Ok read this  Demisexuality … Now, I am not really ok with so many “new” words for sexuality, like asexuals, and aromantic and aero or stuff, I read about it a lot, it’s very interesting but it’s a bit complicated, I know I’m a lesbian who likes women who are girly,well that don’t look like men.  But it was always weird to me,that everyone is like looking at people and being all rawr and I’ve usually been like “Yeah..I guess she’s cute…so?” very apathetic you could say, when I stumbled upon this demisexuality thing it made a damn whole lot of sense,it also explains why sex has usually been pretty crappy for me xD

I even at some point wondered what was wrong with me,since I know I can only like and fall in love with women, ( even if that has only happened twice in my life ) but I didn’t get all sexually aroused and kisses are nice,but the whole thing…meh….but now I read more about it,I may not agree on it at a 100% ,but I think I can easily say without a problem that I fit the description at least in a 80%. Cos seriously, this rawr feeling, I’ve only had it ,well twice.  I think I like being like that, I just wished I would of known about it before, so I could present a solid argument to “defend” myself or properly explain why I find masturbation boring as fack. In any case, it’s nice to know I don’t have something wrong, I just need a special extra to get to that point. I think it’s specially good for the other person… she’s going to get it all together.

vlcsnap-2015-08-31-23h25m32s205  Random unrelated image.

Mark my words, I am not going to lose and I will be hot this time for sure,even if I must make 60 tamales I will work out!!! Of course Xmas asks for other sort of training.

Starting the road to fitness

Or at least trying to, I was thinking a while ago to write some sections for fitness and nutrition,since you know I’m into it somehow. Today I’m going to be lazy and just send you to a nice post here Proper article on whole vs white bread , cos it explains it better, but I can say it all goes the same for pasta,rice, if you can,and you can cos it’s easy, do consume ,order and buy the WHOLE, unrefined, brown version, cos it’s always better since it has all the nutrients,makes you feel more full and it doesn’t cause sugar level spikes ( which can be good when training hard but otherwise it’s a hello to diabetes and to welcome that sugar to be stored as fat ) and you’ll be hungry sooner after eating that,so go for the whole grain option!!! It of course has more fiber and protein as well, specially good if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan. And if not it’s still freaking awesome.

That’s for nutrition, other important things I’ve learnt are :

*Super restrictive diets are easy to drop. Seriously eating the same freaking 4 dishes for longer than 5 days? No sir, I didn’t learn to cook awesome stuff to be eating rice and broccoli till I die. ( I do love rice and broccoli but not daily 2 times a day,no ) It’s best to work on forming long term healthy habits. I eat 5-6 meals a day,and I write down a special cheat meal once a week,for example… tacos,or ice cream. I eat little of it and I am content. Also dark chocolate above 70% is ok to eat some cos antioxidants and stuff.

*Stress is bad. Unless we really need it,like if fleeing from a fire…otherwise it makes us store more fat in our midsection and it also contributes to catabolism ( muscle reduction to say it simply ) and no one wants that,ever.

*Commit : Yes, I am not saying you have to train twice a day and follow meal guidelines to a P. But for example, I greatly reduced alcohol, I stick to my routine ( last week was messy cos I got busy but I’m back on track ) work out really hard and sleep good quality hours.

*Sugar is not good for you! But you already know this,and I’m talking about obvious sugar stuff like soda and candies, but beware of hidden sugar, it’s everywhere the damn thing, also the “light” food you eat, makes you fat as well. Sugar from fruits is ok,as long as you don’t eat like 15 mangos. Hmm mango…

*Best motivation comes from within : Don’t try to get sexy just to fit this or that clothing, ( even though it’s nice! ) or to make someone like you ( they should like you for many other things as well ) or cos it’s trendy, I long ago dropped the idea of being a size “X”, I wear the size I wear,and I found out if you grow some muscles you can’t ever wear petite or XS clothing,ever,or skinny fits cos really girls,y u no have legs? And that is fine. Eat healthy cos it’s good for you and work out some cos it’s also good and cos you can look at yourself and be like “Damn’re hawt!” Or any other phrase…

*There is no spot reduction : Curling like mad won’t make arms be thinner, nor 100 ( poorly done I’m sure, you can’t do more than some repetitions if you’re doing them right ) abs workout reps will get you a flat stomach ( I wish T_T ) You must lose fat overall, where does it come off first and last your body will decide so don’t even bother worrying.

As for actual workouts, it really depends,it’s different if you used to do something and you stopped as if you’ve never done anything, for a quick cure of “I’m not doing anything” I have these useful examples of quick easy to do at home routines :

hunger-games-workout I doubt tributes would survive doing this kind of thing,but it’s still better than doing nothing.

1497524_10152197933783974_209068923_n This is awesome to build core strenght

Also I’d check out stuff like Tabata, since it’s only 4 minutes, intense as hell,but really short. or one of my favourites Zuzka Light , she has tons of free videos to work out,some are crazy as hell,but you can always try them at your own pace, and she has some good advice as well. I recommend this.

Of course you can join a gym,with a proper trainer please, practice martial arts, go hiking and rappelling or any other activity, but I’m thinking this is best if you don’t really have much time.

More to come on Nancy’s fitness section!!

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