Forma de admisión N. 224477

Ya lo hice dos veces,en inglés ahora aquí mi lista definitiva y resumida a la fecha de “Las cosas que yo busco en una mujer” No van en orden de importancia.

1.- Que sea vegetariana,vegana o coma carne una vez al mes o menos.

2.- Que le guste hacer ejercicio de algún tipo .

3.-  Que no sea bisexual,pansexual,swinger,poliamorosa, ni nada así,yo respeto todo en verdad pero nel.

4.- Que no sea junkie

5.- Que quiera en verdad estar conmigo y lo demuestre.

6.- Que sea cariñosa y fiel.

7.- Ya que estamos,que sea guapa.

8.- Y friki.

9.- Inteligente e interesante

10.- Que fucking speaks english.

11.- Que no pase de 3-4 años menos ni 1 mayor que yo. 

12.- Ah si,que no esté pinche loca, algo sí,algo celosa,claro,pero no axe murder crazy.

Creo que ya. Jajajaja y una nieve,no,en serio, no creo pedir taaaanto.

Que no cuestione la imagen de abajo. jojojo.


Nozoki Ana ( A peep hole )

So, someplace, I think 9gag, I saw this list of “disturbing fucked up animes”..being me I had watched some already,the ones about incest really don’t interest me, BUT I found a jewel,well  it’s one of the most interesting mangas I’ve read in a while,and I’ve read lots…lots.

The plot is pretty simple, at first , a boy discovers a hole in his apartment and there’s a girl on the other side masturbating, she blackmails him so he has to abide to a “peeping contract” , she can peep on him on certain days and he can do so on other days. She has a compromising picture oh him entering her apartment  so he accepts reluctantly.

The OVA that is out there is terrible, I watched it and…well the drawing is not right, I mean, the kissing scenes specially ( on the manga ) are not really good,or that’s what I think,but the anime has Kido being…I don’t know his nose is weird lol, Makiko is perfect,and Emiru…well, the story seems way too shallow on the animation,it lacks the awesome character development which is the strong point here,so skip it please,or watch it AFTER you read ALL the Manga chapters.

I liked Kido, I don’t really prefer reading mangas with tons of heterosexual sex ( I prefer yuri for the sexual part,that is ) but in this case it is relevant to the story and not too detailed,so it’s ok,plus the whole thing gets way too interesting to skip it just because of that.I loved Emiru,even more so after learning about her past…and why is she the way she is and well, everyone is important in the manga, has an actual role, I kinda disliked how it ended for Makiko tho… “Oh I’m a grown up now, I gave up on women” pfff or maybe she was bi,MEH. anyway please do read,for fuck sake it even made me cry two times, TWO.


Despite what it seems like and the ecchi part,the story is really,really good,please do give it a try.





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