Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight /Anime-manga

This series…what is this?

It’s like a mix of Utena + Yurikuma Arashi with magical girls.

No,really look:


I usually wouldn’t had watched it since it’s about acting (apparently) but since it was being blogged on my favorite Yuri site, you know Yuri Nation , I decided to give it a try, since I loved Harukana receive! I thought it’d be worth to check it out, plus they have manga prequel thing on Dynasty so…

It is about acting, well an acting school, which includes singing and dancing, but that’s not the most important, most important is baKaren (LOL best name ever), you know, her name is Karen but since she is an idiot I really need to explain this?  she made a childhood promise (come on now) with Hikari and after the latter left for England to study at a drama school, she comes back to Japan and they are in the same class, they all are preparing a play and she wants to fulfill this promise and be on stage with her beloved “friend”.

All normal till then, BUT, there is a talking giraffe and some weird ass auditions ( here is where the Utena/ Yurikuma arashi comes to mind)  very special with some sort of fighting/dancing/singing… yes, there is such a thing.

So far we don’t know what the hell is that about, I thought it was like a dream…I am not sure anymore…but hey, shit can’t get weirder than a storm of lesbian bears. Right?

So, there are “couples” you have the supa stars, a French girl, a very illustrious taller girl, diligent class representative and others. It looks good, I’ll definitely keep watching it.

¿Aprender italiano por tu cuenta?

¿Se puede esto? Yo creo que sí, no digo que las clases con un profesor o profesora no tengan su justo valor, pero vamos, hablando español no puede ser TAN difícil, es una lengua romance a fin de cuentas, claro que eso no significa que te mires una peli de Monica Belluci y ya esté, ya parlas italiano.  Pero si prefieres intentarlo ahora si que en la comodidad de tu casa y estás ahorrando o no quieres pagar, no sé, más de 200 pesos, es una opción excelente.

Ya había yo tomado algunas pocas clases de italiano, pero no pasó a más, luego aprendí alemán (que sigo como en B2, pero bueno) pero por razones de la vida, este idioma ha vuelto a estar presente, así que me dispuse a investigar el como hacerlo por mi cuenta.

Primero intenté con Duolingo, pues me había funcionado para repasar alemán,  pero la cosa es que no te enseña gramática como tal, era repaso pues porque yo ya había estudiado aparte y ya sabía las declinaciones y todo eso, entonces era como muy random y yo creo que es mejor si ya sabes algo, entonces dije bueno, otra app.

Bajé una que se llamaba “learn Italian” o algo así, pero igual estaba en inglés-italiano y no es igual, intenten leer una canción en italiano con la traducción al español y es super fácil seguirle el hilo.

Dije bueno alv, me busqué sitios en Internet, hay uno que me gustó mucho es aprenda italiano aquí y bueno tiene vocabulario y toda esa vaina, en particular me gusta el entusiasmo de los clips de voz, “mi piace il colore di questo tavolo” nunca escuché tanto gusto por el color de una mesa… pero igual es como para viajar o algo así.

Bajé otra app, que incluso pienso comprar la premium, sólo son 100 pesos, en vez de algo mensual, es como flash cards, y las vas repasando y tiene pequeños diálogos, está muy mona, se llama Mosa Lingua, y tiene opciones en varios idiomas, lo mejor es que está en español, entonces todo me es más fácil relacionarlo en mi mente.  El chiste es que cada X tiempo lo repasas, justo antes de que tu cerebro lo mande todo a la chingada, según muy efectivo el método, ya veremos. El chiste es la constancia, es como hacer ejercicio, no puedes hacer 3 horas un día y olvidarte hasta dentro de 7 días, no si quieres resultados.

Ahora la parte en la que uno se tiene que aplicar es hacer debidas notas, se aprende mucho mejor lo que escribes con tu propia mano, comprobado, yo ya tengo mi libreta de Dragon Ball Super porque puedo y se me da la gana, jajaja, empecé como niña de Kinder, con colores y números, unos pronombres pos aquí, toda esa vaina.

Hace mucho que no tenía ganas de aprender otro idioma, pero…el fucking cerebro en teoría puede aprender hasta 20..y ¿yo con 3? Do not mamar.

Aquí os contaré el progreso de mi aprendizaje, por lo mientras ya sé algunos colores, unos días de la semana  y como comprar una manzana, sólo una eh, lol.


xD indispensable



Harukana Receive! /anime

I literally started watching this anime today, I’ll finish the current aired episodes and move to the manga, but let me tell you about this one first.

It was tagged as ecchi, that’s usually a “meh I’ll pass” automatic for me, however, Keijo!!!! was also ecchi and it was funny to the point of crying from laughter so… I gave it a chance, it’s about beach volley ball, this new girl in town is living with her cousin, who used to play with Narumi who is now paired with Tachibana. There’s 2 blondes I think too. Foreigners of course, those gaijin fufufu.

Ah right, an important point is Kanata(?)-chan the one who used to play with Narumi (the very good one,serious) is quite short, like me u.u  and her cousin is quite tall, so you can guess the pairing works very well.

It is more cute and light hearted than expected, I used to play some classic volley ball so that was a plus, they talk about the pairings as actual couples, it really gives that yuri vibe, that is of course absolutely fantastic!!

I’m yet to see what else it offers but so far it’s awesome, all I like in sports anime.


I’ll check out the badminton once and the one about acting too. Ah it’s so good to be alive lol

What is love? baby don’t hurt me

No more.

LOL, I just wanted to write that down at least once this year.

Anyway, I was thinking, as usual, so I had to stop my horror movie to write cos otherwise I can’t focus, ah the joys of a busy mind! I was thinking about what we, humans, think love is, specially romantic love and how most beliefs are actually detrimental, even toxic.

I wanted to read about it and I did a quick research, mostly a common mistake was to think you have to endure, to be with your partner no matter what, second is wanting to change the person into what you want instead of loving them as they are.Third was thinking “if I love this person they will change and be good and solve ALL their problems”.

I really like that quote from this Mexican movie “el amor no debe ser sencillo pero si tiene que ser fácil”/”love doesn’t have to be simple but it has to be easy” which is like, sure love can be complex, since we are complex human beings (tho, sometimes we over-complicate things, that happens too often ) , like, apparently relationships have stages and at some point you will have misunderstandings, that I can understand, but I don’t think things really have to or will eventually include like a big fight, I think maybe we are a bit too inclined to expect “bad” things when dating, sure, maybe it’s not a ride on a cloud always and perpetually but… wouldn’t it be better to be with someone who makes you feel like the biggest fight you are going to have is about choosing a color for the kitchen?

Someone you truly accept, love and respect, who doesn’t want to change you and who acknowledges both of you have flaws but that is fine and both of you will continue growing as individuals and as a couple? Maybe the mistake lies in thinking a relationship will fill voids we haven’t filled ourselves yet, if you keep pouring cement in a bottomless hole it will never be full. So, as I say lately, gotta really love yourself to be able to open honestly to this, we all carry scars, demons, but we deserve and should be only with the person who can love us as we try to love ourselves (and them) and to keep on healing. If you are really honest with you and the other person from the start I think the chances for things to go downhill are pretty slim to none.

So my point is, maybe we are too used to extremes, either it’s this fantasy love story with people running to stop flights or it’s a lot of fighting sprinkled with some “ok” moments. “love hurts” fuck it doesn’t! that ain’t love, “love conquers all” well, that attachment we feel and our own stubbornness is different to the fact of love naturally finding a way, forcing things means that’s not the good one.

I think it should be some real, true, romance, with fun, seriousness, support, where you can be yourself, get mad too, get sad, but never having that as an excuse to hurt the one you claim to love.



The tag-along 1 & 2

#1TAG MAIN 27x40R


Asian horror of my first loves when growing up, asides from reading itself and anime.  Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea,the good keeps coming from all sides, this time is Taiwan, man did I love these 2 movies, let me tell you why.

I watched it because I was looking for a movie to watch, I actually stumbled upon the part 2 first, but I thought I would have to watch the first one in case they were related and they indeed are.

It’s the story of an older woman, (Wei’s grandma) who gets lost in the mountains after one of her old friends comes back,mysterious eh? Well, then the guy goes missing so his girlfriend is out on the look for him.

On the second movie, we learn something super exciting and we see a social worker deal with her teen pregnant daughter, actually both movies deal with motherhood and abortion, there a very intriguing woman and her little daughter.  Ah and a monk/something guy who can channel a tiger god.

It is that kind of movie, well I loved the first one but the second one… it’s really , really, really good, I was glued to my screen, I haven’t  recently liked an Asian horror movie so much since “The Ghost” and “Satan’s slaves”

Also it has what I like the most about Asian movies, they have a super tragic, backstory that usually makes me cry, but this was like, sad all around, everything was so terrible, I loved it!!

The ending was SUPREME, I was cheering and clapping loudly, I seriously enjoyed it!! I’d totally watch it if it was on the cinema, which reminds me, I’m upset, they haven’t premiered “Mimic” a Korean movie, they had the fucking posters and it was announced and NOTHING, I wanted to watch it even in fucking VIP cinema, WHY DO THEY DO THAT?

Gee..anyway on next episode…My quest to learn Italian, can you actually learn shit alone? My bet is,yes totally, if you are a smart mother fucker with motivation and consistency. But that will be in Spanish so…

PS apparently some “evil” spirits are easily cast away if you tell them you love them enough. lol

1800 calories to be happy

Today’s post has surely a catchy title, this isn’t a new trend or even my calorie intake, it is the name of an awesome book, that I hope to finish today, if you wish you read it check this out buy the book here . It tells the story of a nutritionist, his famous clinic that has been having awesome results and a series of patients there, it deals with anorexia, bulimia, mistaking food for love and similar things, but mostly it reminds us that the real problem we have when we have some sort of problems related to food, are problems with other people and ourselves, it’s never just the food and weight itself, it’s also about your self image, self worth, the will to live, etc. I absolutely love it and I think it’s one of the most pleasant reads I’ve had lately.

On that note, I love to read,I think it’s my favorite activity, yet I haven’t taken the time, I can’t say I didn’t have the time, yeah I work but I’m blessed to be a freelancer and work from home, I do go to the gym but I go when I find it most convenient, so there’s no real time restriction here, I decided to take back those things that I love but for some reason I’ve left behind, this is how people lose themselves I think and I am just sorta finding me so I won’t let that happen. So I plan to be the book monster I used to be, I got more than enough material right here since I pampered myself and bought about 10 books last year and some are fucking thick.

Now on the main reason of this post, I think I’ve written about wanting to be in shape and going to the gym in a more consistent manner, but till this month I haven’t felt it was all in order, let me tell you what has happened or changed:

  • It finally sunk in my head that I really need to eat at least 2000 calories, if I want those gainz, also I learned, the more I eat (within reason and nutritious food) the more energy I have so it’s sort of self promoting.
  • It’s been 3 successful weeks in completing my programmed gym schedule,more on this later.
  • I’ve also been successful in stopping doing things that deter my progress and making smarter choices.
  • I’ve gotten much stronger than I’ve never been when lifting!

Ok, on the programming, I used to have the “all or nothing” mentality yeah? even feeling a bit guilty when I couldn’t go to gym for any reason, I learned to let go of that when I had a minor contracture in my back and I HAD to rest and nothing terrible happened.

For example this week, for some reason my cramps have been really bad, can’t even sleep, really painful this time.  It must be the bad energy coming out, so, this time instead of laying motionless in my bed, I decided to enjoy, I took the time to read properly, for hours, I did my best to walk inside the house, I’ve read it’s good for blood flow and what not and also cos I told myself I wanted to be a more fit, active person overall, not just inside the gym, it’s both a favor and a duty, I want to feel and look good, don’t let anyone tell you you are shallow or vain for wanting to be fit, it’s a form of self love that reaps benefits beyond the hot mirror reflection, it brings confidence, health, better mood, etc.  Plus it’s a direct reflection of how we treat our only and ony body, I think it’s only “bad” if you impose your ideas on others, but we don’t do that shit ne?

So another thing that changed was this sense of “failure” if you don’t do this or that, I traded that for a healthy self satisfaction for reaching my goals, still being wise enough not to force myself when I’m not feeling my best, yeah some days I’m not as motivated and I go to gym like “bleh” but that’s when discipline keeps you going, when motivation maybe isn’t there. Just in injury or extreme discomfort are good enough reasons not to go,this time for example, I’ve chosen to remain home, still be active and well, the week has 7 days, I think I’ll take my chance to deload, since I’ve been adding weight on my lifts every single week, which is fucking awesome, I now even have a proper log notebook for weights/reps. But every 4-6 weeks it’s wise to train at a lower intensity, so I think I’ll do that, do the same things just use about 70% of the regular weight and focus on the form. Maybe on 4 sets of 10.

I also added a stretching, isometric, short workout on the off-gym days, it feels awesome with them stiff muscles from lifting so heavy, so now I feel like I am truly beginning to be a healthy person, a fit girl, but getting away from labeling food as good or bad, I also lost the “cheat” meal mentality, that somehow makes me think I’m doing something forbidden and bad.

I also drink slower haha, this is good cos it gives my liver time to digest that delicious beer.

So, that’s how much things have changed so far, it’s a damn lot, it’s all good, I am quite happy. Now I’ll go and I hope you all have a wonderful day, night, week.



The perfect fit…final version!

Such a dramatic title..just what I wanted. It serves my purpose well! What I came here today to tell you all is, you can have all the ideas you want, write them down, modify them, but in the moment of truth, life usually doesn’t work that way, unless you are planning your workout routine and how many calories to but that’s another subject.

You remember how I had these lists, right? I thought the ideal woman would have this, none of this, some of that. But in reality, some people are “perfect” on paper, but alas! They are just not it, either cos they don’t accept you and want to change you, or cos they are in a very different tune or cos you still don’t know well how to respect yourself and love yourself and say bye-bye on time.

After you get better at that..and you stop expecting and you more or less don’t care anymore, then you relax and, if the time is right, you meet someone special and guess what?

Everything is different, than any other time, sure, it’s different any time, you’ll say but this time is unlike ANY other. Boom, there it is! Nothing a hundred lists could describe or prepare you for or something you wouldn’t even DARE to imagine you could “get”, that you would “deserve” (cos until you believe you do, you won’t).

So, make no mistake and live as you please but don’t over think too much, or worry too much, eh , I do that myself? Surely, that is true but then again, being deep must mean you get a bit of that.

Next post all about my journey to become a fit person!


Happy sugar Life Anime/Manga

I know the anime just premiered it’s first episode, a wonderful, magical, fantastic first episode.

Look, if you have read the manga, you know what to expect, if not…happy sugar life is anything but that, no happy no sugar lol, in short words it’s this high school girl (Sato) /her name means sugar I think and that’s the whole wordplay in the title/  who falls in love with this… I really don’t know her age ,no one does, but Shio-chan the younger girl, she’s really young ok, like she doesn’t know why rubber ducks float young…so people have tagged this as lolicon, I beg to disagree, Sato is so empty and only knows twisted misconceptions of love that grown-ups have around her, she wants to fill this void in her heart and she does so with this little girl, cos she’s ,for her, the holy grail of innocence and purity, her perfect sugar, sweet feeling. Her aunt is that one fucked’ll see.

I loved the anime because the seiyuus are on point, the change in Sato’s voice when she, well, she goes Yandere (with much less murder than say, Gasai Yuno), the effect on her eyes and this noise/visual when she perceives her feelings as bitter, it’s really clear, specially if you have read the manga. Also, not a spoiler, there is murder yes, we all see that on the first chapter/episode, we just don’t know who she killed! (well I do, but I won’t spoil it for ya) but the main subject here is love, twisted ideas of love, tainted love (like the song) mostly coming from grown-ups aka people who give in their dark and sometimes unhealthy desires. ( There is an actual lolicon ,you’ll see soon)

So all in all, this is not for everyone, it is something I like, it makes me think and stuff, but if you don’t like a somehow dark, disturbing, sick title, there is this :

Also watching it, fucking hilarious.