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This series…what is this?

It’s like a mix of Utena + Yurikuma Arashi with magical girls.

No,really look:


I usually wouldn’t had watched it since it’s about acting (apparently) but since it was being blogged on my favorite Yuri site, you know Yuri Nation , I decided to give it a try, since I loved Harukana receive! I thought it’d be worth to check it out, plus they have manga prequel thing on Dynasty so…

It is about acting, well an acting school, which includes singing and dancing, but that’s not the most important, most important is baKaren (LOL best name ever), you know, her name is Karen but since she is an idiot I really need to explain this?  she made a childhood promise (come on now) with Hikari and after the latter left for England to study at a drama school, she comes back to Japan and they are in the same class, they all are preparing a play and she wants to fulfill this promise and be on stage with her beloved “friend”.

All normal till then, BUT, there is a talking giraffe and some weird ass auditions ( here is where the Utena/ Yurikuma arashi comes to mind)  very special with some sort of fighting/dancing/singing… yes, there is such a thing.

So far we don’t know what the hell is that about, I thought it was like a dream…I am not sure anymore…but hey, shit can’t get weirder than a storm of lesbian bears. Right?

So, there are “couples” you have the supa stars, a French girl, a very illustrious taller girl, diligent class representative and others. It looks good, I’ll definitely keep watching it.

Love Ribbon

The visual novel, created by Razzart Visual is a true gem, I first bought another VN as soon as I got steam ( I’ll review that one when I finish it) on my new computer that can play many, many things, so I got it and I honestly wasn’t sure, since there was no voice acting, but, the design was appealing and it had good reviews, plus it was a small-ish developer, so why not?

Man..from the first time I was hooked, I seriously had to force myself to go back to work instead of plreading more (play+read, lol, learned from The OG lord) , I loved how it was, you know, not so cliché, I mean yes they are sisters ( sisters who have never met before don’t even count as sisters for me, specially not those with different parents who re-married, Citrus, I’m looking at you) but then again, being siblings didn’t stop Cersei and Jaime eh? *wink*

I of course got the true/good ending , needles to say there is an extra after story if you got this ending AND a free adult patch  *blushes* it’s even animated and all… I guess I’m buying more games from these people… please, do get it and play  it and enjoy

I won’t spoil it for ya, but it’s a must have. wincest is life.




Exciting feelings, fluttering feelings

I’m not describing how I feel, LOL, it’s the title or rather, the two translations of title for this manga..ok manwah (?)  cos it’s korean.

So it’s yuri ( do you still call it yuri if it’s korean ? ), the art style is nice, I must confess I find it hard to keep track cos the names and the language are so weird to me,as opposed to japanese ones ( hey, been an anime fan for 17 years now shush ) but ok, there are .. 3? titles I like , this is one of those.

Well,it’s not as exciting or fluttering… I mean,the art is nice,the story seems promising but… 30 chapters AND NOTHING has happened. Come on! ( if you want to see lots of stuff happening from chapter 1 , check What does the fox say? it has a weird way to be read though )

Actually I decided in this moment to talk to you about WDTFS, it’s awesome, you have these 3 girls, again I can’t deal with them names so.. black haired company director, newbie blond and pink haired devil. Director and pink haired devil used to date,but stuff happened, now they fuck sporadically, then newbie comes into scene.. of course director is interested in her but newbie is kinda a virgin and then you have this messed up relationship and add a troubled past. Yes, it is very very interesting, check it out.



I feel like this when reading WDTFS





So, I skipped this manga before, happy I ended up reading it,sad it’s only 20 chapters long. Here it goes my proper review, followed by a heavy spoiled monologue,when I get to that part, I’ll make a huge warning sign ok?

Proper,non spoilerish review :

It’s about superheroes, people with power, different kinds, most protect the earth from monsters ,some well are evil or just selfish. We have the Kitajishi sisters, Yuri ( previously strongest hero ever ) and siscon Miyuki. H*e*a*v*y  siscon there. We got Hikari a former superhero whom Miyuki convinces to get back to work.We have a very interesting set of heroes there, from a pretty normal guy who wants to protect his unborn child to a local dude at a small town wanting to keep it a nice place.

The evil guys are of course awesome, the whole siscon thing… Yuri does get jealous if Miyuki shows interest in other people and Miyuki,well,there’s ,you really have to see it, I’d love it if Akane ever did that to Akari hehehe… ( Yuru Yuri Akane of course ) can’t say more on this clean part, but it’s good, I liked the development and the action is great, it’s of course a parody/homage, there’s even a Avengersque scene,so ,so good, so please do go and give it a try.


Ok this should do it…so , Miyuki seems to be a super siscon and love her sister to death, they get very close,not kissing but like really,wow, and then comes in Hikari, slowly it’s shown she likes Miyuki,a lot, and whereas Yuri is jealous at first, again, slowly we are presented with small but strong signs that captain Marina has caught Yuri’s eye…

The whole evil plot is an average one,so I won’t go into detail for that one, what I liked was that it’s sci-fi action shounen WITH yuri,not the other way around,if there has been ever something like that. I shipped the sisters at first,but in last chapter,we learn Lily Cure ( supah Yuri ) was a two team girl, and that the (Midori) Miyuki’s best friend died in the line of duty…well I can think sure, they do love each other as sisters but it’s a huge emotional crotch,the whole thing,cos Miyuki even calls Yuri the way Midori did. “Yuripie” , and seems very guilty about only Yuri being able to remember Midori ( every memory of Midori ever existing was erased as the price to pay when she used up all of her power ) thus carrying this  pain. Finally,when Yuri makes peace with dead Midori,and losing her last spark of power and her ability to walk…she asks her sister to stop it and live separately.

Which is all good cos she ends up living with Marina..who seems to be into  BDSM ( hot,that last image…too bad we didn’t get one in colour for Miyuki/Hikari,we did get some groping though) and Miyuki living and working with Hikari. Heroes still around just not much left for them to do.

Also I liked how Hikari is the one who pursues Miyuki ❤

Good story,fanservice is honestly not too much of a bother cos I read it with my parody/homage lenses,and actually I barely noticed it, so all good.

H&M haha see what I did? Cos it's Hikari and Miyuki duh

H&M haha see what I did? Cos it’s Hikari and Miyuki duh


This is a manga I skipped several times, while surfing the yuri tag on sites…oh boy was I wrong..or was I ? I thought it was another piece of mafia boss being a high school girl…and yeah it is but it’s really brutal, I mean, have you read Murcielago ? well that one is for babies and toddlers compared to this one.

We  have Bullet and Francesca, who are super pro killers, they work for a mafia boss, oh they 3 attend highschool of course, cause come one. Bullet has glasses and likes to use a gun, Francesca likes axes, bad ass huge axes, and Francisca seems to be a type of axe,so there ya go with the names.

What can you expect? Well they are young and brutal, Francesca has large scars on her arms and legs, we learn this has a clear yet mysterious origin ( it’s 6 volumes so far, ongoing but only 3 translated for now ) , Bullet seems to desdain all human life, yet she kinda warms up to Francesca. The work has the yuri tag, which I was confused as to why, since the main characters seem either straight or just not interested at all.




So with this said, there are pedophiles, child abuse and trade in the black market, gang rapes, rapes, a lot of murder, guts and brains and blood scattered all over the place, psychological torture, verbal abuse, violence.

Bullet was gang raped when she was a child, I don’t know yet but it seems that’s why she is cold and distant..well seems like a good reason. Deep down she is kinda nice I think.

Francesca…she had some sort of surgery…please think of Wolverine ,also her teeth are made of something weird and she can tear flesh off. She was sold as a kid or something cos she has a spot for abandoned kiddos or small animals.

Is there any yuri? Yeah, I did take a glimpse on raws ( a small one cos I do wanna know what’s going on and I ,sadly, can’t read japanese ) and well..there is this group of killers, who are sent out after mafia boss girl and humm how to say it…one is a travesti or something, the other 2 are “normal” for what it seems,one has a prostetic arm where she yields her weapon oh and she seems to like girls, you can see her raping mafia boss ( forcibly touching her and stimulating her orally can be considered rape I think ) and I think she shoots her vagina..I don’t know…I stopped cos I do wanna understand.

So…it isn’t pretty,at all, but it is quite interesting. If you don’t get disgusted by pedophiles raping and trading kids, or extreme violence or people sewing their own stomachs,go ahead.

Kanamemo Review ( Anime and a bit of the manga )

Well I picked this up cos I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, of course thanks to Mr. OG-man, you know the guy who runs this The G Empire , and while the whole lolicon thing kinda put me off, I still wanted to see for myself,also the official couple looked cute enough.

Man I was right ❤ snapshot20090801212320 just look at those, what I loved about these 2 is that they are undoubtedly a couple, they share a fair amount of sweet,cute, sexy and funny moments, they kiss in the very first episode, they feed each other and all that kind of things. How cute is that? Lots!! So for us yuri and anime fans, a well established couple , that actually do coupley things it’s quite rare, cos most works are like about the building up, or it just doesn’t get to that point, or they don’t get as much screen time ( Yo Natsuki and Shizuru from Otome,looking at you ) So this was incredibly awesome.


blue hair is pedo,light brown is orphan kid, pink haired one is eh her new friend, light purple is boss, blondie clinging to tall one is Yume and Yuki is tall one. the other one likes money.

Now the rest,well Haruka (?) the pedo one…you’ll know that’s kinda not what’s really going on with her…if you do read the manga hehe, otherwise I’m not gonna say more about it,but her background/story makes you go like “ah…so this is why..awww” it’s kinda sad and no, it doesn’t involve rape or child abuse,don’t even think about it, ( there is a title with such subjects but that’s next review ) so in the anime she’s kinda..the funny part cos she gets smacked around, and she’s an alcoholic, so she’s ok, she has flaws, like we all do but still she tries to be a good person.

The one who likes money is ok, not too memorable for me, the kiddo that lost her granny is of course the one that made me shed some tears, hehe, and her eh friend Mika…loli love is true love haha. Oh right the boss, she’s like the youngest, I usually don’t like kids, this one is bearable cos she’s like an adult of course, stern and what not,also cheap , oh right her song,well the song about her on the pool musical special ( don’t you ask ) is really really good.

If you wanna dwell a bit more on the kiddos ,do read the manga, there it’s more clear what’s going on, THOUGH the Yuuki and Yume thing is hmm, they remain a couple of course but it’s mostly hinted, you don’t see kisses or the playful acts.

So, do read the manga to fully understand the pedo Haruka,and to see how the kiddos get along ( wink ) but do watch the anime for the awesome Yume and Yuuki it is priceless 3


Yuri : Canon or not to canon?

I was reading,as usual, a lot and I ended up in TV tropes, ( seriously that page is awesome !! ) and it mentioned very interesting cases where producers or voice actors or writers or omakes confirmed a couple, or a character’s sexuality, or come pretty close to it, now let us first define canon.

Basically it means it’s official ,not wishful thinking, not misinterpretation , then again sometimes it’s pretty obvious, but personally a confirmation is always welcomed, either a kiss ( da best ), a meaningful “I love you” ( daisuki it’s good but not 100% clear ) , a post sex scene ( Yes , Psycho pass, I’m looking at you ) , official art ( can be still deceitful tho ) so we have some parameters here , based on such I will list what I find canon, you may agree or not, it should provide an interesting  exchange of information. I will skip animes and pairings such as Ginko and Kureha from Yuri Kuma Arashi , Yuru-yuri,Strawberry Panic , Kannazuki No Miko, Sakura trick,Blue drop, Candyboy, Shoujo sect and so on,that is YURI at it’s best for ya! all kisses and all clear.

Togo and Yuna /Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru ,it’s in the visual novel, it’s confirmed  and it’s ALL over the place if you watched the series,it’s like COME ON WOMEN.

this is official..a kissing practice scene..ha from visual novel .told you

this is official..a kissing practice scene..ha from visual novel .told you

Ooi and Kitakami-san /Kantai Collection , At first one may think it’s only Ooi being overprotective,but thanks to the series giving us at least one scene of them in each episode, at least I can say there’s love there, one may play dumb ( yes you Kitakami) but that is love, Ooi even coins the term “moe” over Kitakami xDKTKM_x_OOI

Mutsu & Nagato /Kantai Collection , Ahh almost forget about these two..I didn’t think much of it at first but…later episodes came hehe, and I don’t think we can deny there is at least SOMETHING,going on.


Nanoha & Fate /Magical girl lyrical Nanoha (gee what a long name ) Well there is official art, I’m still watching strikers ,but HMMM, I am pretty sure those two,I mean sharing one bed…reminds me of Mireille and Kirika ( names? ) from Noir, and if not we have director and voice actress to play with this,also omakes kinda make it clear,both from A’s and strikers.ooohh and this alternate reality..called mm Innocence HOLY MOLLY ,yes totally gay,even if with a humorous tone. So yes this is a keeper. MY bad, I almost forget to mention they…raise a freaking child together,in their house,yes Fate-mama and Nanoha-mama. seriously…

official art

official art

Shizuru & Natsuki /Mai- Otome ( never watched Mai-Hime but the artbooks claim those two finally find love in each other, well Natsuki reciprocates it )If you’ve watched the anime,you can clearly see those two are a couple, stated further in CD drama as I read.


Ymir from /Shingeki no Kyojiin- Attack on titan is confirmed on official site as gay and in love with.. Christa. who producer  claims is also gay and also in love with her so Ymir&Christa , we can enjoy such evidence at specials from the anime.


Aya, Alice & Shino /Kiniro Mosaic , let us see, Aya is clearly holding feelings for Yoko, the first episode of the second season just made it SUPA CLEAR, and Alice and Shino… i thought they were being VERY close as friends,but again, first ep on 2nd season was like ❤ come on! Needy,clingy,cute,lovey dovey !!

The Ayaya and Yoko

The Ayaya and Yoko

Short haired blondie is Alice, VERY close to Shino(bu)

Short haired blondie is Alice, VERY close to Shino(bu)

Eila & Sanya, Mio & Minna /Strike witches , well Minno and Mio share a hmm complicated relationship, it won’t get to anything I fear, but it’s interesting nonetheless, on the other hand… Eila and Sanya OMIGOD, Sanya stumbles on Eila’s bed after her shift, every time, this scene… “Sweet duet” ,there’s some art picturing Eila as a prince..on a white horse and all…and it is also confirmed she is like a 16 year old boy who doesn’t know how to tell the girl he likes ( Sanya ) his feelings. ❤  ULTRA CUTE

Some more official art

Some more official art

Official art.

Official art.

Madoka and Homura /Puella Magi Madoka Magica , honestly, I’m not sure Madoka even *likes* Homura that way, since she is like all nice to everyone,but Homura..oh boy… she went very far to keep Madoka close to her…and to try to eh make her life better so yes, come on, I’d love Madoka giving into it already haha

Awesome official art

Awesome official art

Shion & Yayoi /Psycho Pass, badass chicks, minimum screen time but worth every second,also they make the show awesome,specially Yayoi ❤


Sasami & Kagami /Sasami-san@ganbaranai , it’s clear Kagami who is kind of a robot,cyborg,unknown to human emotions developes love for Sasami, I *think* Sasami is not against it ❤


I decided to show ONLY official art or screenshots, so you can see what I mean, I may miss some titles,but well, I can cover them other time.

All in all, I rarely wear yuri goggles, I like things straight ( lol ) in my face, but I’m not too demanding for kisses and weddings all the time . I know, I’m not mentioning some “couples” but it’s cos I just don’t have enough evidence.

Yurikuma Arashi

Ok the first part of this will hold no spoilers,second will.

I already told you about this series,the premise of the bears vs humans, Ginko seeking Kureha and Kureha being silly about it and not giving in , Lulu trying to help Ginko to get Kureha’s love,despise the fact that she loves Ginko and the whole IS ( invisible storm ) being intolerant and having double standards. Before saying anything else, do check the music of the artist who sings the opening “Ano mori de matteru” , Bonjour Suzuki, she is amazing, it’s really smooth/sexy/sweet.  ( please do so,her music is beyond wonderful )

The rest of the musical score really made the series more likeable and easy to remember , the girl’s voices chorus singing “yuri amour” at certain scenes, or the “yurikuma-yurikuma” in fast pace when action ensued. Brilliant, It really made me enjoy even more.

So we have some humour,drama, action, some angst ( specially for the viewers,well if you are like me haha ) I am happy such an anime like this is out, it addressed how homophobic societies  ( specially Japan ) views the homosexuality/being a lesbian.

There is a manga for this, it’s like totally different,I mean it does share some character names,and the fact that there are bears,but that’s about it,so if you are interested you may take a look, I’m also looking forward for it to end,but that’s gonna be some months still methinks.

I won’t dwell much on the ending…it’s best for each person to think about it on their own. Plenty of proper reviews will be out there, please make sure to go watch this S class title. ( why “S” ? cos,do watch it!! you’ll know )


Man i’d buy that magazine anytime haha. So below some pictures

tumblr_nj5iktUzDT1qbo867o1_500 ❤

Ok now the spoiler part…




Promised kiss delivered!!!

Promised kiss delivered!!!


So..either they did die and go to … some sorta heaven together, or Kumaria-sama took them while still alive to said heaven place, or it was a metaphor for them saying “Fuck you society, we will be in love and be lesbians and not hide it” ,in any case it was wonderful, I am still a bit confused about why Lulu is reading the story of everything that happened,to her little brother.. either she is in heaven with him..or…well I can’t think of anything else lol.

Enjoy ❤

Yuri manga titles update!!!

I’ve read an awful lot of yuri manga titles…I mean,that’s true at any rate,any day in my life, but lately… I event went as far as to look for yuri tag on manga sites…I am not done yet,but I’m close! So let me tell you about some ( I covered one more extensively just a minutes ago )

Yuri Yuri : Yes,not Yuru Yuri, although it’s by the same author ( Namori-sama ) this one has very straightforward yuri, the stories are cute,the characters are awesome and I loved it. Same goes for Elegy syndrome ,a sub series or something.Then we have Truth which is…well I don’t know if there are more chapters to it or you are supposed to guess it all from the cover art…but it’s like there’s 4 girls, Ponytal one, Long haired one, Short straight haired one and Curly short haired one… the ending is so awesome I won’t even spoil it for ya 😉

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san : Yes.. the manga is pretty good, it has more clear situations ( about feelings and stuff ) and the author Kuzushiro also has this Love/Death title, which is eh violent but good,please do check them out.

Romance girls files : Stories about a couple who has been together for 10 years, and how they help this new couple of high school students to get together and work their differences out, it’s super cute and I loved it to bits.

Sweet guilty love bites : Stories of girls working at a nightclub, it is different cos it doesn’t focus so much on the sex, it has good character development and the whole thing is nice to read.

Any doujin that Ooshima Tomo/Sweet pea has ever published about NikoxMaki from Love Live! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

Zai x 10 : Not yuri but it’s so damn random that you people should check it out,it’s seriously.. “Eh..what…why? hum?”

Hana to Hoshi : sweeeeet and funny as hell

I’ll send her home on the last train and it’s prequel From Aiu station on the Hiragana line : A girl who is gonna graduate and a first year,they meet on the train, first year Tsune, can be seen wearing a mask, hay fever she says ,awww,she is tall and looks cool but is actually shy and cute, I loved this one ❤

Anything,or well,all that I’ve read by Mrs. Morinaga Milk -sama. ( Girlfriends, even if we are not friends,princess’s mirror,etc)

Yuri_Hime_22_cover Unrelated but still ok!!! since it’s  Yuri Hime cover,wooo!!

Citrus ; a while later

Fine, I still like character design, but the story… it just won’t get anywhere, in the latest chapter, before the special, we are shocked ( not at all ) by.. yeah one more love rival!! Another girl, ah who has a sister, ( who wants to bet said sister will fall for Yuzu since the other one fell for Mei?) .. I know how common love triangles are and misunderstandings and very complicated, sometimes outta the blue problems for protagonists are,in most yuri titles, but this is seriously getting on my nerves… it has several chapters now and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, I wonder what will Mr. or is it Mrs.? Saburo Uta has in mind?

Yuzu is our classic protagonist, she doesn’t know shit about,well many things, love included,she is a bit of an airhead,she eats a lot, she is outgoing and a bit clumsy…a simple girl , then we have Mei, she..well she’s a bitch so far, yeah yeah bad relationship with father, she puts way too much pressure on herself,she’s way too uptight and she seems cold and emotionless… eh do I sense something here…did I mention Mei is rich..seitokaichou! and has long black hair? Meh enough tropes here for the day.

I’ll continue to read of course but I hope we finally get some sense kicked into Mei and Yuzu grows a pair to properly convey her feelings. Gee.


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