Nancy’s ultimate top 20 anime



DISCLAIMER: I’m not so good at making short reviews without spoilers, this is spoiler free so it’s..well, nothing seems as epic as it truly is, so please do watch them all and enjoy.

It’s true, how can one choose 1, 5 or 10?! I was thinking about using proper categories like, my top 5 yuri, top 5 wtf, etc but… some titles make a good mix of 2 or more genres ( Claymore what in the world) so, I’ll just write down the names of the best ones for me, with no particular order,I think, then sorta state why and a lame summary that’s it.

1.-  Yuri Kuma Arashi: Lesbian bears from outer space, brought to you by no other than Mr. Kunihiko Ikuhara, genius among geniuses. You have it all here, accompanied by the excellent music created by Miss.  Bonjour Suzuki. It’s funny, it’s deep, it carries meaning, it’s the best yuri I’ve seen. T-h-e    best. The metaphor with the invisible storm and a society that despises or even negates some form of sexuality is on point.  Sadly only 1 season but there’s manga drawn by one of my favourite mangakas, Miss. Morishima Akiko !!


2.- Shōjo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena: They used to broadcast when I was way younger, I don’t know why but I never got around watching it, until yesterday, it’s marvellous, it’s just truly out of this world, again Ikuhara-sensei has translated whatever is inside his head onto a vivacious and unforgettable story. PS The shadow play girls have to be the very best characters after Utena herself, seriously.  39 episodes, a movie and manga.


3.- Jigoku Shoujo: Yes, it may be slightly repetitive at first but, a “little girl” that offers contracts to send the one you hate to hell? Come on! Of course…when you do this 2 graves are dug. It has 3 seasons, I loved each of them, I had to cry so much with the last one, but Emma Ai is one of the few characters I can actually recall their name, that says much. Also one of the best catchphrases of all time “Ippen shinde miru?” aka “Would you like to see what death is like?” gives me the chills


4.- Boogiepop Phantom: What in the actual fuck? A city with little colour, where memories entwine with the day to day life, and someone is known to be the equivalent to death itself. It’s confusing, it has a somehow slow pace, but it’s brilliant how they tie it all up together and bring up matters about life, death, existence and meaning.


5.- Neon Genesis Evangelion: Oh good grief, what to say about one of the most interesting creations in anime so far? Let’s see, if you know at least a bit about eastern religions you’ll notice the multiple references ( the angels come to attack earth for crying out loud) but it isn’t so simple, if you wanted something existentialist that questions the very point of being alive in the way we know it, please do check the series, the movies and the OVAS (the story is a tad different in the OVAS but still a must see).


6.- Serial Experiments Lain:  Oh dear Lain, a world where you can LIVE on the net, literally, cold gazes and un-engaged family and friends, one of those titles that really make you wonder. I’m only aware of 13 episodes series.


7.- Sasami-san@ganbaranai: So you have a hikkikomori girl, her older brother who seems like the ultimate siscon, a cyborg and some old deities. If you like to be told about japanese mythology in a less formal way, come on board. I loved this to bits. I’m aware of the light novels and anime only, I am sure there must be a game too though.


8.- Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei: Goodbye Mr. despair , it’s pure black comedy, this protagonist, a teacher attempts suicide often and is met by the most unthinkable characters, for example a hikkikomori girl who then he convinces to leave her house, so then she becomes a hikkikomori at her school. Name puns are used often, I believe it’s 3 series.


9.-Watamote (Watashi ga motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!): GEEZ speak of freaking long titles! Tomoko Kuroki is a very socially awkward girl, actually she seems to have legit social phobia, yet she wants friends, usually doesn’t end up too well, I have to mention the seiyuu, she’s FANTASTIC  Izumi Kitta really really good.  TV series, 1 OVA and manga.

10.- Wixoss:  Oh my, I like trading card games, when they involve granting a wish it seems even better, until you learn how much that wish really costs,that is. You like sorta dark magical girls (Madoka you’re next) ? Well, you’ll love this,   series 1 with 2 seasons, a movie that tells it all in a quicker way and a new series with 1 season but apparently there’ll be another one.

11.- Another: Oh how I loved another, I have a slight yet irrational fear of dolls, so this nailed it, also the mere idea that a whole classroom could agree to do something so… low. The atmosphere is great, you can breath the tension, the characters are all awesome, Misaki Mei is another name I don’t need to Google! Watch it all in one go with lights off.


12.- Madoka aka Puella Magi Madoka Magica: I got to watch this after watching Wixoss, oh boy, it’s all magical girls and happiness until the guilt trips and the killing begins isn’t it? Enjoy the series AND the movies for a better view.

13.- Excel Saga: What is this about? Hmm let me see, an “evil” organization wanting to take over the city, yes city first then the country then the world…but in reality it’s a huge ass parody, you should had watched a massive amount of B movies and anime with heavy cliches to get it, it’s pure genius I looove it specially cos Miss. Kotono Mitsuisihi (aka Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon, Misato Katsuragi NGE) lent her voice for such nonsense. She looks epic, she even dies a few times!

14.-  Higurashi ni Naku koro ni: Oh good lord, this is pretty confusing, honestly I have to re-watch it all, I *think* it’s 5 series, so yeah, need to watch again, but the thing is it’s spooky, the characters are fairly young so it gives this killer loli vibe, the music, specially the intro in the first season gives the chills, and it’s very interesting cos seriously, you should watch it all in a row to try and make sense. It’s just a bunch of little girls, it’s not like they are gonna go insane and torture and slice you up…or are they?


15.-  Kill La Kill: I watched this recently and I instantly fell in love with the oh so over the top tone, the ultimate exaggeration of cliches and the music soundtrack, it honestly has been one of the best (after Cowboy Beebop that is) plus the villain is so cool I liked her!! All action,all nudes, all comedy, all in all!


These 2 are the best.

16.- Black rock Shooter: Oi, this one, hmm, mix some drama, with alternate realities with messed up lives, with psychological issues, throw some action in, cool suits and an amazing soundtrack. Inspired by Hatsune Miku, in a darker version, this was born, the visuals are one of my favourites so far.

17.-  Madlax: I like a good share of wtfness in what I watch and read, and I like weird ass shit that goes on in the mind, sadly I can’t say much about this without spoiling, but beware of 3 very different people and how they are related, also one of the worst villans’s name ever .. Friday Monday. yeah that’s the name   . Bee train delivered well.


18.- Noir: So well it delivered Bee train they made it on the list with another title! This is more realistic, guns and secret organizations + secrets story, it’s not bloody but it does keep you on edge, plus the soundtrack is astonishing! It wasn’t yuri or shoujo ai even but there’s some les yay! in there.


19.- Claymore:  Dark fantasy and action comes to mind, women in shiny armours, hacking and slashing each other and some  phenomenal foes. If you like some blood and a deep backstory, this is for you. Sorta makes me think of Berzerk.


As epic as it looks

20.- Yuru Yuri: WHAT? you list nightmare fuel, wtf, epic action, guns and you come up with this? Yes I surely do, this is a very light hearted comedy, surely there are many others, but NO OTHER has managed to catch my attention for so long, and Gods I’ve watched so much anime. I even read the mangas (I love reading manga but I don’t always read the manga for a series I watched) , the characters are a lot of fun, you have the yuri that is not there but it is there, you get a lot of possible pairings, the siscon elder sister because come on, she’s the best. There’s puny jokes and anything they do is fun, even getting lost in the woods.


As silly as it looks and more.

So this is far from over, I just listed my personal favourite 20, but I want to add a special mention to the series that brought to us the greatest yandere of all times (at least for many of us) Mirai Nikki or Future Diary, it’s about some diaries (duh) that can tell you about the future and you have to win and blah blah ,the good thing is Gasai Yuno, she is batshit crazy, she’s skilled AF and she’s disturbed AF, but she also seems like a nice person and the end(s) are really heart warming.


A big thanks to everyone who made the fan art that I included here, I don’t know any names but I’m sure it’s all created by wonderful people, also I want to say there’s tons of lovely and awesome anime I’ve watched, the first titles that got me hooked, around 17 years ago, like Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, those hold a special place in my heart, and every show I’ve watched that made my day even better.

Thank you Japan!




Anime season endings: Wixoss & Keijo!!!

Ok first the easiest to write about, Keijo!!! The end is a previsible one for this kind of sports anime, you may want to check my quick review here  , with that said it was really exciting, I was rooting for Nozomi ( is that her name??) out loud and all! The gratuitous meaningless yuri was able to deliver a tiny smile from me, so I am pleased.  It was fun and I honestly hope they will make a second season, I liked the anime more than the manga, that is a first timer!!




Now for a bit longer serious review, I shall not spoil the ending of Lostorage Incited WIXOSS,but I must recommend you to watch selector infected WIXOSS, selector spread WIXOSS and as an option since it’s a recopilation film, selector destructed WIXOSS.



The idea is “simple” it’s a card game with a dark magical twist, makes me think a bit of Madoka, I loved the last series because I really felt for the characters, they all had their own flare, I did dislike Suzu at first cos she was such a cry baby, but wow she did get quite strong! not a single was only a total jerk..oj Bookmaker Satomi? Yeah ok he’s a total douchebag, the final battle with Suzu is ESPECTACULAR, and the ending could of been very sad but it managed to keep up the good spirits, apparently we will have a new season , I am thinking Piruluk is far from being done with Bookmaker, also Aya? the glasses girl isn’t done researching about Mayu and so on, we need Lostorage conflated WIXOSS!! The question is when will we have it!


It is really thought provocative title. Makes you wonder about life and what you cling to and why. Gold right there, I’d LOVE to play the cards game but I safely assume it’s only in japanese.





This anime is based on a manga, as many others are, I did read it before but I am finding the anime is funnier and more entertaining, which is very rare cos 9 out of 10 times it’s the other way around. So that says a lot already.

Keijo is a sport, you are on surfaces on a big pool, and you must take down your opponents using only your breasts and your ass. Yes, exactly like that, is it ecchi? Well a bit, what did you expect?  But not enough as to make it stupid and unwatchable for me ( I’m looking at you Rosario+Vampire, odd enough, the manga was so good compared to the anime, loved every bit of it)  it’s funny, it has cute moments, the normal pep-talk feeling any sport anime has to have, to believe in yourself, and do your best and all that crap.

They have awesome techniques, like the VACUUM BUTT CANNON!!!, you can’t beat such an attack name. Nopers. So it’s all taken very seriously, I think that is why it’s good, oh they can make insane amounts of money, this is of course the main character’s motivations, at least at the beginning.  I love greedy characters for some reason lol.

So give it a chance, it’s not the deepest philosophical anime out there this season, for that go and watch Wixxos Lostorage Incited, ah that one is driving me crazy, what the hell is wrong with those girl! Chi!!

Ahem anyway, for an easy watch, with some gratuitous meaningless yuri moments, go get some Keijo!!! anime.






Wind of changes

That’s a song right? Well, starting tomorrow I’m gonna work looking after the kiddo, I don’t love the idea of getting up super early but hey those 100 bucks will provide me with … contact lenses, gym gloves, new sports bra, CLA and hm that’s it.

So entertaining-wise my anime selection for this season is kinda weird,it’s not all yuri haha, ( that’s what manga is for right? when anime is dry ) thing is I can’t still watch Symphogear u_u , but I’ll get to it.

There is Illya-zwei Herz long name,I’m not liking Miyu and Shirou thing…but Kuro..I didn’t like Kuro and Illya but well, one can change their mind right…I also didn’t like Kuro and Miyu…ok Kurox everyone except Shirou is fine.

Wakako-zake , random as hell, pretty funny and with awesome lines. Also all the drinks look yummy.

Joukamachi no Dandelion : a story about the 9 children from the royal family, all participating in elections for next King, they are videotaped all the time at the street due to safety reasons,but the third one, Akane is too shy about this. Why and how did I pick it up? I don’t know, random browsing lol

Saint Seiya Soul of gold, the animation has NOTHING compared to Hades ( did you people get poor or something?) but it’s niiiiice to see them goldo saintos on the run, specially freaking shaka, although Death Mask seems a lot less impressive for some reason.

Uh Psycho Pass movie …gonna go watch that one right now.

Have an awesome day.

Ah yes not watching DBS…I’ll wait for the fights,also may check Gangsta out.

No picture.

Anime season follow up

Well I cannot watch Symphogear XZ whatevs, cos I haven’t watched the other 2 . So I have to catch up but first I wanna finish freaking Chuunibyou blah blah.

Saint Seiya soul of Gold is somehow pleasant, all the gold saints feel a bit… cheaper though, but must be the drawing, I mean, Hades saga was sooooooo cool in the design and Omega..well I didn’t even could watch it.

Wakako-zake : a weird short anime about a girl…who eat and drinks, and like, tells you about the food and the matching drink, while pondering on life and stuff, it’s cute, short and weird. Love it

Dragon Ball Super, just cos it’s DB, just because of that.  :3

Gakkou Gurashi ❤ zombies vs girls yay!

Non Non Biyori- Repeat – It is a retelling?..hmm oh well..let’s see.

Yeah not a lot and nothing too exciting besides  GG. Nothing on the yuri dept. I think. So..more manga that is, Murciélago had like 4 chapters out last night,also the end of Corruption’s Finale ❤ gotta love romance with a BDSM touch.

No pictures cos… ok fine a picture, yandere love from Kuzushiro-sensei ( Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san )

Love/Death hehe

Love/Death hehe

Gakkou Gurashi

School life and zombie apocalypse.  It’s one of the best mixes I’ve ever dared to dream about


That’s mmm Megu-nee,Yuki,Ri,Kuromi and Miki that you can’t see her face properly.

The best of course is Kuromi all bad ass and stuff,also she fights with a shovel.

Ok story WITHOUT spoilers cos it’s really good, these girls have a school life club, cos life is quiet and cheerful…they never leave school grounds,they have rules like never going alone at night and stuff… suspicious? Yeah turns out there was a zombie apocalypse… few remain, zombies roam, etc, this is like the premise so everyone already knows,what is interesting of course it’s the background of the girls, how they relate to each other and all that jazz. Ah yes,one of them is nutty…well that might or might not change eventually hehehehehe.

There is an anime ready for this ❤ I had to go and read the awesome manga before of course u.u  but I know better than to expect anything ,so I’ll just watch and hope it’s really good whether it’s true to the original or another version

Kudos for this one, it does get kinda sad now and then though, it gives you hope and then…it takes it away from you .

Kanamemo Review ( Anime and a bit of the manga )

Well I picked this up cos I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, of course thanks to Mr. OG-man, you know the guy who runs this The G Empire , and while the whole lolicon thing kinda put me off, I still wanted to see for myself,also the official couple looked cute enough.

Man I was right ❤ snapshot20090801212320 just look at those, what I loved about these 2 is that they are undoubtedly a couple, they share a fair amount of sweet,cute, sexy and funny moments, they kiss in the very first episode, they feed each other and all that kind of things. How cute is that? Lots!! So for us yuri and anime fans, a well established couple , that actually do coupley things it’s quite rare, cos most works are like about the building up, or it just doesn’t get to that point, or they don’t get as much screen time ( Yo Natsuki and Shizuru from Otome,looking at you ) So this was incredibly awesome.


blue hair is pedo,light brown is orphan kid, pink haired one is eh her new friend, light purple is boss, blondie clinging to tall one is Yume and Yuki is tall one. the other one likes money.

Now the rest,well Haruka (?) the pedo one…you’ll know that’s kinda not what’s really going on with her…if you do read the manga hehe, otherwise I’m not gonna say more about it,but her background/story makes you go like “ah…so this is why..awww” it’s kinda sad and no, it doesn’t involve rape or child abuse,don’t even think about it, ( there is a title with such subjects but that’s next review ) so in the anime she’s kinda..the funny part cos she gets smacked around, and she’s an alcoholic, so she’s ok, she has flaws, like we all do but still she tries to be a good person.

The one who likes money is ok, not too memorable for me, the kiddo that lost her granny is of course the one that made me shed some tears, hehe, and her eh friend Mika…loli love is true love haha. Oh right the boss, she’s like the youngest, I usually don’t like kids, this one is bearable cos she’s like an adult of course, stern and what not,also cheap , oh right her song,well the song about her on the pool musical special ( don’t you ask ) is really really good.

If you wanna dwell a bit more on the kiddos ,do read the manga, there it’s more clear what’s going on, THOUGH the Yuuki and Yume thing is hmm, they remain a couple of course but it’s mostly hinted, you don’t see kisses or the playful acts.

So, do read the manga to fully understand the pedo Haruka,and to see how the kiddos get along ( wink ) but do watch the anime for the awesome Yume and Yuuki it is priceless 3


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