Life is a journey, time is a river, the door is ajar.

Taken from Dead Beat, Jim Butcher, Dresden files anthology, I don’t know why. I’m barely thinking now.

So…after months of saving receipts carefully,gathering papers,asking ,praying and hoping… No, not enough funds, no intentions to come back to my country,not (good enough?) family ties… not good reasons to go,not good enough travel history… I was in fucking Germany for 2 months, in England… seriously, what is it that you want? So, today has been NO .

So now..seeing other p0ssibilities, I check, it comes down to this :

– Take a language course, which is like 1,800 dlls.

– Try to go to a college, the money needed for this is between 8 and 12 k, if this is upfront, it’s a very unlikely scenario,would have to wait about a year and a bit.

– Go directly for a job, a career here would help, refer to previous point.

– Save for 2 more months or so and apply for a 7 days visit,maybe then money would be “enough”

* In any of these cases, priority is to find a cool awesome killer job,well a pretty good one,save like mad…keep saving like mad and… well.. that’s the only mandatory thing. Besides taking TOEFL ,it’s good for any of the scenarios, add 160 dlls.

Let it be Ca or Us, it’s all way closer,career leads to a better job, well to a job.

So, checking school,sent emails,made account,applying , sent 3000 job applications too.

Now what?


Do I need to say I am extremely sad and dissapointed? I thought I was so close to visit, ugh.

One thing or two

I have to sleep soon, I’m still on the 30 minutes I agreed to!

So..yes it turns out other people can also jump into conclusions and do things I do… Words are important cos they deliver our messages  about how we feel, I know this but I think I wasn’t completely aware and actively trying to make them work like that, also.. dirty clothes you wash at home.. it’s a spanish saying, meaning you dicuss private things privately. Makes damn lotta sense eh?

Well… I may appear like a crazy person ( no shit ) but… Is it odd to feel happy that I’ve met the one person , in my 29 years of life, that I can get into an argument, ( yes it takes two to tango ) and I ( except I think 2 times ) wanna stay there and eventually we work things out? Like.. I dunno… I am happy and well.. in few days I write more about some stuff that I’m not mentioning clearly now ^^

In any case.. I’m learning more about myself, the world, how things are, and how to approach her. It’s all good, I am gonna do my part, I am paying attention !

It gets worse with people I hold in high regard, I tend to think they can be beyond all and perfectly know how to handle with everything.. how fucking stressing that must be for them… I sometimes just don’t realize the extent of the consequences of my actions towards people that I love, and that love me, I just for some reason think they are unaffected, maybe I think they are so cool they can’t get hurt or something…  This shall happen less and less till it never happens again , they are the ones I never wanna make feel bad.



Bollicao/Bolli Todo el monte es orgasmo

Bueno no se me ocurrió que otro titulo ponerle a este post, pero es hora de que sepan sobre Bolli, una de las personas más divertidas y por lo visto inteligentes que he visto yo en Youtube. me sale lo que quiero escribir, realmente quiero que sea un buen post..estoy nerviosa .. ugh, que raro, venga, ella es Bolli, es una mujer de 23 años,  hace videos en youtube y trabaja para una agencia de publicidad, por favor no sean jodones y vayan a indagar sobre su “verdadero nombre” yo no entiendo esta fijación de la gente con los nombres, ella se presenta como Bolli, pues Bolli es, su privacidad y su vida íntima poco o nada nos debería importar, es decir claro que esperamos que todo esté bien con ella, pero no es su obligación ni nada el decirnos todo. Además está buena, digo si de algo les vale, las lesbianas en México deberían ser más como ella.

Yo la descubrí, porque una amiga puso el link  en mi Facebook, el título del video era Lesbianas Primerizas, yo nunca he reído tanto, bueno seguro alguna vez, ¿qué tiene de especial nuestra buena Bolli? Bueno, es chistosa, a menos que seas algo denso, entonces no creo que se le entienda mucho, su acento es divino, si que cosa más frívola para mencionar, pero lo es. A mi en lo particular me encanta el intro que a veces usa, y los efectos de sonido, le dan un toque muy especial al video, porque se los pone justo donde debe ir, y bueno ya tengo nueva canción de verano gracias a ella, Marcc Gregory- Sex Light, el debería agradecer la publicidad.

Mejor les dejo los enlaces a sus fanpages y de muestra un video ,que es una colaboración , y es de mis favoritos creo que lo veo diario, por favor no dejen de checar a esta impresionante y divertidisima bollera,tortilla, camionera , que además es buena onda, y tomo mi virginidad twitcamera. Nada más esa eh.

A disfrutar .

¿Dónde está Bolli?!/tigretonybolli

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