is outgoing and a bit clumsy…a simple girl , then we have Mei, she..well she’s a bitch so far, yeah yeah bad relationship with father, she puts way too much pressure on herself,she’s way too uptight and she seems cold and emotionless… eh do I sense something here…did I mention Mei is rich..seitokaichou! and has long black hair? Meh enough tropes here for the day.

I’ll continue to read of course but I hope we finally get some sense kicked into Mei and Yuzu grows a pair to properly convey her feelings. Gee.


Yuri manga

So,I’m back to it, this summer I might get not 1 but 2 part/time jobs and also the food selling is somehow working, still got time to kill so, I started to read a lot of manga,since my series are over ( wtf Akuma no riddle…will review your ending later ) Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is being merely ok ( hurry manga hurry ) and Citrus is sadly only on manga and it comes out every 2 freaking months  T_T

Ok so I’ve read tons of yuri titles of course, and most make no sense ( except for girlfriends, shoujo sect, citrus and others ) I mean, it’s the one-sided crush usually, that magically turns into a mutual crush, then ,usually, they just jump in for sex, UNLESS it’s not even that , they just meet and go for it!

There is this one, “Orange sunset on lips” or something like it ( what a title ) this girl develops a crush on the new comer who is fancy and all coming from the big city ( omg so original ) Kanae, so she starts buying the same things Kanae has, the mobile plushie, the lipstick…she even buys a freaking wig A WIG,she puts it on ( Kanae is of course blonde ) and ..well gets off,while thinking about the other girl…wearing a wig… that’s rather creepy xD  Then of course they become “friends” or something and Kanae has this secret crush on the creepy girl ( huh? ) so she kisses her, she finds out about her creepy habits, and they have sex and end up being…I don’t know what the hell they are but seriously, it came out of the blue, you can just like someone, I get that, but being in love with someone you only see to walk home with… Or I’m a romanticless biatch or japanese people are just easy to engage.

Most mangas run the same course, “Hi..crush..sex” others make you wait for it, the story has great development and there are plot twists and stuff like that,but oh well, will continue looking for more mangas to read, there was one that seemed super nice, but it was dropped, I refuse to read it due to that.


The image corresponds to the manga title “Citrus” AMAZING, it’s all so difficult but heart warming and it gets more and more complicated..agh I guess things that come so easy aren’t as special or worth mentioning…anyway it’s an awesome title go read,read it now.




Mare , Girlfriends . Latest Yuri Manga readings

Ok…first… dafuq did I just read…second,awww so cute…not the same manga title of course… that’d be incredibly disturbing…

Well for once, I got into reading yuri manga..cos..well I like it and haven’t read it in a while…for a while I mean like one freakin week. First I read..


This title is sweet,and funny,you have the typical school life, slice of life, popular girl approaches shy girl,they become super friends,shy girl falls for popular one,but oh how could they…? if they are both girls ( If I listen to that or read it once more, Imma die ) eventually it works out and it’s pretty fucking sweet.



…must come from nightmare…the fuck was that…this..witch/demon whatever girl,is like going around finding people with negative feelings,sinners or some crap,and then she summons these…hmm servants/demons who eat them…we got some dudes who gang rape this poor girl,this girl who had an abortion,this horny girl…and some others, the girl who got gang raped becomes… “friends” of some sort with Mare,Mae, what’s her name .  there’s..random sex..sex magic…people about to die and people being alive weird sex… It’s… interesting .

The rest was oneshots, Prism was a whole story about a girl and her first love,who was a girl,but she thought was a boy,then they meet again and ya know.  Cutesy all around…except for the weird demon/witch rape/crazy sex  based previous one…it’s interesting tho…kinda depressing..ok a lot.


A bit of anime muahha

New anime and deadline for test!

I haven’t been writing much,cos I go out on weekends with Matt and Arturo.
So I started to watch Rosario+ Vampire..it’s OK, too much fan service,in silly not justified (is there any justified fan service??) ways,all the females go for the male lead (harem elo elo) but it’s not really convincing,they never talk first,it’s all a first sight crap..COME ON PEOPLE! I watched due to the vampire thing,which could had been really cool,cos it’s actually two different personalities..but lasts too little and it’s too shallow to be good,the other “fantasy terror” chars…well could had been,but it really isn’t,it’s ok to kill time,nothing more.

Then I started Kiddy Grade…just saw one chapter and honestly if it wasn’t due to certain spoiler I read,I would not go on with it,I will eventually force myself to keep watching till I decide to either finish it or drop. As I dropped kashimashi OMFG

I decided then to clean my mind with a classic,for me, Boogiepop Phantom…jesus duck!! It’s so damn good,and it was even funny the change,from fanservice filled magic thingie to…mind fuck plot confusing as hell,gotta love it when I don’t understand it quickly! Please do yourselves a favour,in case you like to think that is,and watch it,along with Lain!

I also watched the first 29 chapters of Saint Seiya Hades…so so so so so good..they passed them on Tv,but only 13,so I had to use veoh.com for the other 17,hehe in one single day! Yeaaaah

Think that’s all,for now,also my best friend irl,started a blog for comics and lots of stuff,I’m gonna write there,for yes,weirdo games,music,movies and anime/manga <3!!!

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Shoujo Sect


That is a scan from the 2nd vol. of this title, I wanted to write about it,cos even if it’s viewed as mere yuri porn ( ok,ok it is graphic and storyline is..thin as can be) the reason I loved it it’s simple, even shallow, I LOVE the character designs, not huge busted women, no tacky cheap figures, cos that is why I stay away from any kind of hentai or adult drawings, the style is usually horrible and makes it all look so cheap and disgusting, this is not the case, girls are cute,they have mini “stories” not really to make one think and the “main storyline” which is this SO POPULAR girl ,having a lot of girls to spend time with hehehe, is in love with the girl who’s usually on the background for most of the part,this ends up in the image posted above, sweet eh? :p

I read it’s gonna be made into an OVA,I wonder if they make it Hentai full throttle or just Adult oriented, I don’t think they would dare try it a soft toned yuri,cos it’s so not the idea.|-|

So let’s see what happens,so if you want something more than kisses,a lovely character design and don’t care much for a story, take a look :>

If I did not say it..it’s quite..graphic eh,so not for lil girls

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