Mimic Korean horror movie review


See that awesome poster? ALL LIES, cos they never released it here, in my city, they promised so on Cinepolis, they had fucking posters, trailers, I was even going to watch it on fucking VIP and then what? Premiere date came and it wasn’t there!!! ALL LIES. But they had a Sailor Moon musical…2 times? Fuck off!

So sad and pissed off ,sniff, was really looking for it.

Now of course I watched it in a different way, because, lol, Internet, IT’S AWESOME.


I won’t spoil it for you, just know it’s about a woman, suffering due to her missing son, goes to live on the mountains with her husband, her daughter and her mom with Alzheimer? or something.

There is a mysterious cave, where mysterious things happened and apparently a weird ass creature lives there, it can mimic, hence the name, any voice, so you can guess it’ll be exciting to see how guilt and deceit wrap these people up!

I learned something from this movie and the tag-along:


  1.  Don’t befriend little girls that you find in the mountains
  2. Specially if you find them near places with corpses
  3. If a random, older,blind/disabled/scarred/heavily tattooed religious person warns you about something, listen!
  4. Don’t follow mysterious voices..much less on a freaking mountain!
  5. Asian people are BRUTAL when they abuse others,no simple hitting will do, no sir, let’s seriously cause damage, as much physical as mental!
  6. If the mirror knocks, don’t answer!
  7. Don’t go out in the rain at night looking for mysterious voices or little girls
  8. Maybe just skip the mountains altogether


PS: I just finished watching it..hmm I expected a different kind of ending, more like the tag-along 2, this is understandable but nah, I’m glad I didn’t watch it in VIP, ALTHOUGH, I would still go watch every Asian horror movie they show here, for support and so that they bring more, dammit.

The tag-along 1 & 2

#1TAG MAIN 27x40R


Asian horror movies..one of my first loves when growing up, asides from reading itself and anime.  Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea,the good keeps coming from all sides, this time is Taiwan, man did I love these 2 movies, let me tell you why.

I watched it because I was looking for a movie to watch, I actually stumbled upon the part 2 first, but I thought I would have to watch the first one in case they were related and they indeed are.

It’s the story of an older woman, (Wei’s grandma) who gets lost in the mountains after one of her old friends comes back,mysterious eh? Well, then the guy goes missing so his girlfriend is out on the look for him.

On the second movie, we learn something super exciting and we see a social worker deal with her teen pregnant daughter, actually both movies deal with motherhood and abortion, there a very intriguing woman and her little daughter.  Ah and a monk/something guy who can channel a tiger god.

It is that kind of movie, well I loved the first one but the second one… it’s really , really, really good, I was glued to my screen, I haven’t  recently liked an Asian horror movie so much since “The Ghost” and “Satan’s slaves”

Also it has what I like the most about Asian movies, they have a super tragic, backstory that usually makes me cry, but this was like, sad all around, everything was so terrible, I loved it!!

The ending was SUPREME, I was cheering and clapping loudly, I seriously enjoyed it!! I’d totally watch it if it was on the cinema, which reminds me, I’m upset, they haven’t premiered “Mimic” a Korean movie, they had the fucking posters and it was announced and NOTHING, I wanted to watch it even in fucking VIP cinema, WHY DO THEY DO THAT?

Gee..anyway on next episode…My quest to learn Italian, can you actually learn shit alone? My bet is,yes totally, if you are a smart mother fucker with motivation and consistency. But that will be in Spanish so…

PS apparently some “evil” spirits are easily cast away if you tell them you love them enough. lol


Wow, this movie, it’s like, seriously, what the… It was tagged as comedy and drama. Well drama it has, comedy… I couldn’t find a single funny thing. It is a magnificent portrayal of a woman spiraling downward into a deep abyss of madness and revenge.  With a dressing of irrational jealousy and toxic attachment and dependency.

acrimonyheader (1)

It really goes to show what happens when you mix someone who might be a bit unstable in the head with attachment, a dubious man and obsession.


I don’t want to spoil it, since it was that good for me, but I think the ending, right the final scene, goes to show that negative feelings can chain us and weigh us down.

Someone give awards to the actors and actresses, specially Melinda woman.

PS That wasn’t love, love isn’t that shit.


Tomie, Tomie the forbidden fruit and Tomie vs Tomie ( movies)

Yes, I lump them all together cos they didn’t make a good enough impression on me to have their own posts.

Maybe it’s cos I watched them in the “wrong” order, but after Tomie Unlimited and the Beginning, which is the based on the very first manga chapter..well the rest came out as bland.. Let me tell you.











Tomie: The forbidden fruit, well this Tomie is quite gay with Tomie H. (not another Tomie, she’s named after her for her father who was/is in love with Tomie K, the one and only, well not really eh anyway) not saying the actress is bad or anything, but I didn’t feel the powerful Tomie-ness. Still she was creepy in her own way.

Tomie vs Tomie: Both Tomie are bossy and that’s it, I expected some cool confrontation, like the one in Sadako vs Kayako ( Ring vs The grudge) but no, they are useless and can’t even hit each other or something. Meh.

Tomie : The first one ever made..maybe if I had watched it first…I liked how they were all secretive not showing her face, but for crying out loud, it was slow paced as hell. Still, it was ok.

I still must watch rebirth, replay and another face, oh and revenge..gee how many movies..ah yes 9.

But so far, the best is Tomie Unlimited and Tomie the beginning. For me of course.   The only “silly” thing in Tomie Unlimited is no one notices the transfer student is the same person..are you people blind? She’s like the exact same person, that mole, that hair…seriously. But that also happens in Mexican soap operas so ok.



If you can, read the manga.

Tomie the beginning (movie)

As promised, I will review the Tomie’s movies here, 9 so it may take a while, or not cos I sometimes go overboard and just can’t stop watching hehe.

So, I should not spoil this, I mean, we all know how it goes, Tomie is incredibly beautiful, she has a mole under her left eye, men go insane around her, behave like slaves, then some,or all, wanna kill her and chop her off (which results in more of her being around) so nothing new there, that’s like the premise.

But, with each movie having a different actress and being based on different chapters of the manga, or a sorta new story altogether, we get different impressions of her personality, she remains sorta selfish, manipulative, yes, but for example, the Tomie in unlimited strikes me as incredibly arrogant, and the one in this film, “Tomie the beginning” seems more philosophical, talking about human nature and how she thinks the regular humans are the freaks,the monsters, not her. The whole thing feels a bit more emotional, I can sorta feel bad for her even, plus she gives off this gay vibe which is always a plus, hmm I think most Tomie versions in movies do though, isn’t that nice? Yes it is.

Another nice thing is this one movie takes from the very first manga chapter, with some changes of course, it’s really nice to watch.  And it makes sense, that this Tomie is hmm more “naive” or more “human” if you wish, compared to the one in Unlimited which is the last movie.  I also loved the theory that she could be a planaria-like creature which evolved into something like a human.

And she has some damn good points. Plus another good thing about having different actresses is we can see different sorts of beauties, since Tomie is just “incredibly” beautiful, but she has not definite facial traits, besides her mole, so watching all these women, who are indeed very pretty, helps us to extend our idea of beauty itself.


To me this Tomie is more like, “younger” even if she has been living for who knows, centuries now, and is still making peace with what she is and how she is, she lacks the sheer arrogance and total “I don’t give a fuckery” of the other Tomie I saw in Unlimited. Each has her strong points. You can also sorta understand how she got bitchier, dying so much, that shit’s gotta hurt huh?


Conclusion, she’s the ultimate evil creature out there in horror movies, she may not kill you, directly, but she doesn’t die, even her ashes can form a new Tomie, you can’t beat that Jason! you just can’t!

Tomie ( manga/ Unlimited )

Ah, behold the masterpiece of Junji Ito-sensei: Tomie! Which is pronounced Tomi-e Not “Tommy” as I thought, lol.  Ok some may say Uzumaki is his masterpiece, but I happen to love the idea of this annoying, selfish, maniac, woman who just won’t freaking die, more so, she will come back and expand and multiply.

So I was watching episode 9 of the Junji Ito collection anime and I saw this so beautiful girl with a mole under her left eye… who could that be I wondered…? TOMI-E of course!!! They surely waited an awful long time to animate a Tomie chapter, I guess that’s normal since she has a lot. of material. It was a very nice one and it made me want to read the manga, so I read all the chapters I could find translated , then I remembered there were movies…9, so yes I’ll have to watch those as well.

The plot is Tomie is INCREDIBLE beautiful and men go mad for her, literally insane and wish to murder her, which is not a problem cos she can heal, regenerate and multiply just fine, this of course makes for quite interesting stories.

I started with the last movie it seems, it’s called Tomie Unlimited, sounds like a cool brand name..haha, I gotta say she’s my favorite actress so far, cos she’s very similar to the animated Tomie from today’s episode in Juni Itto collection, take a look!



Animated Tomie



See that??? Isn’t she nailing the character? Omg and the voice and the acting, I read some comments saying the movie was stupid but..come on, it’s a damn load of body horror, quite hard to achieve without some heavy CGI, plus the animated hmm “stages” of Tomie are faithful to the illustrations in the manga, so shush people! and I usually don’t say this about women, not specially Asian women, but this one actress, Miu Nakamura, at least in this one movie, is one of the hottest girls I’ve laid eyes on . Damn sexy, a bit scary tho, ah dreamy!!



I’ll watch the other movies later on and add reviews, for now, don’t miss this one movie, I obviously loved it.


Each movie has a different actress playing Tomie, which makes it for a very variated pallete of faces and strokes for the character.

Another interesting fact, in the manga Tomie is pretty much straight, but the movie version seems to swing both ways and is even nicer with her female “friends” slaves, lovers, or whatever they are.


Las películas de terror no existirían si la gente tuviera sentido común

Este va en español, últimamente y más conforme se acerque octubre, hemos tenido varios filmes de terror en el cine,  ayer fui a ver “Annabelle : la creación”, con 2 amigas, y en nuestra conversación post-peli pude darme cuenta de que casi ninguna película de terror existiría si la gente usara un poquito su cabeza, y no digo ni siquiera cuando se tropiezan al escapar del asesino en turno, ese ya está ahí y a lo mejor uno se paniquea y está bien, pero hay ocasiones en que simplemente no hay razón.

IT: ( pasaron un avance de la nueva película de “It” o “Eso” para los amigos de habla hispana) Si Pennywise y la pandilla de chamacos, todo bien pero..la escena de Georgie, que juega con su barquito de papel, en la lluvia, y se pone a conversar con el mentado payaso… Para empezar, no se pone uno a hablar con un jodido payaso que está en la puta alcantarilla, why?? ¿por qué carajo vas a ponerte a hablar con un misterioso, perturbador y espeluznante  payaso que está dentro de una puta alcantarilla en medio de la jodida lluvia!?  Así fuera un bombero, un cura, una bailarina de ballet, no vas a hablar con una pinshi persona/ente/engendro/pato que te hable DESDE una jodida alcantarilla. wtf? Y todavía le pregunta que ¿qué hace ahí? “El viento me voló hasta aquí”  No joda, si estuviera en un árbol, después de un tornado a lo mejor lo crees, pero no pinches acabas en una alcantarilla por una pequeña ráfaga de aire. Ni que fueras la novicia voladora.

Annabelle la creación: ( y la otra también) : Número 1, no le pides a misteriosos poderes el volver a ver a tu querida hija muerta, si ha de ser horrible pero mejor no. Número 2, no guardas pinshi muñeca poseída por el diablo en tu jodida casa ( eh, Lorraine y Ed Warren, ¡¿eh?!) y si se te ocurre hacer eso, y recibes a unas niñas huérfanas , les avisas, de antemano, con lujo de detalles, que neta no vayan a abrir ni el cuarto, ni el closét porque se las va a cargar la chingada, no te esperas a que ya esté todo bien jodido para contarles. Y bonus número 3, si de manera misteriosa algún espíritu o lo que sea te pide “permiso” para estar en tu casa, poseer algún objeto o algo así, le dices “no, a la verga” no le dices “si claro”

En general: No va uno de noche ( menos si está lloviendo) a “revisar que es ese ruido” al cobertizo, ático, granero o algún otro lugar alejado y mysterious y creepy.

Si se te descompuso el carro, tampoco vas a la casita misteriosa en medio de la pinche nada, y menos si está en una colina, y especialmente si está habitada por gente extraña que tiene pinta de guardar cadáveres en sus habitaciones.

Si has de hallar inscripciones antiguas y místicas, pasajes oscuros de libros perdidos y sin título, oraciones sin aparente sentido en las paredes/piedras ( bono si están escritas con sangre) no es la mejor idea intentar leerlas en voz alta, MENOS si hay algún tipo de advertencia de no sé, una maldición o terrible acontecimiento que podrías desatar.

Asian horror movies… el aro..vamo a ver esta cinta maldita, que todo mundo sabe que está maldita, nomás a ver si es cierto… es más, vamos a juntarnos varias personas a verla porque alv , a lo mejor es puro cuento. Y  ya en tiempos modernos, alv vamo a hacer una copia en DVD de la puta cinta maldita, total, ni ha de ser cierto, pero si lo es, por alguna razón, hay que preservarlo. Y si se puede, la subimos a Internet de una vez.


Ryeong a.k.a “The ghost” /”Dead friend”

Thank you South Korea, you have yet again brought an amazing movie for me. If you’ve watched “the grudge” and “dark water” and liked them, you are gonna love this one.


After I’m done with my Asian horror movies watching fest, I’ll most definitely add this one on my new top chart.  You get a girl with amnesia, a confusing past, revengeful spirit , mysterious events and a very nice plot twist, as expected from Asian films.

I have to confess I am in no way used to Korean names so it got confusing at times, also cos they all seem more similar to me than Japanese do,  I’m sure that is cos I’m silly.

Anyhow, I don’t want to spoil you, but I want to recommend it, I enjoyed it so much, it has a great atmosphere, it keeps you interested and it’s an overall pretty good movie. Plus the lead character is…well, the twist was really nice, seriously.



Nancy’s ultimate top 8 Asian Horror Movies!

I just watched Sadako vs Kayako so I now must present to you my top 8.

Before anything, I won’t be including movies such as: Ichi the killer, Audition, Battle Royale, Sympathy for lady Vengeance and so on, because those are violent and bloody surely, but they lack the supernatural component,so they belong in another list! Along with most of Takashi Miike’s films.

I am leaving many movies out, yes, cos these ones are the ones I can recall most of what happened without having to watch again and made a bigger impression, but of course there are tons of good movies, like Whispering corridors, The stair of wishes or something like that, Tomie, etc.

1.- A tale of two sisters: Let’s begin with Korea, they bring to us this awesome and surely confusing tale, of well, two sisters, things are surely not what they look like. After spending some time in a mental institution the sisters come home.


2.- Ringu (The ring): Japan’s turn.What can I say? One of the first movies of this sort I’ve watched, the premise is simple, watch a tape, get cursed in X days, proceed to die. Ah vengeful spirits.


3.- Art of the devil (Long Khong): Thailand, why are you like this? Black magic, voodoo, hella lot of revenge, seriously one of the most gruesome films I’ve watched, and damn I’ve watched such things…Yikes! The one I remember the most is the part 2, my favourite, but any of the 3 will make it hard to sleep in peace.


Sorry about the cropping, it’s a bit hard to find the cover.

4.- One missed call: Japan surely is something else. I think this is one of my all time favourites, I must had watched it about 15 times, through the years.  You get a call, from your own phone, well, you get a voice message, then you die in X days (why won’t you kill people more quickly!) it’s interesting cos it tells a lot about how people make their relations and are using technology and blah blah. Plus the ringtone is cool AF.


5.- Sick Nurses: Oh another Thai beauty. I love this one because it feels like a parody, I think it’s one..I’m not sure. It’s really over the top, it presents the most commonly seen tropes in Asian horror movies, long hair, revengeful female spirit, deadly water, etc. Towards the end it turns really original and I just had to love it for it.


6.- Train to Busan: This is not what I would call terror, but it has zombies, plus it made me cry when I watched it alone in the cinema theater. Not cos it was so scary, but cos , as usually, Asian horror movies have a very sad part/backstory/ending. I loved every single minute of it. Another jewel from Korea.


7.- Shutter:  From Thailand, ghosts and cameras, a perfect match. It’s really creepy, I got to watch it in a cinema theater and loved it , (in Mexico we don’t always get this sort of movies shown on the big screen, sadly)


8.- The eye: This amazing title comes from Hong Kong/ Singapore , a blind woman who gets a cornea transplant and gets to see the world sounds lovely right? Yeah, except when you can see ghosts and terrible things. (hey it reminds me of Misaki Mei from “Another” anime)


Sadako vs Kayako

I was finally able to watch this in the original version ( a dubbed version in Chinese was available before, but nope) I have to say it was glorious, as a movie of that sort can be.


What started off as a joke, cos who in their right mind would put bad evil spirits to fight..ah Jason vs Freddy happened once..ok never mind that.  An April fool’s joke, the idea seemed so welcomed the producers decided to go with it.

I love Asian horror, Japanese, Chinese, from Vietnam, Korea, etc, and I’ve watched most of the Ringu and Ju-On movies (Sadako comes from Ringu and Kayako comes from Ju-on) so I was so excited about this, and it delivered.

The plot is as amazing as it sounds, a girl is cursed by the video tape (with logic and common sense horror movies wouldn’t exist, seriously, who willingly watches a freaking cursed tape and has the audacity to make a DVD copy!?) and another one is cursed by entering this house,so, the super cool spirit fighter guy along with snarky blind gifted girl come up with a plan.

Let’s make them fight! It’s easy, curse the other one with the opposite foe and then let’em fight over ya, what could ever go wrong?

I shall not spoil you, please do watch, I loved it to bits, the ending is a bit “…really?” but considering the plot, it’s just as expected. Tons of fun to be have here.

Oh I’ve had an epiphany… I’ll make my top 10 Asian horror movies !!!

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