Ryeong a.k.a “The ghost” /”Dead friend”

Thank you South Korea, you have yet again brought an amazing movie for me. If you’ve watched “the grudge” and “dark water” and liked them, you are gonna love this one.


After I’m done with my Asian horror movies watching fest, I’ll most definitely add this one on my new top chart.  You get a girl with amnesia, a confusing past, revengeful spirit , mysterious events and a very nice plot twist, as expected from Asian films.

I have to confess I am in no way used to Korean names so it got confusing at times, also cos they all seem more similar to me than Japanese do,  I’m sure that is cos I’m silly.

Anyhow, I don’t want to spoil you, but I want to recommend it, I enjoyed it so much, it has a great atmosphere, it keeps you interested and it’s an overall pretty good movie. Plus the lead character is…well, the twist was really nice, seriously.



Nancy’s ultimate top 8 Asian Horror Movies!

I just watched Sadako vs Kayako so I now must present to you my top 8.

Before anything, I won’t be including movies such as: Ichi the killer, Audition, Battle Royale, Sympathy for lady Vengeance and so on, because those are violent and bloody surely, but they lack the supernatural component,so they belong in another list! Along with most of Takashi Miike’s films.

I am leaving many movies out, yes, cos these ones are the ones I can recall most of what happened without having to watch again and made a bigger impression, but of course there are tons of good movies, like Whispering corridors, The stair of wishes or something like that, Tomie, etc.

1.- A tale of two sisters: Let’s begin with Korea, they bring to us this awesome and surely confusing tale, of well, two sisters, things are surely not what they look like. After spending some time in a mental institution the sisters come home.


2.- Ringu (The ring): Japan’s turn.What can I say? One of the first movies of this sort I’ve watched, the premise is simple, watch a tape, get cursed in X days, proceed to die. Ah vengeful spirits.


3.- Art of the devil (Long Khong): Thailand, why are you like this? Black magic, voodoo, hella lot of revenge, seriously one of the most gruesome films I’ve watched, and damn I’ve watched such things…Yikes! The one I remember the most is the part 2, my favourite, but any of the 3 will make it hard to sleep in peace.


Sorry about the cropping, it’s a bit hard to find the cover.

4.- One missed call: Japan surely is something else. I think this is one of my all time favourites, I must had watched it about 15 times, through the years.  You get a call, from your own phone, well, you get a voice message, then you die in X days (why won’t you kill people more quickly!) it’s interesting cos it tells a lot about how people make their relations and are using technology and blah blah. Plus the ringtone is cool AF.


5.- Sick Nurses: Oh another Thai beauty. I love this one because it feels like a parody, I think it’s one..I’m not sure. It’s really over the top, it presents the most commonly seen tropes in Asian horror movies, long hair, revengeful female spirit, deadly water, etc. Towards the end it turns really original and I just had to love it for it.


6.- Train to Busan: This is not what I would call terror, but it has zombies, plus it made me cry when I watched it alone in the cinema theater. Not cos it was so scary, but cos , as usually, Asian horror movies have a very sad part/backstory/ending. I loved every single minute of it. Another jewel from Korea.


7.- Shutter:  From Thailand, ghosts and cameras, a perfect match. It’s really creepy, I got to watch it in a cinema theater and loved it , (in Mexico we don’t always get this sort of movies shown on the big screen, sadly)


8.- The eye: This amazing title comes from Hong Kong/ Singapore , a blind woman who gets a cornea transplant and gets to see the world sounds lovely right? Yeah, except when you can see ghosts and terrible things. (hey it reminds me of Misaki Mei from “Another” anime)


Sadako vs Kayako

I was finally able to watch this in the original version ( a dubbed version in Chinese was available before, but nope) I have to say it was glorious, as a movie of that sort can be.


What started off as a joke, cos who in their right mind would put bad evil spirits to fight..ah Jason vs Freddy happened once..ok never mind that.  An April fool’s joke, the idea seemed so welcomed the producers decided to go with it.

I love Asian horror, Japanese, Chinese, from Vietnam, Korea, etc, and I’ve watched most of the Ringu and Ju-On movies (Sadako comes from Ringu and Kayako comes from Ju-on) so I was so excited about this, and it delivered.

The plot is as amazing as it sounds, a girl is cursed by the video tape (with logic and common sense horror movies wouldn’t exist, seriously, who willingly watches a freaking cursed tape and has the audacity to make a DVD copy!?) and another one is cursed by entering this house,so, the super cool spirit fighter guy along with snarky blind gifted girl come up with a plan.

Let’s make them fight! It’s easy, curse the other one with the opposite foe and then let’em fight over ya, what could ever go wrong?

I shall not spoil you, please do watch, I loved it to bits, the ending is a bit “…really?” but considering the plot, it’s just as expected. Tons of fun to be have here.

Oh I’ve had an epiphany… I’ll make my top 10 Asian horror movies !!!

The Girl on the Train

First of all, I MUST read the book, the movie seemed interesting at best, but now… It is a psychological masterpiece, damn I don’t want to spoil it for you all, because honestly, it has a very very intense twist.. I’ll just say abusive relationships can really go so far… mix it with some substance dependency, guilt, regret, remorse and the human tendency to cling onto things, ideals, people, situations, relationships… Yep, we got a winner. Truly, truly well executed, I liked Emily Blunt’s acting before but she really does shine here.








This is the first time I believe I have a firmer grasp on how much gas lighting can damage people, how cruel it is for the attacked person and how well it works, damn, human psique is surely something.  I can never even begin to question or judge people who has gone through it, because it’s so easy to say “Eh why didn’t you leave sooner” or similar questions, well, we don’t know, because everyone has their own story and we would do well to just listen and be there for them if they want that.


Train to Busan

Also known as “Estación Zombie” in Latin america. let me tell you, it’s a big thing we do get Asian horror movies on our cinema theatres, so I was excited out of my head to go watch it.  Asian is not only Japan let me tell you, there’s a lot of countries there, I find Thai cinema particularly interesting by the way, in any case let’s begin with this review. ( Aye, I am a bit of an Asia-fan)


Train to Busan @ Cinepolis, the only chain here that will show really interesting stuff.

You can see I took the picture outside of the movies, hehe, so, as you should already know Asian horror movies come with feels, lots of them, it’s not just vengeful spirits and curses and zombies and horrible creatures, no sir!  They usually go and tell us about things like how much we rely on our phones ( one missed call ) , how much appearances have become too important ( sick nurses ), of course they tell us about broken homes, vengeance, remorse, etc . This one in particular presents us with …the dad, whose name I of course forgot already, he works a lot, thinks about himself mostly and has no time for his little daughter, his wife left him, I can guess why and the girl wants to go see  her. On her birthday, so the dad agrees to take her on the train, there’s some sort of virus outbreak ( how convenient!) and people get bitten, then infected, you know how that is. But this happens inside a damn moving train, so it was really exciting, it made me think of the first part of Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles actually…

The interesting part is to see how the dad becomes less of a egotistical jerk, there’s a pair of sisters too, somehow elderly, really sweet.. A very selfish business man which I am sure showed the dad the path he was taking would lead him to be like that, how I despised him, still just a human though.. A very awesome super cool strong dude with a pregnant wife, sport young man and sport young girl and of course the kiddo. I do not usually like kiddos, specially not in movies, but Su-an ( may remember it wrong) was relatable for me! She was so sad and scared, sniff.

I cried, a lot, oh gods how I cried. Especially at the end. Dammit.  I also laughed and I also got excited like, cheering for them like “OMG RUN YOU FUCKING IDIOTS RUUUUUN”

So, without spoiling anything, do go watch, get ready to cry, if you do have a heart, otherwise you won’t, hehe just kidding..or am I? Highly recommended.


The Intervention ( 2016 )

What a movie, ladies and gentlemen! Ok long story short, 3 couples, 6 people plan an intervention for a married duo, since they seem to be getting along really bad, they are in this summer house, there’s a lesbian couple, a widow guy with a young lover, a sorta engaged couple and the said married couple arguing a lot.

What could go wrong right? … Ah someone has drinking problems, someone has commitment issues and the hell lot of them ain’t honest enough often enough.

I do not wish to spoil this movie for you, but there is this quote that just got through me, pierced my heart and came out bleeding with rejoice. I honestly don’t remember it EXACTLY, *slaps own wrist* but it goes along these lines :

“What if we can’t go back to what we were?” – Ruby
“Why don’t you try to make something new?” – Lola

I do know that feeling, of wanting to go back to the starting point, ( mostly in romantic relationships, can apply to other things as well ) to “when things were good”, but we often forget we change, we evolve, I do think there is a core essence in us that doesn’t change, but the things that may hold us back or be in some ways we may not like to be, those do change, so… isn’t it a bit ilogical to want to go back to be the person you were some months ago, or years? or to have the exact same relationship you had at the beginning? That would mean there is no progress, no evolution, no new understanding, (man I love it when movies make me think and realize shit.)

So, we change, the others change, the world changes, just gotta go with it and open up, for example in relationships, I do believe in trying to work out things and stuff, I do, but that requires, I think, to have a good conversation about the issue and to embrace the fact that things will not be the exact same, this will be new for both persons and it might be truly awesome, it may show both sides they didn’t think the other had, that they themselves had or it could also just show that is best not to be together at least at that specific time in life.

So, do watch the movie, expect a few laughs and it’s easier to stop resisting change, the more you wanna avoid something, usually the more it comes kicking you in the face so, right things come at right times, so do right people.  Try to think about the last time you felt a situation was hopeless and doomed, like really bad shit, think you would never be happy again and stuff maybe? Well, most likely you did so, it all passes.

All in all the acting is great, specially Annie, oh boy, she nailed it big time. I only disliked Lola’s voice but that’s totally biased subjective opinion.



Elliot Smith’s “Between the bars” is playing, perfect time for a perfect mood.



Some people can act very well, some people just have a gift, Isabelle Huppert belongs to the later category.

Let’s start with the important thing, she’s a very prolific french actress, she’s 63 ( what? yes, she looks better than me ffs ) she’s done some very weird roles, ( check “The piano teacher” ) somehow leaning on the “darker” side of the human psyche and oh boy she does it well.

I can’t enjoy music, films or books that don’t make me feel, either cringe with disgust or cry or get really mad, but something has to react inside me so that I can consider what I saw/read/heard is indeed good or at least the artist/s pulled it off, to deliver, express.

Now in this film, I shall not spoil you, Michéle ( Isabelle Huppert ) is a very successful video games executive ( I watched this 50% due to that fact ), she has a useless son with an even less useful girlfriend. Michéle gets sexually assaulted at her own home and starts to be slightly harassed by the unknown rapist.  That is not really the point, they tell you who he is in the middle of the film. The catch is to see her relationships with her friend, mother her father who is in jail cos he was a serial killer… and of course her further relationship with the rapist…human mind surely is a very complex thing.

She is a very twisted woman, she is actually a jerk, a big one, mean and selfish, but you know what? She’s fucking honest about it, she’s real, she doesn’t play to be a good person then to stab you in the back, no Sir, she comes in tells you she despises you and then it’s your choice if you wanna stick around. No one can complain,not rightfully!

( I liked that cos it’s how I usually am, not a jerk…well not anymore, but straight to the point, what you see is what you get. ) The brilliant part here is that this woman, being what many would call “a bad person”, even then you root for her in the movie, you do understand her somehow and you even like her. Whether this is the purpose of the movie or only weird people like me got this feeling is unknown to me.

So do yourself a favour, go check all movies by this actress and watch some. I can recommend some right now

This one, Elle 2016 duh

8 women/ 8 femmes

The piano teacher ( wtf, it’s like Black Swan but really fucked up)

Madame Bovary





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