Manga version / Anime version and other media

Well, here I was thinking about if I could choose between one or the other… I can’t  and the reasons are many:

First of all, in most cases,the same  manga and anime title do share major characteristics, but in others it’s merely the names, and somehow the idea, on rare occasions the manga is much much much better ,in some super weird cases the manga is horrible for some reason,in others both suck or sometimes anime is glorious and manga is ok. Let me give you examples

The first,and actually, the manga that got me into signing up in manga reading sites… Rosario + Vampire , “What? You usually dislike fanservice like that!” Yes I do,I didn’t even glance at the anime for longer than 1 episode due to this… but the manga… oh ladies and gentlemen, yes it does have some fanservice but it can’t be even remotely compared to the anime, the fighting scenes are awesome, the characters are yummy yummy yummy , heck  I even like the freaking dude, yes of course I forgot his name… Yuki? Yuno? Whatever,that manga got me thinking what else could there be out there…

I of course jumped right into the yuri genre tag/department of said manga sites ( Manga Fox and Dynasty reader <3 ) and I can gladly say I’ve read almost all of them, if not all, one thing about manga is you get an even wider variety of genres and titles, sure anime has gore, but nothing like Mai-chan’s daily life ( ok, that is technically guro,but you know ), there’s not many titles to properly cover lolicon or shotacon in anime either ( not that I like those, I’m just mentioning stuff ) . And of course, there is no comparison  between how many yuri titles there are in manga as there are in anime, and I mean S class and Grade 1 yuri, cos “some yuri on the side” it’s a bit easier ( I still like that! any good yuri is good for me ) to find, or the good old yuri played for laughs,but oh boy, if a series of OVAS with the works of Amano Shuninta came out I’d roll on my head with joy,for 4 days and 4 nights.

Let us continue this amusing review, I can think of another title I liked much better in the manga, EVEN THOUGH the work felt very very uncompleted for reasons that my mind cannot grasp, it was popular and selling well, why didn’t it end properly?? Yes, Strawberry Panic!!, the anime was fine,there was not a “daisuki” but a blatant non arguable “Ashiteru yo” you can’t say that to friends,so ,golden. But Shizuma was way cooler in the manga, they had way more touching moments and it all felt more natural, the bad thing is,it just kind of ends, if that’s the ending the author had in mind I must say.. What? why? -sighs- but all in all, good material. One of my first too .Character design also is far cuter in the manga.


A more recent one…. while Gokujyo: Gokurakuin Joshikōryō Monogatari , or just Gokujyo, is a wacky tasteless title, the anime I found AMAZING, cos it’s hilarious, the protagonist is like a freaking delinquent, the way she talks haha, and I liked the “romance” kind of thing she has going on with the ojou-sama, it’s cute somehow. The manga is hinting way too much at heterosexual sex, so it’s meh, in the anime there are no guys to be bothersome.and no fellatio with an eggplant ffs

Another title… Yuri Kuma Arashi<3 <3 the anime is finished, and glorious in all gloriousness,  no hinting no yuri goggles needed no nothing, a dramatic , sweet, yet realistic love story ( putting bears and bear Goddess aside ) with promised kiss and all, this is however the true power of a yuri title, the manga is very different, in more than one way, the school has boys and girls, the 3 judges attend said school, there is a Ginko and a Kureha, no Lulu nor Sumika ( THANKS FOR NO SUMIKA ) ..yet at least, apparently it won’t be so magical, but I’m really interested since it’s being drawn by… Morishima Akiko-sensei , who is one of my most favourite mangakas ( yes, I am aware of the grammar back there ) and I recently learned she along Morinaga Milk-sensei, Amano Shuninta-sensei and Jin Takemiya-sensei are either lesbians or bi, HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT? SUPER COOL.

You know who else is a female mangaka? Saburo Uta, I have no idea on her sexuality, but I had to mention her, we all know I love Citrus for the character design most of all, they are just gorgeous, the story is …well to be honest I think it’s dragging a bit and I wanna kick Mei,and Yuzu for being silly, then again it’s being realistic I guess ( except for the twins,those two came out of the blue!! ) so I can only hope it ends up great so I can gift myself with the complete series for my birthday. <3 <3

Akuma no Riddle…. there’s more yuri in the manga, for Hanabusa and Banba Mahiru-san at least, that’s all I wanted <3 ( yes, usually there is more yuri in the manga version,unless it’s Sakura trick then it’s kinda the same amount,that’s one of the few titles I can say anime and manga are almost the same to me,so good ) but it seems the ending will be the same as in the anime… what? No, change it! -pouts-

In most cases if I watch the anime first I usually don’t read the manga, unless certain conditions are met. I didn’t nor do I wanna read Madoka’s manga, cos the movies were awesome enough!! I did read it to know the ending,but I found it OK only. I LOVED Strike Witches and may or may not someday read the manga, so far I’m reading Red witches, a … side story? well it’s about another unit, but the yuri is super strong there so….

I do not only read yuri manga or watch yuri anime by the way, it’s just my favourite, but I love some terror like, Another, Jigoku Shoujo, Ghost Hunt, Pet shop of horrors, I enjoy classics such as Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and of course new cool ones , I can think of Mirai Nikki, Watamote, Saint Seiya soul of gold,etc

So,all in all, manga has some clear advantages,like you can read it as fast as you can/want, unlike anime with which you have to actually spend 24 minutes or so per episode , ( unless it’s meh and you skip it,in which case.. I just wouldn’t keep watching if it’s so boring lol ) , and you can re-read as much as you want,yes you can rewatch as much as you want too. The extent and variety of themes… but of course anime has it’s perks, first of all, it’s freaking animated, the whole ending scene in Yurikuma Arashi when the opening song starts and the whole thing is over.. ahhhhh can’t describe it, also action scenes and fights are best animated,that is true ( you Nanoha and Goku, Ichigo and Rukia, all of you Strike Witches )

Now the doujinshi can provide with what  is yet unseen … hehe, will cover that on another post tho.

So,anime,manga,different,similar, it’s all about how it’s done and how you like it, me? I love’em both . Manga has omake and Anime has ovas and specials <3

Ah right No Game No Life I found AWESOME,as awesome comes, but I did not like the manga, it seemed too much blah blah, even if the anime has also tons of interesting blah blah, I don’t know why.

As for light novels or cd Dramas..well my japanese level is far far far far from good so I can’t indulge in CD dramas, and the,for text I will read books, I like my characters to be drawn somehow, either animated or not.Now for hmm KanColle? well if I could play the games..that’d be something,but most are not easy to get over won’t be counting those either.

This image…well the cover is awesome awesomeness, I love poor Banba-san she and Shino from Kiniro Mosaic will be featured as 2 of my favourite characters next time. Ahh so tragic ,yet she’s so sweet… Banba that is,not Shino lol,Shino is nutty.


The most badass magical girl I’ve seen

You there, Nanoha, you are to magical girls what Goku is to well alien fighters and what Ichigo is to shinigami. <3

Will talk about the awesome NanoFate legend in the next post,this was just to tell you how awesome Nanoha is, like seriously. Fate kicks ass too of course.

Pardon the bad quality of the video,but there she is, the while devil .

Current watchlist

Re-kan : A girl who can see and communicate with the dead…

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic : More engrish and japanrese goodness

Show by rock!! :  Nya! and music!

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyou : Yuri fangirl,yuri girl?

Hibike! Euphonium :  Music band

That’s for current shows,so far, of course on the side note, I still have to finish

Nanoha strikers then I can start watching Vivid

Start Symphogear

That’s pretty much it…yep

Yuri : Canon or not to canon?

I was reading,as usual, a lot and I ended up in TV tropes, ( seriously that page is awesome !! ) and it mentioned very interesting cases where producers or voice actors or writers or omakes confirmed a couple, or a character’s sexuality, or come pretty close to it, now let us first define canon.

Basically it means it’s official ,not wishful thinking, not misinterpretation , then again sometimes it’s pretty obvious, but personally a confirmation is always welcomed, either a kiss ( da best ), a meaningful “I love you” ( daisuki it’s good but not 100% clear ) , a post sex scene ( Yes , Psycho pass, I’m looking at you ) , official art ( can be still deceitful tho ) so we have some parameters here , based on such I will list what I find canon, you may agree or not, it should provide an interesting  exchange of information. I will skip animes and pairings such as Ginko and Kureha from Yuri Kuma Arashi , Yuru-yuri,Strawberry Panic , Kannazuki No Miko, Sakura trick,Blue drop, Candyboy, Shoujo sect and so on,that is YURI at it’s best for ya! all kisses and all clear.

Togo and Yuna /Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru ,it’s in the visual novel, it’s confirmed  and it’s ALL over the place if you watched the series,it’s like COME ON WOMEN.

this is official..a kissing practice scene..ha from visual novel .told you

this is official..a kissing practice scene..ha from visual novel .told you

Ooi and Kitakami-san /Kantai Collection , At first one may think it’s only Ooi being overprotective,but thanks to the series giving us at least one scene of them in each episode, at least I can say there’s love there, one may play dumb ( yes you Kitakami) but that is love, Ooi even coins the term “moe” over Kitakami xDKTKM_x_OOI

Mutsu & Nagato /Kantai Collection , Ahh almost forget about these two..I didn’t think much of it at first but…later episodes came hehe, and I don’t think we can deny there is at least SOMETHING,going on.



Nanoha & Fate /Magical girl lyrical Nanoha (gee what a long name ) Well there is official art, I’m still watching strikers ,but HMMM, I am pretty sure those two,I mean sharing one bed…reminds me of Mireille and Kirika ( names? ) from Noir, and if not we have director and voice actress to play with this,also omakes kinda make it clear,both from A’s and strikers.ooohh and this alternate reality..called mm Innocence HOLY MOLLY ,yes totally gay,even if with a humorous tone. So yes this is a keeper. MY bad, I almost forget to mention they…raise a freaking child together,in their house,yes Fate-mama and Nanoha-mama. seriously…

official art

official art

Shizuru & Natsuki /Mai- Otome ( never watched Mai-Hime but the artbooks claim those two finally find love in each other, well Natsuki reciprocates it )If you’ve watched the anime,you can clearly see those two are a couple, stated further in CD drama as I read.


Ymir from /Shingeki no Kyojiin- Attack on titan is confirmed on official site as gay and in love with.. Christa. who producer  claims is also gay and also in love with her so Ymir&Christa , we can enjoy such evidence at specials from the anime.


Aya, Alice & Shino /Kiniro Mosaic , let us see, Aya is clearly holding feelings for Yoko, the first episode of the second season just made it SUPA CLEAR, and Alice and Shino… i thought they were being VERY close as friends,but again, first ep on 2nd season was like <3 come on! Needy,clingy,cute,lovey dovey !!

The Ayaya and Yoko

The Ayaya and Yoko

Short haired blondie is Alice, VERY close to Shino(bu)

Short haired blondie is Alice, VERY close to Shino(bu)

Eila & Sanya, Mio & Minna /Strike witches , well Minno and Mio share a hmm complicated relationship, it won’t get to anything I fear, but it’s interesting nonetheless, on the other hand… Eila and Sanya OMIGOD, Sanya stumbles on Eila’s bed after her shift, every time, this scene… “Sweet duet” ,there’s some art picturing Eila as a prince..on a white horse and all…and it is also confirmed she is like a 16 year old boy who doesn’t know how to tell the girl he likes ( Sanya ) his feelings. <3  ULTRA CUTE

Some more official art

Some more official art

Official art.

Official art.

Madoka and Homura /Puella Magi Madoka Magica , honestly, I’m not sure Madoka even *likes* Homura that way, since she is like all nice to everyone,but Homura..oh boy… she went very far to keep Madoka close to her…and to try to eh make her life better so yes, come on, I’d love Madoka giving into it already haha

Awesome official art

Awesome official art

Shion & Yayoi /Psycho Pass, badass chicks, minimum screen time but worth every second,also they make the show awesome,specially Yayoi <3


Sasami & Kagami /Sasami-san@ganbaranai , it’s clear Kagami who is kind of a robot,cyborg,unknown to human emotions developes love for Sasami, I *think* Sasami is not against it <3


I decided to show ONLY official art or screenshots, so you can see what I mean, I may miss some titles,but well, I can cover them other time.

All in all, I rarely wear yuri goggles, I like things straight ( lol ) in my face, but I’m not too demanding for kisses and weddings all the time . I know, I’m not mentioning some “couples” but it’s cos I just don’t have enough evidence.

Yurikuma Arashi

Ok the first part of this will hold no spoilers,second will.

I already told you about this series,the premise of the bears vs humans, Ginko seeking Kureha and Kureha being silly about it and not giving in , Lulu trying to help Ginko to get Kureha’s love,despise the fact that she loves Ginko and the whole IS ( invisible storm ) being intolerant and having double standards. Before saying anything else, do check the music of the artist who sings the opening “Ano mori de matteru” , Bonjour Suzuki, she is amazing, it’s really smooth/sexy/sweet.  ( please do so,her music is beyond wonderful )

The rest of the musical score really made the series more likeable and easy to remember , the girl’s voices chorus singing “yuri amour” at certain scenes, or the “yurikuma-yurikuma” in fast pace when action ensued. Brilliant, It really made me enjoy even more.

So we have some humour,drama, action, some angst ( specially for the viewers,well if you are like me haha ) I am happy such an anime like this is out, it addressed how homophobic societies  ( specially Japan ) views the homosexuality/being a lesbian.

There is a manga for this, it’s like totally different,I mean it does share some character names,and the fact that there are bears,but that’s about it,so if you are interested you may take a look, I’m also looking forward for it to end,but that’s gonna be some months still methinks.

I won’t dwell much on the ending…it’s best for each person to think about it on their own. Plenty of proper reviews will be out there, please make sure to go watch this S class title. ( why “S” ? cos,do watch it!! you’ll know )


Man i’d buy that magazine anytime haha. So below some pictures

tumblr_nj5iktUzDT1qbo867o1_500 <3

Ok now the spoiler part…




Promised kiss delivered!!!

Promised kiss delivered!!!


So..either they did die and go to … some sorta heaven together, or Kumaria-sama took them while still alive to said heaven place, or it was a metaphor for them saying “Fuck you society, we will be in love and be lesbians and not hide it” ,in any case it was wonderful, I am still a bit confused about why Lulu is reading the story of everything that happened,to her little brother.. either she is in heaven with him..or…well I can’t think of anything else lol.

Enjoy <3

Final thoughts on Strike Witches


Ok that image has way too many people on it,lol. So, I just wanna wrap up my thoughts,since I already watched the 2 seasons,the 3 OVAS ( the pilot and the 2 that had been out for Arrow Victory ) and the movie.I’m still pumped so,here it is :

Do not be fooled by the apparently ridiculous premise, of magical girls, well witches to be exact, wearing no pants to fight evil. I must warn you the series doesn’t explain some things in detail,like do all women have magical powers or just a bunch? At what age do they really lose all that power,supposing they didn’t use it all in combat ( being active in the army means at around 20 you start losing your share of it ) cause there is this old lady,she can even still fly and all. Then the enemies…we don’t really know why they came to earth or who they are or why some seem “approachable” but end up being destroyed by others of the “same” race..we may never know but it’s not something that bothers me..why?

Because the character development makes up for it!! Once you forget or stop making it a big deal that most girls are showing their panties wearing shirts or jackets, ( some wear dresses or the like ),  it becomes a lot of fun, the battle scenes are well done, I love the inner magic of the girls, specially, Trude who gets super strong, the electrical thing Perrine does /Tonerre!,the way Eila never gets hit with her limited foresight, the night antenna thing Sanya has along with her song/spell,the magical Mia’s eye that can see stuff beyond,and when they all combine and attack,wow, amazing shit I’m telling you!!!

Then we have the relationships…oh yes… I love how Miyafuji seems fixated on breasts haha, but she looks cute with Lynne,even if, I personally, don’t think of them as more than friends, they are still super cute


Then we have Eila and Sanya… 332869-moe_165840_sample

That image comes out in the actual anime,so it’s canon I say, Eila is totally a white knight, and Sanya is the princess,I mean it can’t get clearer, omg there is this one episode with them….atch,gotta watch it yourselves,but yes,this is, I think, an actual couple, Sanya always stumbles in Eila’s bed after her shift is done <3 I hope we get a little bit more of them.

Perrine has an obvious crush on Mio, but I don’t think there’s anything more to it, then we have… Minna and Mio..NOW that is interesting,since Minna lost a past love ( a dude ) and didn’t wanna feel like that again…so she super worries about Mio being injured or dead..HMMM, yes, I think there is something going on there. I’d like to see it develop a bit more, although I suspect it won’t be the case.


The other relationships have nothing romantic,well none that I see, we have Lucchini and Shirley,amazing partners,lots of fun to watch and definitely adorable, pair of wackos haha. Trude and Hartmann ( Erica ) are so much fun cos Barkhorn ( Trude ) is always nagging at Erica, I -think- maybe there is something there,but with Trude’s strong siscon there’s not much room for it .

Relationships aside, this show has it all,for me at least


Cool battle scenes

Endearing characters

Lovely relationships

Adorable characters ( yes, i liked them all,ALL )

Panty shots that didn’t bother me! ( I usually dislike such fanservice but in this case..well they just don’t wear pants. big deal )

Great musical score

Interesting story ( even if little gets solved )


If you watched or are watching Kantai Collection ( KanColle ) you’ll find the show even better, I did cos ,well it shares similarities, some fight on land some on air,and while sending Yamato ship to battle I kept thinking of the wonderful Yamato on KanColle, I had to giggle when they kept mentioning the Akagi ship too. So there ya go!!!

Do give this series a chance, it’s not only panty shots and it won’t interfere,it you don’t let it, it’s super super good,funny and cute <3


There is a third OVA unreleased yet and there will be more of it, i am not sure , I think it’s a season 3, will it follow the same girls? I have no idea,but I’d love to watch more of the red panties witches ,haha specially if they do follow the manga that there is for it and include Don and Jane ( this is a very blatant obvious couple there )

Don Jane

That’s fanart but it’s practically what you get hehe.


Be sure I wouldn’t recommend random meaningless ecchi titles <3 … I mean I haven’t got to watch Kampfer..I think I may never lol.

u_u pending on a thread


Ok don’t say I didn’t tell ya, I thought I’d keep this to myself,but no, I’m gonna rant a bit.

Citrus : I had the chance to read the rough subs for chapter 15… -rolls eyes for 40 minutes- stupid Mei did accept going out with Sara ( short twin ) why? Cos it makes PERFECT sense to date a complete stranger instead to at least trying to talk about the whole lot of things that have been going on with your “stepsister” , that you obviously love, who has tried to show you her love in many ways,ah right you did offer your body to her since she was “nice to grandpa and brought you closer to your dad,that you stubborn ass didn’t want to talk to for ages” COME ON,of course she would be confused, you should first tell her you love her or something,then proceed to have sex/make love. she didn’t reject you!! I seriously don’t know what Mei needs Yuzu to tell her… and if she ONLY needs someone who -needs- her, she may as well fuck herself, but what would Yuzu do.. hmm, I still think even blackmailing Matsuri is better, with Yuzu she’d set a straight path. So let us hope Yuzu makes it on time to prevent Sara and Mei from kissing,and kisses Mei instead,or someone dies cos this is getting ridiculous.

Yurikuma Arashi: …Lulu apparently died, saving Ginko from a bullet from Kuma killing team whatever, while trying to open her heart to freaking Kureha,who still was “rejecting” her, half heartedly, I think only cos she didn’t wanna suffer anymore,duh ( you could of warned her of the trap,if you had any idea,you know?! ),so Ginko tells her everything that happened…-sighs- I kinda hoped she’d just go and try to be happy on her own ( Lulu) cos..well I do want Ginko and Kureha together, I mean,there’s a book and all…and Lulu can go to bear heaven and meet her lil bro,next is final episode,so they better have that stupid promised kiss and are like, queens of Bearhumanland,a new formed world where everyone coexists, or Kureha is turned into a bear,or Ginko a human ,or they have a humanbear baby or something. but they must kiss,they must!! kudos to Ginko for overcoming selfish desire on her own!!

KanColle : At this point everyone may be pretty fucked up…if everyone died…well what kind of anime is that? It’d be interesting..I GUESS,but not this one T_T at least not freaking Kitakami-san…ah but you had to separate the lesbian couple,didn’t you? It looked like she was a goner,but I expect a deus ex machina so Fubuki and Ooichi and everyone makes it on time and everything is ok.  -sighs-

My only happiness left is Strike Witches,haha it ended up being very endearing, Eila and Sanya omg , SO CUTE. Minna and Mio ,kudos for dramatic relationship. The rest are all ok. Gonna watch the movie in a bit,weeee.



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